Opeyemi Akintunde

“Madam, Your husband is perfectly fine” Favour said to Aliyah as they settled in a corner.

“Give him time with the Lord. Dear Sister, this is the best thing that can happen to you; if a woman’s husband has an encounter with God, that woman has found favour before God. Dear Sister, I will marry a man who doesn’t have money but has God, rather than for me to Marry a man who has money but does not have God. When a man loves God and has a relationship with Him, He will love his neighbour as himself, and you are his first neighbour. A man who loves God will not want to hurt or abuse his wife.” Favour said

Aliyah was trying to catch up with Favour as she did not fully understand all that was happening.

“We live in times when couples are no longer true to themselves, in fact couples steal from their partners , others steal their partner’s joy, some kill their partner’s dreams and worse some partners ultimately kill the person they swore to spend forever with.”

” Hmm…” Aliyah gave the sound. She was happy she was not part of the category of those whose partners were wicked to them. Her husband was a darling.

“Therefore, my dear sister, I ought to say a big congratulations to you for this moment your husband is having.

Just today, a man lost his wife who he never knew was a witch. She had been the one tormenting him and just today, she confessed and died.” Favour continued

” My Goodness!” Aliyah screamed and looked towards Frigo.


Chuks was trying to speak to Frigo . He wanted to know what he may have seen during his encounter, but Chuks noticed the man’s attention was fully and jealously on his wife.

” She is fine! ” Chuks assured him

” Who is that Woman?” Frigo asked

” Like she told you earlier, she is the head of this place and I am her assistant.” Chuks said

” She has very strong powers right?” Frigo asked

” When you say powers? What do you mean?” Chuks quizzed

” Supernatural powers, like can she tell who I am and what I do?” Frigo asked Chuks but he never took his eyes off Aliyah.

” By her own self, she can’t, but she can know if the Holy Spirit reveals to her. Everyone who is the friend of the Holy Spirit can know. I can know, if I ask the HolySpirit and if He is willing to tell me, I will know” Chuks answered

” I hope she does not spill things to my wife!” Chuks said

” Things like?” Chuks asked

” There are things I have done she must not find out, if she does, she will leave me!”

” Adultery?”

” No, I will never.”

” Money Rituals?”

” Similar!”

” Well, If it will make you feel any better, Miss Favour will never divulge information that will disrupt your marriage. She would want it to come from you”

That was the moment Aliyah screamed ” My Goodness” and looked towards Frigo…

Frigo’s heart stopped in that moment…

” I think she has told her” Frigo said with a broken voice, but what confused him was when Aliyah gave him an assuring smile.

” Why is she smiling at me?” Frigo asked Chuks very confused

” I told you Miss Favour will not sell you out even If God told her your secret. She probably screamed about something else and gave you the smile to reassure you that all is well.” Chuks said

” I hope she never finds out, I just have to find out how to return her Light back to her.” Frigo muttered to himself but Chuks heard him…

” You took her Light?” Favour asked

” Yes, I am a Light collector but You may not understand what that means!”

” Well you are speaking to a man who once traded in sperms. I was a sperm collector and I was Rich with a Capital R. I don’t know what your story is, but I understand more than you can ever tell me…”

That caught Frigo’s attention and for the first time he focused his gaze on the man in front of him…


Opeyemi Akintunde

“Listen, you killed our Sister and ran away with the Children and you dare spread the lie that my sister is a witch. God will judge you, Ajuwon. My Sister was running helter-skelter to make your life better; she served you Ajuwon. She fed you and the children.

Is this how you intend paying her back. In all your searching for solution to your bad luck , the only solution you embraced was to kill the hope of our family. I swear, I will not fight you with the police, I will fight you with the devil. You know the devil shows no mercy.

You will see paper and call it money. That money you were hoping to get after my sister’s demise, you lie. I will block all your ways. You will never be rich. I will see to it. You tagged my sister a witch! Well get ready to see the torment of a real witch. Ajuwon , because of you, I will go into witchcraft. I will ensure you pay for the life of my sister.” Moyo; Mope’s step sister said

” Big Sister!” Ajuwon called her as he tried to explain himself. He had met her at the house on returning there. Obviously one of the neighbors had given her a call.

” Who is your Sister? I reject it, I will not be the Sister to a murderer.” Moyosore cut Ajuwon’s words.

” Aunty!” Ajuwon tried again…

” Are you mad? I don’t want you calling me Aunty or Sister. We are not related in any way. The only person that connected us Is dead. You killed her” Moyosore cried bitterly.

Moyo’s tears evoked emotions from people. Ajuwon looked around and he could sense the people Iya Barakat had earlier spoken the truth to and believed her , were looking like they were about to change their minds.

Ajuwon knew what was next in that neighborhood of his. They would start Jungle Justice any time soon. All it needed was for someone in the crowd to Shout “Kill him” and he would be a dead meat.

Ajuwon walked back to his car, but Moyo was not planning to let him go. Ajuwon locked himself inside the cab sobbing…

Moyo looked around her and found a big stick. She slammed it in the windscreen shattering the glass.

” You are hiding in a car I am sure my sister took a loan to buy for you. You will never drive this car again.” Moyo said hitting the car at different spots.

” Madam stop! ” One of the neighbors shouted. “The glass can injure him”.

” Exactly!I want him to feel pain , anguish and this is just the beginning. My cousins are coming. They will waste you.”

” Madam, you need to calm down. Do you want your Sister’s children to become orphans in one day by killing their father too?”

” They are already orphans, or you think this one is a father. We are able to take care of her children. Nonsense… Tell him to bring out my sister’s children from the herbalist place he has hidden them”

Ajuwon was crying like a baby.

” He better call someone from his own family before they kill him” Ajuwon heard the same female voice that spoke earlier about

him going to church.

Ajuwon knew he needed someone on his side, but there was a problem. Mope had made him distant himself from his family. She was of the opinion that they were part of his problem. Now looking back, Ajuwon could see that it was part of her plan for him not to find help that would have exposed her…

” Ha! Mope, may you never make heaven!” Ajuwon cursed from the bitterness of his heart…

” Who will I call that will understand me?” Ajuwon asked himself…

” The Pregnant woman’s mother… The woman with your children” Ajuwon’s mind received it.

As Moyo continued with her madness, Ajuwon inserted the key into the ignition and like a mad man drove off …


“Who is a sperm collector, or what do you do as Sperm collectors?” Frigo asked

” Must be similar with what you do. Back then it was my duty to sleep with young girls and inject into them SEXRUSH; a Spirit that makes them crave for sex, so once the Spirit gets into them, they become my agents unknowingly. Every boy or man they sleep with, the sperm from them enters my bank.

And the Agency pays me for the sperms.”

“And you came out of that?” Frigo asked

” Yes, I did!” Chuks answered but he couldn’t tell him the whole story of how long it took him, the mistakes he made, the consequence of the mistake. He knew it would make him withdraw. There would be a right time for that.

“I was born poor…very poor” Frigo opened his mouth to tell his story.

It took him another 35 minutes to tell it to Chuks who paid rapt attention.


Ajuwon parked his vehicle and rushed into the Lighthouse. The Security Officer let him in. He knew the man was going through a lot.

Ajuwon saw Favour. By this time Favour had left Aliyah to support Vincent in his ministration on the Stony heart.

Favour had been interceding silently that the Lord turn the Stony hearts of the young ones to the heart of flesh.

” Ma, they want to kill me, I need your help” Ajuwon shouted from afar. That caught everyone’s attention but Ade Damino swung into action telling him to calm down.

Ade Damino ushered him to a discreet place.

” She will join you here sir, your voice will distract the young ones” Ade Damino said

Favour got to where he stood…

” Ma, my sister in law is turning the case against me, I had to run away from the scene.”

” Calm down Sir, the Lord is on the throne. Anyone bringing up or generating problems for you, the Lord arrange problems for them to keep them busy in Jesus name”

” AMEN Ma!”. Ajuwon shouted loudly.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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