©Opeyemi Akintunde

Still in the intercessory mood, Aunty Favour perceived the entrance of a great light into the prayer meeting. Aunty Favour could sense that divinity had paid them a visit.
The bloody figure was also aware of the entrance of the light and he was not having it…

“No…No… Imole(Light) do not ask me to forgive these ones, they cut short my life…. they cut short what I could have ever turned out to be…. they cut short what my generation could have ever amounted to. I know you, I know whatever you ask from anyone, it will be given to you because you have been given authority by the Heavenly father. Please, I beg of you do not ask me to let go. His unborn Children must continually suffer for this that he has done to me, none of his seed should enjoy a good life to the fullest.” He said with so much pain in his voice.

He fell to his knees pleading with Jesus Christ who stood by him.

“You have to forgive, I know what it feels like to be killed in your prime I was also killed in my prime. I was murdered by the very people I came to save so I know what it feels like to be murdered in your prime but take heart, I know you want to throw punches at his lineage, use me as your punching foam.’

Aunty Favour watched in amazement how Jesus appealed to the dead man and that broke him down..
“Who am I to throw punches at you? Imole ( Light), because you have asked of me I forgive them and I will no longer cry against his generation.” The blooded figure said and disappeared.

Jesus looked at Aunty Favour and said to her…
“Well done! you just saved a generation”

Favour felt deep down in her the deep kind of compassion and love that could never exist on earth bursting forth out of Jesus. The current of love and relatability to humanity’s pain was something she had never experienced in her life, it was just so tangible.

Jesus understood the pain of the man and instead of rebuking him , he pleaded with him. Favour wept.
” Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus ! Thank you Jesus! For your intervention” She kept saying repeatedly in tears as she reflected on the different times Jesus must have appealled to angry spirits about humans.

Suddenly, Aunty Favour was transported to a completely new terrain.
She saw a humongous school building, but what Aunty Favour found weird was the fact that it was painted in Black. The entire school building was black, the students were all dressed in black as well, including black socks, black shoes,e.t.c.

” Where on earth is this?” Aunty Favour asked within herself as she turned in circles.
Aunty Favour noticed she was the only one dressed in white. It was hard to tell the difference between teachers and students as all the people she could see; young and old were dressed in black uniforms.

She decided to walk in deeper into the school, hoping to find out more. She found a signboard that read “FOR ENQUIRIES COME HERE” .

Aunty Favour followed the arrow to where the “COME HERE” was leading to and on getting there she saw two ladies who looked like Front Desk officers or Customer service personnels seated.

“Hello! Welcome to the school of failure, how may we help you? Would you want to be enrolled here or do you want to enrol someone here?”
Aunty Favour was taken aback…and right there she said within herself…
” I refuse to be enrolled in the School of Failure in Jesus name”

©Opeyemi Akintunde

” I am not here to enrol anyone here…God forbid!”. Aunty Favour replied.
” She is with me!” Aunty Favour heard a familiar voice say.
The two customer service representatives jumped from their seats on hearing the voice.

” OK sir!” They said bowing.
Aunty Favour looked up at the owner of the voice, it was Jesus…
” Come Daughter!” Jesus said

Aunty Favour moved towards Jesus. Obviously with him, she could enter anywhere in this odd place.
” What are we doing here Sir?” Favour asked respectfully
” To complete the deliverance of Adebayo and the others”

” Come with me” He said

Aunty Favour walked into the lobby and she was shocked at the large number of people there. Jesus told her to follow him up the stairs. A man passed by Aunty Favour and she perceived a terrible odour from him. The odour was very terrible and killing…

As she turned to look at the man, she saw a screen at his back. Aunty Favour paused to see what was showing on the screen… She saw a man marking examination scripts and the moment he got to a particular script, we see irritation all over his face. As a result the man marked the script down…

” I don’t like this handwriting, it is irritating!” The teacher said
” As a student in the school of failure, he has been plagued with a bad odour and everything about him stinks. He has been writing this professional exam for the past five years” Jesus said to Aunty Favour, explaining what she had seen.

” Oh Wow! But if it is a computer based exam, he would be lucky?” Aunty Favour said
Jesus gave a dry smile…

” Failure does not respect technology, Failure has its way of getting a man. It is highly possible for the computer system to shut down or malfunction just so that a student does not pass.”
” Hmmm… God! Deliver me from the plague of odour and rejection attracting failure into my life in Jesus name”
” Come, this is not why we are here.” Jesus said

Aunty Favour followed Jesus. As she walked up the stairs, she saw different calibre of people in the school of failure and she could not help but wonder what their story was. The one that baffled her was a baby…She couldn’t let that go ..

” Sir, What has the innocent baby done to deserve this?”
” His mother enrolled him here!” Jesus replied
” Ha! Can a mother be that evil to her child?” Aunty Favour said very bewildered

” Some can be Deliberately, while others may be through mistake!”
” What is the case of the baby?” Aunty Favour asked
” His mother dedicated him to a dark world. See…” As Jesus replied, a small screen popped up in her front and she saw a woman in front of a priest…

” I don’t want to lose this child, it has been prophesied that he will die through an accident” the woman said concerning her baby…
” Hmm…life is deep…this boy is going to be so rich , he would be manufacturing cars, but he will be assassinated through a staged car accident.”..The priest replied

” So it is true, you are also confirming it!” The desperate mother said
” Yes! That is his destiny!” The priest replied
” No! that is not my child’s destiny, I reject it! Baba please help me”

” The only way out is for us to stop him from becoming a car manufacturer. That means he must not attend school, Or go near education!” The priest said|” Yes, as long as he stays alive” the mother agreed… The video pop up closed!

” Ha! My God!” Aunty Favour exclaimed…
” Oh Lord , deliver me from the School of Failure my parents enrolled me into in Jesus name.”
Aunty Favour called out the prayer from the vision the Lord was showing her and the children prayed it violently…

To be continued


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