Decent Assistants by Opeyemi Akintunde tells the story of Cherrycupcake, Icing, Savory who are young girls working for Mrs Jaiyeola as Decent Assistants. Their Job? Their job is to keep men satisfied whenever they need it as a way of assisting their wives. Aunty Favor is tasked with the big task of going as an undercover agent to Mrs Jaiyeola’s business, where she is expected to go into the Lion’s den and lead out God’s sheep.

Challenges and certain roadblocks will arise, but will Aunty Favor come out strong? Will she be able to successfully lead out God’s sheep or will she also become prey herself? Decent Assistants is a powerful and captivating story that will open you up to certain truths about life. Decent Assistants Novel written as inspired by the LIVING WORD

© Opeyemi Akintunde

Chris parked his vehicle opposite a club house. “We are here!” Chris said to friend. “This is not me, Chris” Folabi replied. “I know this is not you, but you promised to accept any welcome gift I give to you’’ Chris said Laughing as he alighted from the Vehicle..

“I was not expecting this, sleeping with a prostitute? Nah! Not my thing’’ Folabi refused alighting from Chris’ vehicle.

‘’Not your thing yet, I agree, but my guy, frustration is written all over you. Did you see the way you shouted at the truck driver who brought in your stuff over N500 (Five Hundred Naira). Guy, that is frustration from a s£x-starved man. Guy, expel that frustration on one of the girls here, your wife won’t know Jack’’ Chris said Pulling him out of the vehicle.

“Chris, you know you have always been a bad influence on me, when I got the transfer letter to this city, I told myself I would avoid you” Folabi said in defeat.

“Yet I was the first person you called to help you secure an accommodation and did I disappoint you? No! I didn’t, Infact I got you a fully furnished apartment where all you had to do was bring in a few things. I think I deserve a big thank you” Chris said “Thank you Chris” “And I deserve your trust. Trust me to know what is good for you.”Chris said. He stopped in his tracks and faced Folabi squarely…

“Folabi, you told me you and your wife live more like flatmates when it comes to ‘doing the do,’ ( s£xual !ntercourse), Guy don’t fight her, help yourself. My wife too does not like to ‘do the do’ every time, she is a once in a month person, so I help myself on the days I am hungry in the remaining 29 or 30 days left.” Chris said with a convincing tone.

“Chris, just once, and I don’t want a dirty girl” Folabi succumbed. “Me? Bring you to a dirty place? This place is exclusive, Fact is the oldest girl here will be 20” “What?” “Calm down, they are not underage, they are girls from 18-20, so they are clean…”

Folabi found himself following Chris, he knew it was totally wrong and uncalled for. Truly his wife; Vanessa didn’t like s£xual intercourse nor was she affectionate in nature, but he always found his way.

Most times he would have to do a day’s job to get her attention, but recently with the whole relocation process they have not been together for two months and just like Chris had noticed, he was very touchy, he needed to release his pent up s£xual emotions. ******

Folabi and Chris sat into a sofa in a beautiful lounge and a Tab was placed in front of them. The man who placed it in front of him said… “Swipe to the right to make your choice” He said. Folabi kept swiping and he kept seeing different shapes and sizes, but one weird thing was they all had their faces masked up.

“Why are they have masked up?” Folabi asked. “Like I told you, these girls are young and not the usual prostitutes, some of them may be secondary school students, some could be your neighbor’s daughter, so they use the mask to protect their identity. You are never to open their mask, or else you pay one million Naira fine, and Folabi these tough looking guys don’t play, they will lock you up in a room till you provide the money…” Chris said referring to two heavily built men standing in the Lounge.

“Guy, I am not interested again, let’s go home” Folabi said as he made the move to stand up. “You are playing… Guy make your choice and do quick so you can go home.” Chris said pulling him back to his sitting position. “Boss, I have made my choice, I want Hot chocolate 721” Chris said to the attendant. “What about you Sir?” He asked Folabi

Folabi was hesitant, so Chris stepped in and pick the slide he was on… “He wants Cherry cupcake 291”. “Ok Sir, but that choice is for the VVIP, I hope you know it attract extra 3 coins”. “Yes give him, the bill is on me” Chris replied

“OK Mr Chris… 15 minutes”. “Alright, we will wait”. The man who attended to them left with the Tab. “Why is her bill higher than others?” Folabi asked. “She go sabi play well and she will be fresh” Chris replied laughing. “Speak English” Folabi said

“OK, so the thing is, she must be a new girl, that means the men that have slept with her are not much. The more men a girl sleeps with here, the more her value drops” Chris Explained… “Oh! I see, that means she must still be shy” Folabi said

“Shy? These ones are not your usual prostitutes, they undergo training before they are finally enrolled here”. “Like seriously”. “These ones take prostitution like a job, they train them in a classroom setting, they teach them emotional intelligence, as a course” Chris said

“You are joking”. “I am not, a trial tonight will convince you. From the pictures they showed you, didn’t, you get the Memo that things are different here”, “Yes, for starters, they are not nak£d”

“Exactly, that is why they are called the DECENT ASSISTANTS: Where your wife can’t function they will help you out”. “Interesting” Folabi agreed…

Chapter 2
“Decent Assistants ”
©Opeyemi Akintunde

Mrs Jaiyeola sat in her executive office observing how things were been handled through the CCTV Screen in her office. Husky entered with his Tab… Husky spoke to Mrs Jaiyeola’s personal bodyguard;Trust. He showed him the girl on his screen and said a few things to him.

Trust walked to Mrs Jaiyeola, “Ma, we have a new client, and he is asking for Cherry Cupcake”. ‘’Does he know the bill?” “Yes, he came with an old client” “Who?” “Mr. Chris Akate” “Ok! Five minutes” “Yes ma’am” Trust moved back as Mrs Jaiyeola put a call through to Icing through the office intercom. Icing was the one in charge of the girls.

“Icing, tell Cherry Cupcake to prepare herself, a guest is coming in” “Yes ma’am” Icing replied…


Icing looked at Cherry cupcake where she sat far away from everyone. She knew Cherry cupcake would be devastated to hear her name. Icing keeps wondering what her real story was, she knew she came in with her friend to be part of the Decent Assistants, but Icing didn’t know much about her family.

Cherry cupcake hardly spoke. Initially when she joined the D.A, she was bubbling with excitement but after the few days of the s£x-work, she withdrew. Icing guessed reality got a hold on her and unfortunately for her she could not escape since she had signed the five years contract.


On the other side of the room, while others looked expectantly at Icing hoping she would call their names, Cherry cupcake was silently praying she would not be requested for, but like always God was not hearing her cry.
“Cherry cupcake…” Icing called
“Yes” Cherry Cupcake answered
“A client will see you in five” Icing replied

Savory as always could not understand Cherry cupcake’s luck. Men were always asking for her. If Mask were to be taken off, she would beat her in beauty hands down. Savory extended her leg so that Cherry cupcake could trip and like she predicted, Cherry cupcake fell and rolled down the stairs.

Icing saw what had happened and with boiling anger, Icing approached Savory promising herself she was going to make Savory pay for her sins. “Savory, I saw that, tonight you are going to detention, I promise you” Icing said angrily

The bodyguards, Icing and other girls rushed to help Cherry Cupcake . “Are you okay?”. “No, I think my hip is broken” Cherry cupcake cried in pain. “Get up!” An emotionless voice said . Everyone moved away from Cherry Cupcake as Mrs Jaiyeola: the Madame of the Decent Assistant Lounge walked in.

“I can’t “ Cherry cupcake wailed
“If your hip is broken, you won’t be able to open your mouth to talk. Trust, carry this girl to the sickbay and tell the nurse to give her what will deaden whatever pain she is feeling in her hips for the next two hours, and where is that unfortunate Savory girl?”

Savory was pulled closer to her. “So instead of you praying for favour so that men will pick you from the slides, you want to kill the one that fetches us money to eat. Stupid senseless girl, how many men have asked for you this month…” Mrs Jaiyeola asked

“One!” Icing replied angrily
“One in 26days! Imagine! Shame on you, and instead of warming up to the one who has been having at least one or two men everyday for the past 26 days, you are busy fighting her, Ode! (stupid girl). Icing take her to detention and ensure she is taught a big lesson her body will testify of”

“Yes ma’am”
“Husky tell our new client to give us ten more minutes” she faced the Attendant.

“Ma, I think Cherry cupcake should rest it out tonight. Tomorrow, I should take her for an X-ray” The nurse said
“There is absolutely nothing wrong with her, just give her some pain reliever and deaden that part where she is having the pain… Have I made myself clear?” Mrs Jaiyeola last words sounded like a roar. Nurse Kemi rushed out of the office…


Folabi walked into a room. The room was beautiful, scented candles in the room, the smell was speaking lust, s£x and desire. The room had decorations dropping from the roof, it was dimly lit with a tone of red light. He looked around for the girl he was supposed to meet, but he didn’t see anyone, he decided to get comfortable. He sat on the bed still looking around and taking everything in. “Why can’t my wife be this romantic and set up our room like this ?” He said to himself.