Opeyemi Akintunde

Kenneth ran into the hospital, he couldn’t wait to hold his wife in his arms and carry his baby too. He wanted to shout for everyone to hear that God is good .

Favour and Chuks also walked in with Ajaara and Gloria, but Ajaara and Gloria were told to wait at the reception. Chuks’ heart wanted to burst out of his chest. He felt like he was a grandfather.

Walking into the ward, they met Mercy asleep, but their footsteps made her jump up in excitement…

” Hey Baby! My Sunshine, My Sleeping Beauty that has woken up! How was your rest?” Kenneth said with his emotions betraying him. Tears flowed ceaselessly.

” Hey Boo Boo, My Kenneth, My love, My Knight in Shining armour, My God’s gift, thank you…Thank you for standing by me.” Mercy said taking Kenneth’s face in her hands. It felt

So good to open her eyes to see Kenneth. She looked to her left side, her mother stood watching her with tearful eyes.

” I am sorry Mum for always disobeying you. I realize it always lands me in trouble. I promise not to disobey you anymore. I know it is your prayers that preserved me and the baby. I would have died like a chicken” Mercy said

Favour nodded and walked towards her embracing her in love.

Chuks stood giving them their moment…

” Uncle CHUKS, thanks …I could never have asked for a better father figure in my life. Thank you for the music you always play when you stay with me. Thank you for standing by Mummy when I was in this state. Thank you!”

“Ajaara and Gloria are at the reception. The nurse said we have to come in, in turns. Where is our baby?” Favour asked

” She is in their nursery. I was told because of visitors, she had to stay there today and whenever I needed to feed her, I would be taken to her.” Mercy said

” I like that!” Favour said happily

” I know you would ” Mercy replied smiling knowing her Spiritual mother

” The first few hours of a baby’s existence is very key. The baby should be protected, both for physical and spiritual reasons.” Favour emphasized

” However, there are exceptions; you , Kenneth and Uncle Chuks should see Baby Faithful ” Mercy said ringing the hospital bell.

A nurse walked in after the bell sound went off…

” How can I help you ma?” She asked

” Ma, can you take my husband and my parents to see our baby” Mercy said

“Parents!” The words sounded like music in Chuks’ ears. Would he and Favour ever be a couple to qualify him to be legally Mercy’s Father?

” Sure, but please they are the only ones that will be permitted ” The Nurse replied

” Perfectly understood ” Mercy said.


Ajuwon heard the scream of Kenneth and he had been interested in knowing what happened. Unfortunately, he was far from where the program was held.

” What is happening?” Ajuwon asked the Security officer

” I don’t know, how can I know sir? I am at the gate like you. My guess however is deliverance . The person must have been hit by God’s power.” The security officer supplied.

However, they became confused when a vehicle drove out in a rush.

Ajuwon was about asking his new found friend where they were rushing to when his phone rang…

” Hello Daddy!” Ajuwon heard his first child’s voice.

” Yes dear, What is wrong? Why are you using Mum’s phone? Where is your Mum?”

” She is on the floor, vomitting blood.”

” Blood? What happened?”

” I don’t know, she just woke up from sleep and started coughing blood”

” Ha! My God ! What is this? Call the Neighbors ”

Hot tears poured out of Ajuwon’s eyes…

” God! Kuku kill me” ( God, Infact Kill me) Ajuwon said very frustrated. It seemed like his pain was not enough, for another one to be added to it.

Was he about to lose his wife?

Ajuwon couldn’t understand what was happening to his life.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Frigo woke up and it felt like he had slept Forever.

“How did I sleep off? ” He asked himself knowing he had come into the hotel with serious business in mind. He had gone to pick Aliyah the previous night and returned her the next morning. He had slept through out the night. He blamed it on jet lag, but here he was sleeping again in the morning after dropping Aliyah and Sunshine off at the Artist place as early as 6am; they had used the cab service at the hotel. Aliyah had begged him to wake her up by 5am which he did, though he didn’t tie her down that day.

Frigo remembered bringing out what he called his “meditation mat” . It was actually his mat for Astral projection, but he lied to Aliyah it was for meditating.

Whenever he sat on the mat during the daytime, Aliyah knew it was a ‘No No’ to disturb him.

He remembered bringing it out, and placing it on the floor. As he bent, he felt a sharp pain. He remembered lying down on the bed to ease his back pain, but to his utmost shock he had slept for four hours straight..

He jumped up from the bed with the intention of getting his Mat when his phone rang. He stopped in his tracks to check the caller, it was Aliyah calling.

He picked up ..

” Hey Baby!”

” Hey Frigo, can you come pick me up, I need to rest for two hours”

” Ok babe!” Frigo ended the call

He had to put a pause on what he wanted to do, his family was key for him. Frigo told himself that once she returned to the Art place after two hours, he would get back to his assignment in Nigeria.


Ade Damino went up to his Father’s room. He knew his Father’s mood had changed the moment Aunty Favour declined his Father’s suggestion…He had retired to his room.

Ade knocked at the door ..

” Yeah!” Akanbi answered

” Dad it’s me” Ade replied

” Come in”

Ade walked in. He wasn’t surprised when he met his Dad sitting on his recliner. That was his Father’s thinking chair…

” Let me guess, you are thinking about Aunty Favour?” Ade went straight, he was too matured to cut corners especially with his father .

” That means I must have been very obvious”

” A little, but I am sure not everyone will notice that little. I noticed because you are my father”

” I can’t help that I want to be more than Akanbi Damino to her. Like I really like her.. In fact, she makes me think of your mother a lot these days.”

” My Dad is In love…Wow! Well I don’t blame you Dad, Who wouldn’t fall in love with Beautiful, fire-filled Aunty Favour. I am also in your shoes, I am in love with a mini her…”

” Yours is so obvious!” Akanbi said laughing.

” No, it’s not, everyone thinks we are best friends ” Ade defended himself

Akanbi laughed mockingly

” Well I think I need to record you so you can see how you adore her with your eyes.” Akanbi said

” Yeah! Ajaara is just the real deal, but I guess I don’t stand a chance with her.” Ade said

” Why?” Akanbi asked

” You know Dad! The situation with you, Aunty Favour and Uncle Chuks is the same I am having with Ajaara and Tobi” Ade said

” Hmmm, I can’t believe I, Akanbi Damino will be in a Love triangle. Indeed God can humble a man…Ade! It is obvious Miss Favour has a soft spot for Mr Chuks and vice Versa. I am torn between wanting her for myself and breaking Mr Chuks heart”

” But if you are mindful of Mr Chuks’ heart, you will be breaking your heart.” Ade pointed out

” What are your plans too about Ajaara?”

” She told me to be her best friend, which I am respecting at the moment. I am following the flow ” Ade said

” I guess it’s only your brother that is lucky with his Love interest. Gloria is warming up to him” Akanbi said concerning Ropo

” Not sure of that oo, I think he is in this ‘Love Triangle’ boat with us. Pastor Sammy is Gloria’s crush.” Ade revealed

” Wow! We boys need to pray ooo. Let’s take our Love matters seriously in this three days camp. Getting wives from here will give us a life of peace, because If you marry a child of God, God becomes your Father in-law, but if you marry an unbeliever, you make the devil your Father in-law!”

” Ayaya! Rhema Daddy!” Ade said laughing

“So we need to get it right, We need Direction. ” Akanbi Damino said laughing too but it was obvious he was serious about it ..


1. The Story was Inspired by the Living Word


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