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“Lighters, the next prayer I want you to pray needs more intensity. Peradventure you have been noticing that what other people would ordinarily do with ease, you do it with so much hardness. It’s like the world is against you. I saw a revelation right now of a boy, a young boy who is trying so hard to get out of primary school into the secondary school but there is no way for him to go.

I don’t know who you are, maybe you’re having difficulties in your academics, and even though you’ve passed nursery and primary school age, as you get into the secondary school, it seems like your brain is just locked up, it feels like you cannot even understand what secondary school is all about.”

Adebayo, a twelve year old Jss 2 boy opened his eye sharply. From where he stood praying the previous prayer point casually, the latest prayer point hit him so hard, it sounded like something that had to do with him.

From far back as when he was in primary one to primary six, he was the best student in his primary school, but the moment he got into secondary school, it felt like the entire world was against him. He felt like what they were teaching in the secondary school was Arabic or Spanish or Latin, the language he could not understand.

He tried to read at night, he would try reading during the day at school, he would deny himself of his break time just to read. As much as he tried, he realised that he couldn’t understand anything in his academics anymore.

As he tried to follow what Aunty Favour was saying, he heard Aunty Favour say “So you will shout this prayer loud and clear; Any blood in my foundation, that is crying against me, that is crying against my advancement in life, blood of Jesus, silence this blood, silence this speaking voice in the name of Jesus”

Aunty Favour continued…
“Pray! there’s a blood crying against somebody here, that blood keeps crying. I need you to pray that the Lord will silence that blood by His mercy”

Aunty Favour was thrown into the spiritual realm again and she saw the blood from the ground, it became a full fledged human being. She watched in amazement how the blood that was now in form of a man would go into the houses of the generation of Ajanaku.

Aunty Favour saw how it tormented generations after generations, she followed about five generations. A particular one struck her the most; she saw the blood walk into a library.

She looked at the book on the table and she saw Professor Ajanaku. She saw how the blood entered into that library in form of a human and spat darkness on his files, on his books.

Aunty Favour watched in amazement again, how the Professor walked into his office and sat down. In tears, he was speaking on the phone.

“My sister, you know how much I have toiled, I have toiled in this life, Aunty mi, I have toiled. I deserve to get the position of the Minister of Education, but see how I was just removed at the very last minute. Why is this happening to our family? Look at you, you were about to be the Chief Justice eight years ago, that was how they said you were not qualified; they came up with the fact that you’re a woman and that they wanted a man to become the Chief Justice that time around.”

“Aunty mi, I don’t know what is happening with us but I know there’s a whole lot of problem.”

Aunty Favour shook her head and she looked to the wall frame on the wall and saw a boy that looked familiar, as one of the grandchildren of this professor.

©Opeyemi Akintunde

Aunty Favour snapped out of her revelation and she looked around looking for the face of the boy she had seen in the wall frame in the Professor’s office.
She had the feeling she had seen the boy among the campers, so she began searching for him.

After searching for few minutes without seeing him she said Loudly…
“You’re a boy here, your grandfather is a Professor. One of your grand aunties is a very big lawyer in the country and you know that you’re having problems academically, I want you to raise your hand up.”

Adebayo immediately put his hands up. How did this woman know everything about him? Without waiting for her to call him forward, he ran forward and started sobbing and saying

“I want God to touch me, I want God to touch me, something is not right with me, I want God to touch me” He sobbed bitterly. Aunty Favour said to him “Stand up” She faced everyone and said..

“Everyone I want you to pray loud and clear, ‘Powers in my foundation, making life difficult for me, release me and die in the name of Jesus Christ.” ******

The blood figure appeared into the prayer meeting fuming and Favour could see so much anger in his eyes. The anger spoke vengeance.

” What is your business with him? I have no seed because of what his forefather did to me. I died in my prime with no seed of mine, till date I have no one from my lineage but his fire father went ahead to get married to three different women and from his loins, over 2000 seeds have been birthed. I am not as evil as their fore-father, or else I would have wiped them all out , but instead I chose to get my revenge by stopping them at every junction of sucess. Isn’t that fair enough?” The blood asked Aunty Favour in Yoruba language.

Aunty Favour could feel the pain of the bloody man .
” I understand your pain, but you are suffering the innocent children.”
” At least he has Children…I don’t ”

” Lord, in your Mercy ,appeal to the blood crying against me and my family in Jesus name…” Aunty Favour called out and the Children attacked the prayer with all intensity…

Adebayo and everyone present groaned in prayer. Aunty Favour in particular shut her eyes tightly in intercession. The bloody image needed to be appeased.



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