Opeyemi Akintunde

Timely was the right word!

Moyo’s daughter called telling her, her husband had slipped in the toilet and they were rushing him to the hospital…

” Mummy, please come to the hospital, leave whatever you are doing and come …Dad must not die ooo” Her daughter had cried on the phone.

” Your Daddy! Hospital!” Moyo had screamed.

Ajuwon’s neighbors wondered what was happening to whose Daddy.

Being the lousy one, immediately Moyo ended the call, she announced her predicament herself…

” Ha! My God! What kind of evil day is this? My Daughter just called to tell me my husband slipped in the toilet and they have rushed him to the hospital. My Husband must not die ooo”

The “Ah! Eh! Hmmm! Ha!” that dropped from the mouths of the different onlookers was enough to tell Moyo that if she was not careful her husband was going to die like

her sister ..

” Aunty, we told you your sister was a witch, you did not believe us. It is often said that when a witch dies, she takes some of her family members with her

,Your Sister is about to take your husband with her.” Iya Barakat taunted.

” God forbid, Mope will not take Adeleke with her” Moyo said running from Ajuwon’s house like a crazy woman.

” What are we going to do about this woman’s dead body; husband and Sister have absconded?” The Landlord asked

” Let’s make a report at the police station” Mrs Sandra suggested.


” My brother, you need to call a relative of yours, preferably someone older and more mature to go with you. You can not leave your wife’s dead body in the house. You still owe her a befitting burial, a way of formally saying your goodbye to her and it will serve as a legal ground to break the soul-tie between you both.” Favour advised after Ajuwon narrated his latest problem.

” I don’t know who to call, I have deserted everyone.” He said in regrets.

” Let the HolySpirit remind you of someone you can call” Favour said

Ajuwon’s tears flowed continuously.

Baba Jide!

Baba Jide’s name dropped in his heart. Baba Jide; his Mother’s Elder brother.

Ajuwon remembered the last time he spoke with Baba Jide was about six months back. Baba Jide had called to beg Ajuwon for money to buy his Tuberculosis drugs. Ajuwon had sacrificially given him some money.

Ajuwon hoped he would be lucky with Baba Jide.

” I think I know someone that may listen to me. ”

“Good! Who is that?” Aunty Favour asked

” My Uncle!”

” Alright, call him right away!”


” Ajuwon, sorry to hear about your loss, but as I speak with you, I am very sick. Maybe you should call other members of the family, for instance, Head of the Family.” Baba Jide had replied.

Ajuwon sat on the floor. At that point he wanted to escape all of these and leave the world.

” My brother, God will intervene. I know right now, you don’t want to live anymore, you want to just disappear, but you can’t think that way. Think about your children…Who will take care of them? Think about lives waiting for you to manifest. Right now, one prayer is what you can pray ..”

Ajuwon looked at Favour with defeat written all over him.

” Oh Lord, have Mercy on me. Sit hear and pray it for a while.”


” I believe you should help him, if not for anything, remember he was the only who gave you money for your drugs when there was a delay in your pension. My husband, let’s help him” Mama Jide said to her husband concerning Ajuwon.

” Ok, Let me call the Head of the Family. I know it will take a lot of pleading, but I believe God will help him.”

” Amen! Please can you give him a call back, to let him know you will help him.”

Opeyemi Akintunde

” Send me the address to your house. Ajuwon, can you see that Family is key. You didn’t let anyone know your house, you do not attend family functions, now that the chips are down, who has your back?”

” I am sorry sir, I am wiser now.”

” OK, send me your address and meet me there. Leave the church now. It is time to bury your dead”.

Ajuwon dropped the call.

” Thank God ma, God has really shown me Mercy. My Uncle has agreed to stand by me”

” Awesome! Keep me posted…” Favour said…

Ajuwon entered his seriously bashed car and drove off…


Chuks knew back in the days , he was heartless, but this man seated on the ground in front of him was the definition of WICKEDNESS. Chuks could not wrap his head around the level of wickedness towards his wife.

” How can I return her Light back to her?” Frigo asked again.

” You need to be divinely empowered. You were demonically empowered to steal people’s light, in the same vein, you need to be divinely empowered to return people’s light to them.”

” I am ready to be divinely empowered” Frigo said.

Then continue with the ongoing program. In His Presence, you will be divinely empowered by the Grace of God.”

Frigo settled it within himself that he was there for a good thing.

“”God works with people who are ready to submit their will to Him” Vincent said

Where Favour stood, it felt like God was talking to her as well. She looked towards where Akanbi Damino was standing and she heard a voice say to her

“What says you? I want him for you.” Favour felt like someone had hit her head with a hammer and it banged seriously. Her heart started beating very fast and just in that same moment Akanbi Damino turned towards her and she knew within her that God was not in a relationship between Chuks and herself.

She didn’t want to be in a marriage with anyone, she wanted to live life as a single woman sold out to God.

” Do you have a stony or fleshy heart towards God?” Vincent asked as he preached on.

“What says you?” Favour heard the voice of God again.

“Having a fleshy heart is when what God wants is what matters to you”

Favour felt naked and she didn’t have a choice in that moment to say

“God! I say yes to whatever you say” She knew it was her mouth speaking, because her heart was far from what she will saying.

It felt like Akanbi Damino’s Spirit was in sync with God because in that same time frame, he walked towards Favour and whispered in her left ear…

” Miss Favour, what says you? Don’t have a stony heart towards me. Can you please give me your heart? I promise not to mess it up.”

Favour froze especially since he used the same phrase “What says you?”

The coincidence was too real to be ignored. It felt like her world was crashing and her options of replies to his proposal was limited to Yes!

Favour knew that on a normal day, she would have scolded him because she was not the kind of person that permitted flirting or any shade of immorality around her but for the encounter she had few minutes earlier she faced him and said…

” I say yes to whatever God says, if you want my heart then let me hear from God if I can trust you with it.” Favour said even though she knew there was no need to hear from God because God himself had spoken to her…

She was to marry Akanbi Damino.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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