Opeyemi Akintunde

The hall was filled up.

The Children and Teenagers had been woken up around 5am and told to freshen up before coming into the hall for morning Devotion.

Chuks opened the service with Opening Prayer.

“Abba Father, we thank you for our lives, thank you for this Camp Program. We are so expectant. We thank you for the privilege to be here. We do not take it for granted. We thank you for enabling our parents, our guardians and giving them the capacity to send us to this camp. Thank you for making everything work together for our good. May we experience the tangibility of your presence. No one here will escape your touch. If you need to invade us, invade us. We surrender to you, withholding nothing. Thank you for Miracles that we will receive in these three days. Jesus died and rose up on the third day, in those three days, he went down to hell to minister to the dead, therefore Lord in this three days, descend in our midst and deliver those in hell, deliver those who the devil has kept in captivity in Jesus name we pray. This and more do we ask in your name.”

Everyone chorused ‘Amen’

The Opening Prayer had hit everyone differently and it had been put expectations in some of their hearts.

Aliyah knew she was in hell as regards her Sleep disorder. She wanted to be able to wake up herself. She therefore had high expectations of what would happen during the three days program.

Kenneth had put his phone on record. He had promised Mercy to record the program and play it back for her. He also keyed into Uncle Chuks’ prayer. He wanted Christ to descend into the hell his wife and Daughter were and pull them out…


Ajuwon had gotten to the Lighthouse by 5am. He wasn’t aware of a program. He had returned on Miss Favour’s order about coming the next day. He decided to get there very early before the Pregnant woman steps out. Mope had asked him where he was going that early, he lied to her that a client wanted him to drive him to the airport to catch an early flight. He stood outside the gate, as the Security man had denied him access into the compound, but they were able to have friendly conversations while he waited.

” You will have to wait till 8am before you can see Aunty Favour” He had told her.

” Ok! I hope no one has left this place this morning” Ajuwon asked

” No one!” The Security answered.

Ajuwon decided to engage him in a little interrogative chitchat.

” Please, what is this place? A school?”

” No, a home…a shelter for children and Teenagers who want to Know God better.”

” Oh! Nice..Like a Spiritual center. I see why the Pregnant woman was able to know my problem. Hmmm… Thank God I am here, I must receive my solution today”

“Amen! You came for the camp program too?” The Security asked curiously

” Camp program? Is there a camp program going on?”

” Yes, a three days camp for Children and Teenagers. Sir, if you have children and Teenagers from four years old, bring them for this Camp. This place is a destiny repairing and destiny preserving center. When I see the way the Children are taught of the Lord, I am always pleased”

” Ok! That’s interesting!” Ajuwon said

” Amen! Praise the Lord! Good Morning Lighters” Chuks’ voice rang loudly from the Public Address system. Ajuwon and the security officer heard as well…

“They are about to Start. Sir, I won’t be able to continue our Chat. I follow their programs from here.” The Security man said

They both heard Chuks’ opening prayer and Ajuwon couldn’t help but shout a resounding Amen as well. He knew his life was in hell, even though he was not part of the camp, he hoped With the short prayer he had just prayed and his meeting with the pregnant woman will bring him out of the pit of hardship, rejection and poverty.


Mabel looked around the hall, there were shades of handsomeness in the hall. It was therefore difficult to narrow down their Object.

Since influencing the in-house Lighters had proven abortive, they needed to do something very fast for the three days campers. They were planning to plant lust in the Camp.

The plan was simple, Narrow down to the Most Handsome guy girls would easily have a crush on. Either Olive or Mabel will get him to kiss them, that way they transfer their mission of misleading someone into his mouth. His tongue will be bewitched to become an advertiser for Satan. They will also push girls to fall for the boy and then the boy will begin to find his way to kissing some girls as well. That way the girls too get initiated as well.

Olive spotted a particular soft looking boy. He had a unique kind of handsomeness. She couldn’t help but also notice that even as they sat waiting for the morning devotion to start, other girls were stealing glances at him…

” I think we found him!” Olive whispered to Mabel

” Really? Where is he?”

” To your left, quarter to… on a clock” Olive said giving details

Mabel looked towards the direction and she saw what Olive had seen.

The boy looked innocent and harmless. He was one of those boys girls would easily fall for including herself.

” Let the hunting begin” Mabel said

” I will get the first Kiss” Olive said confidently

” I will” Mabel said laughing.

” Ok, let’s see” Olive said and before Mabel could say another word, Olive stood up and walked to the empty seat in front of the boy. She had deliberately catwalked to the seat.

Tina got up to the altar and started leading Praise Worship…She started with the Worship song “Withholding Nothing” by William McDowell taking a cue from Chuks’ prayer.

“I surrender all to you

Everything I give to you

Withholding nothing

Withholding nothing

I surrender all to you

Everything I give to you

Withholding nothing

Withholding nothing”

As always, Tina moved everyone to a place of deep worship for the next fifteen minutes and the room became charged. However, there were a few of the campers who started feeling very uncomfortable with the atmosphere. There were times Olive wanted to leave the hall, as she felt a sudden sense of heat overwhelming her, but it felt like her legs had been pegged to the ground…

After thirty minutes of Praise and Worship, Aunty Favour stepped forward to minister the Word…

” Hello Lighters…”

” Hello Aunty Favour”

” Good Morning Everyone. A special welcome to all our campers. We believe you will have an amazing time during this camp, just like Aunty Tina led in the first Worship song, and Uncle Chuks prayed, I want you campers to withhold nothing, I want you to be naked before your father. I want your heart to be opened before the father. I want You to give Him access into your heart. Now is not the time for distractions. Now is not the time to check out someone’s designer shoes and bags, Now is not the time for gossiping, Now is not the time for Crushing on another Child of God ..Now is the time to have an Encounter. Now is the time your destiny has been waiting for.” Aunty Favour and you could tell most of them had their hearts ready.

“This morning we will be looking at ” SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE”

The In-house Lighters brought out their Bible and Writing materials. This had an influence on the campers. The campers quickly imitated them.

” What is CAPTIVITY?” Aunty Favour asked.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Everyone paid rapt attention. It was obvious God was around to open the ears of everyone present. Even Ajuwon who stood at the gate found himself listening to the message.

“Captivity is being bound. Captivity is when a power stronger than your will is incapacitating you from doing what you ordinarily would want to do. For instance, if a person is locked in his or her body unable to wake up, that person is in Captivity…” Aunty Favour gave an example that was close to home.

Aliyah’s heart started beating fast. This was her story. How did the preacher know her story. From what she was saying, that meant she was In Captivity…

“Captivity is when your willpower has been chained. For instance, those who suffer from one addiction or the other. Those who are battling with certain terrible habits they have tried to break from countless times like Stealing, Telling Lies, Masturbation, Reading of pornographic materials, Seducing others, Jealousy and so on. Such people are in captivity”

Different ‘Hmmms” filled up the room.

“Let’s move to the aspect of our lives that can be put in Captivity? I want you to write them down”

Everyone got ready to write…

” One…Our Minds. Our Minds control our lives. Our Mind houses our thoughts. Scriptures states that whatever a Man thinks , so is he.

Therefore, when the devil wants to control your life and stop your progress, he begins to mess up with your mind. He cages your Mind. How can he cage your mind? He occupies it with negative thoughts, defeating thoughts, Jealous thoughts, depressing thoughts, immoral thoughts. That way your Mind is not able to do the things it ought to do. The devil keeps your Mind in Captivity, so you don’t use it for productive things. As a child or teenager the devil can put your mind in cage …the cage of immoral thoughts will reduce the way your brain will process your academics”

Bola; one of the campers who had come for the three days camp, felt exposed. This was her. Ever Since she stumbled on pornography on her uncle’s phone, she had become addicted to watching it. Before her addiction, she was one of the brilliant students in her class, her position was always between second position and fifth in class, but now she had move to being the thirteenth in class.


Whenever, she tried to read, all she would ever see was flashes of the pornography on her book. It was very bad. She couldn’t concentrate on her book. That led into her masturbating since there was no one to practice it with. She was just thirteen, but the pornography was running her crazy. She was battling it because everyone was beginning to complain. Teachers were constantly asking her what was wrong as her results was becoming worse as the days passed. Her mum was a single mother who was doing everything humanly possible to see to it that she succeeded, so her result was making her mother shed tears…

” God, please break me free from the cage of pornography and masturbation that the devil is using to put me in captivity in Jesus name” Bola muttered to herself.


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word

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