Opeyemi Akintunde

After her conversation with the Father, Favour felt physically drained to stay back at the program. The day had been a roller-coaster of emotions, from happiness over being a grandmother to giving her word to Chuks about being best friends forever, to the sudden but firm expression of God’s will for her as regarding marriage.

Favour needed a ‘me time’. She looked over her shoulder to where Chuks squatted, ministering to Aliyah’s husband. Favour knew without a doubt he would be broken. Favour knew Chuks was an almost dead man health wise, but hope, community spirit, Mercy, fellowship in God’s presence has kept him alive, but should he hear that God wanted her to marry Akanbi, it would break the hope in him.

He would conclude that God had given up on him. Favour walked up to Tina to tell her she needed about two hours to herself. Apart from the ‘me time’ she needed to catch some rest since she would be staying with Mercy overnight at the hospital.


Tina saw a flash of Favour in a beautiful and glamorously detailed wedding gown. Tina snapped out of it as Favour got to her.

“I need two hours…” Favour said

“Who is the groom?” Tina replied instead

“Which groom?” Favour asked looking mortified. She didn’t want to entertain the thought of the possibility that God had shown Tina something.

“The groom you will be getting married to soon”

“I have no plans on getting married”

“I saw it and you looked beautiful” Tina argued

“What you saw is not what matters. It is what is permitted to happen that will happen.” Favour snapped and walked away.

Tina didn’t know whether to follow her or let her be. She wondered why she was so irritated at the talk.

“The day is a beautiful day; Mercy has been delivered of a baby girl, that is worth celebrating the whole day.” Tina thought to herself, although on a personal level, she had a rough morning which was obviously an attack. She was ready to face her assignment at the camp. Therefore, she would get back to Favour later to find out what was wrong.

Tina looked at Vincent and she couldn’t help but slap her cheeks. She did that to correct herself for looking down on Vincent. He was on fire and it could be felt.

“We will be going for another break. This time around, it will be for some hours. Everyone is expected to go rest on their beds. Please no loitering around. Go rest your heads so the Lord would speak to you.” Vincent said as he wrapped up the service.


Chuks was still lost in his world thinking about what Frigo had told him. It was pretty similar to his own. Chuks shook his head at the fact that the devil was not one to change his tactics. Same old strategy – entice, trap, recruit and use them.

“You don’t seem surprised by all that I am telling you” Frigo had said to him

“That’s because the devil doesn’t have new attacks up his sleeves. He repeats the same strategy everywhere” Chuks had answered.


Favour cried bitterly as she sat on the floor in her room.

“God please, let this cup pass over me” Favour kept repeating Jesus’ words without completing the entire statement; She couldn’t bear to say the concluding part “Nevertheless, let your will be done.”

She knew the will of God was for her to marry Akanbi, but she didn’t like the thought of it. She would have preferred Chuks.

“God, Chuks would be broken” Favour wept.

“I will fix him” Favour heard the response of the Father to her.

“God, I won’t be free with Akanbi, Chuks is my friend” Favour said still sobbing.

“Captivity of your will” Favour heard the Father say to her.

“You are teaching the Lighters about different types of captivity. It’s true you have overcome different forms of captivity, but this one, you are seriously bound by it”

“Captivity of my will?” Favour re-echoed

“Yes! Free yourself from the captivity” The Father said and went silent

Favour understood that silence.

Favour locked herself in the room, she couldn’t bear to look Chuks in the eyes. She needed someone to talk to, someone who could understand.


Mercy was the only person who could understand her. They have both come a long way with Chuks. Favour thought twice about talking to Mercy about it as she just had a baby


Favour thought of the closest person to her at the Lighthouse. Favour reached for her phone and dialed Tina’s number…

“Hello Tina”

“Yes ma’am?” Tina replied jokingly

“Please come upstairs” Favour replied before hanging up

Tina knew something was up by the tone of Favour’s voice. She was about going to Vincent to celebrate the Grace of God displayed through him. Tina stepped and raced towards Favour’s room. Though she and Favour were girlfriends, she still gave her the respect she deserved.


Chuks looked around as all the Lighters filed into their rooms. There was no sight of Favour. He wanted to gist her about Frigo. Frigo’s wife had gone back to sitting beside him.

Chuks shook his head at the absurdity of marriage and life. Aliyah’s eyes were filled with love that could not be hidden.

” If only she knows that the person she loves and trusts is a betrayer. Thinking about love and betrayal, his mind went back few hours earlier. He remembered Favour’s word of assurance.

“Favour is the one person that can never betray me. She has stood by me through it all. Even if we never get married, being together as BFF (Best Friend Forever) is more than enough” Chuks said to me

He needed his BFF before Akanbi Damino finds a way of engaging her in a conversation. Chuks chuckled at his thought. Was that jealousy, rivalry and protection of his love interest lurking somewhere?

“It is just sisterly love” Chuks said to himself.

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Are you okay?” Tina asked on seeing Favour’s puffy eyes after she opened the door for her.

“Captivity of my will” Favour replied. That was the best description of what she was going through. It took few minutes for Tina to assimilate what it meant.

“You are bound by what you want which is not in accordance with what God wants?” Tina asked and almost immediately added “Chucks?” she asked

“Huh Huh” Favour replied nodding in the positive with tears still pouring out in large volume as opposed to trickles.

“And who or what does God want for you?” Tina asked and again almost immediately she added “Mr Damino?”

Favour responded again with a nod, but this time with a loud cry. Tina had to quickly cover her mouth and sit beside her cuddling her…

“I know… I know… If no one knows the love you have for Chucks, I know. It was your love and prayers for him that didn’t let me kill him while I was still at the SCA, but Favour, God knows best, besides you and I know Chuks is weak. His body may not be able to function as a husband”

“Exactly…..” Favour wept more.

“This will make him weaker and probably kill him. I can’t do this to Chuks. God please let this cup pass over me. Tina, now I think I know how Jesus must have felt in that garden.” Favour said

“Favour I understand how you feel, but who are we to argue with the potter when He is moulding us?”

“This moulding is painful. It will break me” Favour lamented

“No moulding is easy, sometimes while moulding, the clay breaks apart, but the potter will pick up the pieces and mould it back together to form what is in his heart” Tina consoled Favour

Favour wiped the tears off her face. She didn’t have a choice. God was her only choice.

Whatever He wanted for her was final.

Favour knew it was going to be difficult but this was a test of her faithfulness and obedience to God.

There was a knock at the door.

“Who is there?” Tina asked

“It’s me” Chuks replied

Favour’s heart sank further. How was she going to face him?

Favour signaled to Tina that she didn’t want to see him, but Tina shook her head in the negative as she walked to the door.

“Come in” She said after opening the door.

Chucks saw Favour’s head bowed and he could hear the faint sobs.. He rushed to her

“What’s wrong? Did anything happen to Mercy and the baby? No God please! If you could give this sinner boy opportunity to live life again, you can raise our baby girl.” Chuks said as he started sobbing.

“No, Mercy and the baby are fine” Tina supplied.

” Then what is wrong?” Chuks asked

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Inspired by the TRUTH REVEALER

Written by Opeyemi Akintunde


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