“As a Christian, it is wrong and dangerous to listen to Wordly music”, Joshua Mike Bamiloye tweets.

“I hope she’s not wicked in real life”, fan queries, after watching Florence Afolabi’s role interpretation in Omije Kikoro


“Your philanthropic charities are filthy rags if Jesus Christ is missing in the picture” – Mike Bamiloye

If your lifestyle does not glorify God, your gifts and talents are nothing before Him” – Mike Bamiloye

Hiding under strange name on social media in order to commit atrocities is a sign that you are still a baby. – PMH

“We are so blessed in this family to have you as a Son”, Mike Bamiloye writes as he celebrates son on his birthday

“If he mounts pressure on you to be his girlfriend, mount pressure on him to also give his life to Christ”, PVO advises.

KSO reveals his definition for “Daddy Freeze”, says he deserves no attention