Opeyemi Akintunde

Tina was thinking about how to reach Favour. She knew Mercy didn’t have much time left.

Chuks could tell Tina was disturbed about something. It was obvious she wanted to spill out something so urgent and of importance.

Tina and Favour had become his Sisters; he could tell whenever something was bothering them. He saw the way she was looking at Favour with concern and fear in her eyes.

He walked up to her and with his hands , he guided her outside the meeting place.

” What’s bothering your mind?”

” Mercy!”

” What about Mercy?”

” She is about to be killed”

” You saw it?”

” Yes!”

” Like how long do we have?”

” I don’t know, but I don’t think we have more than ten minutes. I saw the woman stabbing a picture that represented her and the baby, and blood gushed out”

Chuks knew what was happening…He looked back into the meeting place, Favour was deep in God’s work, they couldn’t tell her to stop what she was doing, instead they had to step in for her…

“I believe we have less than five minutes, so let us use it well”

Tina and Chuks found an empty room. Chuks knew he had been given authority to decree a thing and have it established. That was his own Spiritual power. It was time he used it to the fullest. He guess he had been playing with the devil all the while. He was like a father to Mercy, so how could he not have exercised his authority over her. He had just been praying calmly over it and going over to stay by her side…

This was the time the prophet in him must rise!

” I decree by the power in the name of Jesus, that Mercy you shall not die but live to declare the Works of God. I decree that your baby breaks free from every dark pit she has been thrown into. Baby! Listen to me, Scripture says, the Lord reaches down and pulls you and your mother out of the deep waters, therefore Baby Faithful and Mercy, you are pulled out from the deep waters by the Mighty hand of God. Scriptures says the Right Hand of God does Valiantly, so wherever you have been caged, the hand of God pulls you out in Jesus name… Fire goes before the Lord and scatters His enemies. I decree Scriptures from my mouth , therefore Just as it written that the Word is a double edged sword, these words that I speak enters into that Witchcraft coven and slaughters all the enemies of Mercy and Baby Faithful. Scriptures says whoever digs a pit shall fall therein. Whoever is digging the grave for Mercy and Baby Faithful, fall into it and be buried alive in Jesus name”


Favour was still praying over the black pot covering anyone of the Lighter’s glory, when she suddenly was thrown in a vision. She wondered who the witches were and whose glory was covered…

” Oh Lord! lift up the cover!” She kept decreeing over and over.

Her Spitual eyes opened again and she found herself in the coven again.

The three women noticed her presence and one who could not contain her anger pointed angrily at her ..

” YOU THIS WOMAN! What’s your business with my husband. He is my husband and I will do whatever I please.”

” Yes! He is your husband, but first he is the son of God. His Father Loves Him and will not allow you ruin him. Therefore, by the authority I have in Christ Jesus, I release him or whatever has been covered up by the pot in Jesus name”

It looked like a popcorn effect, as Favour’s words landed, the pot popped and Favour saw a bright light. There was a bundle of what looked like documents fully lit with dazzling light. Favour shook her head in amazement and anger…

” How can a wife cover her husband’s glory this badly.?”

” What have you done?” Mope screamed on seeing the glorious documents seeing the Light of the day…

” Releasing your captive, allowing his glory to Shine, deliverance for his originality.”

” You are a stupid woman, a woman who doesn’t mind her business, your own child is between heaven and earth and you are here trying to save another’s person’s husband, Poke-noser.

I will teach you a lesson you will never forget!”

” You lie, you are not my teacher, so you cannot teach me a lesson, I never enrolled in your school of evil.”

Just like a transition in a movie, the coven changed into an abattoir…

She saw the woman about to slaughter a pregnant woman on a table in an abattoir, but as the woman lifted her hand, Favour saw Chuks from a far distance opening his mouth and a white ice-like sharp arrow so clean and transparent but strong and sharp came out forcefully from his mouth and went straight into the woman’s neck killing her almost immediately. The knife in her hand fell as a result and as she dropped, she further fell upon her knife, making it a “double death” for her with no means of survival.

Still in that realm as she wondered how God sent her help through Chuks, she felt a hand across her shoulder. She looked to her side. It was Tina..

“They that want your child and grandchild dead are dead. Congratulations!” Tina said


Favour snapped out of her vision. She felt a sudden peace in her heart. Her daughter’s enemies were dead. She looked around and could not find Tina and Chuks.

” Where are they?” She questioned within her.

” Helping you out as you are helping out these ones. I told you ‘ Do my Work and I will do your Work’

Kenneth’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He brought out the phone and as he looked at the screen, fear gripped his heart. It was a call from the hospital. He was not going to hear bad news concerning Mercy and his child in Jesus name…

” God, I refuse to hear bad news in Jesus name”

Kenneth stepped out of the prayer meeting and in faith picked up the call…

” Hello Doctor!”

” Mr Kenneth, we have great news… Your wife has woken up and has delivered a beautiful baby girl”

” Jesus! Jesus!” Kenneth Screamed and started running round the Lighthouse…

The prayer meeting had to stop…

” What happened?” As everyone rushed out….

” Mercy is awake and we have a baby!” Kenneth Screamed and broke down in tears…

” My God is Good!” He Screamed personalising the statement with so much understanding.

Opeyemi Akintunde

The human Side of Tina and Chuks surfaced as soon as they heard Kenneth’s scream. They stopped their prayers abruptly and without saying anything to each other they raced towards the meeting place…

” What happened?” Chuks shouted as he saw Kenneth running in circles…

” Mercy is awake and we have a baby!” Kenneth screamed and broke down in tears…

By that time, Favour had rushed out telling Vincent to continue the prayer…

” My God is Good!” Kenneth Screamed and broke down in tears…

“What did you say?” Favour asked in disbelief

” Aunty Favour, the Doctor called saying Mercy is awake and has birthed our baby” Kenneth said with joy so evident on his face.

Tears of Joy dropped from Favour’s eyes…

In all her years of following God, He had never failed her…

“You have never Left me hanging

You have never disappointed me…

I have never been stranded with you…

When you Lead

I will always follow

Because it is so sure

You won’t lead me into the pit.” Favour said as she tried to put the words into melody as a praise offering to God.

Favour wept !

A lot of things crossed her mind, starting from the fact that the day was just the beginning of the three days program and God had settled her just like that…

“The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits. ” That scripture rang loudly in Favour’s ears. Favour laid on the ground, weeping in appreciation to God. Indeed she was the husbandman, God had settled her among the first set of people.

Favour knew without a doubt that God was going to do much more at the three days camp…

A praise session erupted as the in-house campers spread the news. The visiting Campers were brought up to speed about what Miracle God had wrought…

Aliyah was surprised…

“Could the painting be his wife?” Aliyah questioned within

The Praise was electrifying.

The Morning session ended on that note and the campers retired to their rooms for their breakfast.

Almost all the adults wanted to go to the hospital, but they could not leave the Lighters all by themselves.

Chuks wanted to see the baby girl who could pass for his grandchild. A smile could be seen on his lips at the thought of referring to Baby Faithful as his Grandchild. He looked at the Peace and Joy very evident on Favour’s face. Though she looked exhausted from the prayer session, the joy on her face was priceless.

” I think we should split ourselves” Akanbi Damino said. His leadership spirit was always coming to play. Chuks was constantly guiding his heart from hating Akanbi. It was evident there was something between him and Favour.

” True! Who will be going now?” Chuks asked . He knew the obvious answer will include Akanbi going with Favour..

Chuks hid his smile the moment Akanbi said…

” Miss Favour, Kenneth, Myself , Miss Jemima, Mr Vincent, Ade, Ajaara, Gloria can go first”

” It’s fine!” Chuks said “Perfect” Chuks refrained himself from saying “As expected”

Favour looked at Chuks and could tell something was not entirely cool . She could imagine he wanted to see Mercy .

” Mr Akanbi, you should stay with the second batch. Chuks is the father figure Mercy knows, so I am sure she will be expecting him. He has been a strong pillar for Mercy”

” Yes! Very true”. Everyone chorused

Emotions wailed up in Chuks’ heart, he wanted to hug Favour so badly. He was grateful she could defend him that way. They had truly come a long way. Chuks held his chest, because it felt like it wanted to escape from his body in excitement and Joy…

” Mr Akanbi, are you Okay with that?” Chuks asked politely

” Sure, my brother”


Mercy sat on the bed waiting for Kenneth and her Mum. The Doctor said they had been informed of her Miracle. She couldn’t wait to share her testimony with them and hopefully at the right time at the Lighthouse.

She remembered the revelation she had before waking up…

She had seen herself in a cage with a beautiful girl that looked like her. She saw scary looking men standing as guards. Suddenly, the wife of the Cab man walked towards where she was.

” You! I will end you now. Open the cage for me” the woman had said and a sharp knife was in her hand.

As she was about to move, a big Light shone from above into the room, the Light was apparently very hot as the guards began to shout ..

” IMOLE! IMOLE( Light)”

They reacted to the Light like Vampires. They fled for their lives. The Wife of the Cab man was not planning to take No for an answer, so she picked up the key that fell from the hand of a guard, but as the Light shone on the Key, the Key Melted. Her skin was melting from the ray of the Light, and because of her stubbornness, she melted completely.

Mercy however noticed that as the Light shone on her, it was not burning her, but instead it was cool. It was soothing and comforting.

Mercy watched in amazement, the cage melted as the light shone on the iron.

She picked up the little girl and ran out of the building shouting …

” We are free! The God of Light has delivered us…Yes the God of lighthouse has shown up” Mercy remembered saying those words out till she woke up.

The moment she woke up and she realized she could move, she screamed…

” Thank you Jesus!”

Immediately, her water broke!


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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