Part 21
The Complete Woman !

Excelrhymez a.k.a Mummy E

My husband called me that evening to come sit with them in the parlour that he has something to say.

Isaiah: Daniella, as you already know Sophia is my wife and there is nothing you can do about that. I do not want any form of quarreling and fighting in my house. I want my peace. And as you know she is pregnant for me, she is carrying my child, and I do not want her to be stressed. This is my first child, I do not want anything to happen to my child. She wants to give me something you’ve not been able to give me so don’t stress her.

As I listened to him, tears flowed from my eyes, I wanted to lash out to him that he caused my miscarriage and now he is talking as if I’ve never been pregnant. But I kept calm again, after all he didn’t even know I was pregnant at all.

Isaiah: I want the two of you to live in peace, make sure you take care of her, as the first wife and because she is pregnant. Whatever she asks for, give it to her, whatever she wants to eat, cook for her. Are you hearing me?

Me: Yes (I replied)

Isaiah: Yes, just yes as if you are talking to a child. From now on when I talk to you, you answer me yes sir, you don’t have single respect for your husband.

Me: Am sorry

He looked at me angrily and I quickly remembered.

Me: I’m sorry sir.

Isaiah: Good. (Sophia bent him over and whispered to his ears), do you think am maltreating you Daniela? Am asking you, am I maltreating you?

I kept quiet.

Isaiah: My wife just told me that you are thinking am maltreating you. So if you feel that way please pack your bags and leave. I don’t want to maltreat anybody o. If you feel you can’t do the simple work I said you should do, I can always hire a maid o.

Me: (wiping my eyes) its okay sir, you are not maltreating me, I’ve heard all you said and I will do them.

Isaiah: Good, now you can go…..

I turned and walked away.

That night I prayed like I’ve never done in my entire life. I went completely naked and I cried unto God.

Me: Jesus!/oh God! Dear God. Am fed up, am fed up o, I can’t take this anymore. What have I done to deserve this. Lord hear my cry please, have mercy on me and hear me please.

My phone began to ring, it was mummy, I picked it up still crying. Mummy.

Me: Mummy am tired, I can’t take it anymore, its either God hears me tonight or just kill me, am tired.

Mummy: My child as I speak to you am talking to God, I am naked before him. My God must change your story tonight. He has to do something tonight.

Mummy started crying, I could hear her at the other end weeping terribly, speaking in tongues and praying and crying.

Meanwhile somewhere in my in-laws house, my mother inlaw, was also on her knees, praying in tears and naked before God.

Mother inlaw: Father let the scales fall. Whatever is holding my son captive set him free. Restore his home oh God, I will not let you go tonight until you do a miracle.

And so unknowingly to each of them, three women went naked before God and prayed for the same thing. The restoration of my husband Isaiah!

At about 3am that morning, I heard a loud scream from my bedroom. I jumped up immediately and rushed over to see what was going on. When I got there, I saw my husband running up and down confused. Sophia was sitting on top of her box that I had earlier carried to the room, with a big knife on her hand pointed to my husband.

Me: Blood of Jesus, what is going on here?

Isaiah: Honey, I dont know o, she suddenly got up and started screaming o, she wanted to kill me o. What is she even doing here? Where were you? Why is she even in our bedroom?

I was shocked, I turned and looked at him again to be sure if I was talking to the same Isaiah. My husband. And did he just call me honey? I concluded I was not hearing well. I turned to Sophia.

Me: Sophia please drop the knife, and tell me what is going on here?

Sophia: (burst into laughing) Shut up and begin to say your last prayers o. Because I will kill this fool today. (He points to Isaiah, who quickly ran to hide behind me)

Isaiah: Honey please don’t let him kill me please. Honey call papa and mama to come o, please.

I made an attempt to leave the room to pick my phones but Sophia blocked my way.

Sophia: If you move an inch I will slice off your throat.

Just then I heard a loud knock on our door. I wondered who could be knocking at 3am in the night and then I heard mummy shouting my name. I again wondered what my mom was doing at 3am in the night. There was no way I could go and open the door for her because Sophia was blocking the way. But I quickly remembered I had told her where the spare keys to the house is kept in cases of emergencies. I secretly prayed that the God who brought her at this time should remind her.

Sophia: That your mother came eh, she should come and join the two of you. But tonight Isaiah will die.

Thank God who never fails, mummy remembered and in the next minute she was inside with daddy, my in-laws,Papa and mama.

Isaiah: Oh thank God you are here, papa she wants to kill me, I don’t know what I did to her. She says she wants to kill me.

Mummy and mom inlaw had began speaking in tongues again. Papa raised his Bible up towards Sophia.

Papa: You demon inside of her, I command you to set her free in the name of Jesus.

Sophia: He brought me to this house to kill me right? He and his wife poured fire and pepper on the bed and asked me to come and sleep on it abi?/I will kill him today.

His wife? I still didn’t hear what Sophia said, did she just refer to me as his wife? I thought she said she was the wife.

Papa: Sister Sophia, how did you get to this point? You were good, what happened to you?

Sophia: When I was good what did that good do for me? Did the good give me a husband?

Mama: So you did all of this because of a husband?

Sophia: How old am I? Am I getting younger or older? The day Isaiah came to the church he saw me sing and then he told me I had a good voice and that I would make a good wife. (To Isaiah) do you remember honey? He told me that and he said, one day he would love to get married to someone like me. But after that day he changed and the next thing he proposed to her. After building up my hope.

Isaiah: Jesus, but that was just a simple complement na!

Sophia: To you it was, to me it wasn’t, to me it was a proposal and I said yes. I said yes in my heart. And then he went ahead and proposed to this girl here, I did my best to stop the marriage, I visited a man who gave me a powder to rub on, and also sprinkle on Dani and the moment he saw my face he started having hatred for Dani, she started smelling to him and he avoided her and came to me. We spent days together and when I thought I had him already he suddenly woke up the night to his wedding and he left and before I knew what was happening he married her, he married her! He just married her. (Starts crying) I lost hope but God who works in mysterious ways changed things for me. Marvis had an accident, and I was just at the right place at the right time, and I knew even though they were not best of friends if I called him he would come, it was God papa, it was God giving me a chance to be with my man. And he came, but didn’t want to stay. He kept saying his wife was waiting, his wife was waiting, I still had the powder with me so I used it again. And he ended up spending eight days with me after which he left. He left me and never came back. He was with this bitch here.

I knew my powder was losing its strength and so I had to go for a stronger power, but this one requires that he eats or drinks. There was no way I could do that and so I went through his wife. She couldn’t resist tom tom. Common tom tom, my.plans were perfect, she gave him some of the tom tom and that was when she delivered his soul to me…


Part 22
The Complete Woman !
Excelrhymez a.k.a Mummy E

It was the long throat of tom tom that sold my husband away, so all along it was my fault. I watched as Sophia kept confessing her wickedness.

Sophia: I waited till I was sure that he must have eaten from my tom tom and so I called him and made up stories about him winning a contract. I paid the guy 5000 to make that call. When he came, I made sure she was never going to have him anymore.

Me: Sophia what did I ever do to you?

Sophia: you married him, that is your sin.

Me: but you urged me to marry him didn’t you?

Sophia: I thought you won’t accept, which will push me to be his consoler, buy you did you did and that is why I made sure he was quick to beat you. Hahahaha how was the beatings, did you enjoy it?/(she started laughing like a deranged woman)

Isaiah: Sophia I never knew you were this evil. You are evil.

Sophia: but you married me stupid. You married this evil. I made sure you married me and brought me to your house. The plan was to frustrate this witch out of this house. But she refused to go. I wanted her to get tired but she wouldn’t leave then I made to provoke her to hit me or shout at me so that her edge would be broken, so that I can finally kill her and be free, bit she wouldn’t retaliate. And her edge of protection was there. If only she insulted me once just once, but she wouldn’t, stupid, you just were quiet, taking everything. Stupid, why? Why didnt you fight back why?

Me: Because I know God would fight for me, why do I need to fight?

Sophia: And this night she started praying, heaping fire and pepper on my head. Why? Why?

(She suddenly started dancing around, turning round and round until she fell. I tried to hold her from hurting herself/while daddy collected the knife from her)

Me: please help me hold her so she won’t hurt herself, she is pregnant.

Sophia burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Sophia: stupid, who is pregnant. Am not pregnant, I only lied to him to hasten the wedding and this fool fell for it. Stupid man. (She started laughing and laughing again non stop, and I just stood and watched her just like everyone)

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