Part 15
The Complete Woman !

Excelrhymez a.k.a Mummy E

And that was I ended spending three days in the hospital and my husband was no where to be found.

Out of anger I told mom I was going to spend three more days. She tried to persuade me to go home but I refused. And so she let me be. And after my extra three days, Isaiah still dis not come. I told mom I didnt want to return back to the house, bit she was not going to hear of that. And so on my sixth day in the hospital , I packed my bags and left the hospital.

When I got home, I knew Isaiah had not been in the house at all because I saw the house was exactly how it was when I left. Suddenly fear gripped me. ”What if something bad has happened to him” I quickly grabbed my phone and called mummy.

Me: mummy!

Mummy: Am not even in my house yet and you are already calling me. What is it?

Me: mummy I think something is wrong with my husband.

Mummy: what do you mean?

Me: Mummy six days he didnt call me, now I get home to discover for the six days he has not been to the house either. Mummy something is wrong. Isaiah is not home yet.

Mummy: what do you mean D

Me: mummy for the six days I was away he didnt come home, the house is exactly the wat I left it.

Mummy: meaning?

Me: mummy I mean something is wrong. Something must have happened to him.

Mummy: so what do you want us to do now.

Me: mummy am going to report at the station. I am going to declare him missing and I will go on TV too.

Mummy: D wait for me. I am coming back to your place, let’s go together.

Me:/okay mom, please hurry.

When the call ended I was practically pacing up and down in the house until mummy finally came. We got to the police station and reported the case of a missing person. I also dropped Isaiah’s picture. I informed the police I was going on TV to announce my husbands disappearance. Mummy told me to call his parents first and I did that. His mom was crying profusely and saying I would have informed them from the first day he left the house. They also told me they were coming over but I discouraged them and told them to inform me if they hear from him

Them I called mama and papa and told them what was happening. And finally I went to the TV station. I spent the sum of 14,500 but I finally did the broadcast.

After the announcement was made, different calls flooded my phone, so many persons called to sympathize with me, others called to assure me that he will be fine, nobody called to say they saw my husband and this got me Eve. Worried the more. Until later that evening when my phone rang again. I thought it was another sympathizer but it wasn’t.

Me: Hello,

Isaiah: hello woman,

Me: Jesus, baby its you. Where are you? You got me worried , thank God you are safe. Honey where are you?

Isaiah: who told you I was missing?

Me: Dear, you left the house for days now and nothing has been heard of you. I thought,

Isaiah: You thought, you thought, you are always thinking. You better go back and inform the people you told that I am missing that I am not missing. I am very much okay.

Me: Honey, thank God for that. What happened to your line.

Isaiah: Dont ask me questions. I said I am not missing and that is why I called you.

Me: its okay dear, where are you ? When are you coming? I’ve got something important to tell you.

Isaiah: when I come you will know.

Me: baby am preg….

He cut the call and ended it.

Me: hello, hello.( I looked at my phone, I couldn’t believe what just happened. My husband had cut the call on me.)

I picked the phone again and called mummy and told her that Isaiah had called me, I also called his mom, papa and mama. They all wanted to ask more questions to understand why he had left the house and kept mute for such a long period. But I just ended the calls because even I didnt understand why or what he was doing.


Part 16
The Complete Woman !
Excelrhymez a.k.a Mummy E

I stayed in the hospital for two days before I was discharged. Mummy decided for the first time I should go home with her.

My staying with mummy and daddy was beautiful as I was duely taken care of. Mummy gave me everything I needed and I felt love. I stayed with my parents for almost three weeks. Daddy kept on asking about my husband and why he hasn’t come to see me and I told him that Isaiah had travelled for a one month tour outside the country.

My mother inlaw and sister inlaw came to see me in my parents place. They were nice and caring also. My mother inlaw couldn’t believe everything mummy and I told her. She was so pissed. She tried calling my husband but all his phones was switched off. Even my sister inlaw tried severally to reach him but all to no avail.

My mother inlaw begged me to please be patient with her son. I could feel the pains she was feeling. She didn’t understand what was happening to her son. And she promised me that everything will be fine and that she won’t stop calling him until he picks up. After spending two days at my parents house they left. When they left I also told my parents that it was time for us to go home.

Mummy wanted me to stay back until Isaiah came looking for me, but I told her I would be fine. For the first time since the marriage I felt mummy was angry. But she didn’t argue with me. And so after I packed my bags and told daddy I was going, mummy held me and prayed with me, but she had something to say before I left.

Mummy: Daniella my child, I love you. You are a strong woman and you are ready to fight for your marriage. But I have a message for your husband. You must tell your husband that I said he must never raise his hands on you ever again. I said nothing the first time, and then he repeated it and this time you lost a child, my grand child. And if not for the grace of God, you almost lost your life. You must tell Isaiah I said he should never raise his hand on you again. I will not tolerate it anymore.

As mummy was talking, I could feel her anger, something I have never seen in her and I knew she was really at her limit. I was unhappy but at the same time I was glad that at least someone was available to teach Isaiah a small lesson for me. I nodded to all mummy had said, gave her a hug before leaving. I took a cab and left. As I was about getting to my house, I saw Sister Sophia leaving. She was clearly leaving my house.

Sophia: Hey Dani, I was just leaving your place. Thank God I saw you.

Me: Sister Sophia , oh really?/I went to see my parents, am just coming now.

I opened the door and she helped me bring my bags in and she sat down.

Me: Sorry about the dusty chairs, I was away for some time.

Sophia: Its no problem Dani, where is your husband? He travelled too?

Me: Yes! He isn’t around for now.

Sophia: I came because I’ve not been seeing you in church for some time now. I hope all is well?

Me: Yes Sophia, all is well. Thank you for checking on me. Like I said, I’ve been to my parents and I just returned now.

Sophia: I can see that. But we will start seeing you in church from now right?

Me: Yeah, I will try.

Sophia: Okay that’s good. Another reason I came is because I’ve been hearing some news flying around and so I decided to ask you because I don’t want to believe them.

Me: What news?

Sophia: The story has been going around that brother Isaiah your husband has been floricking around with girls. Different girls and that he is currently staying with a member of our church. Sister Marvis to be precised. I also heard that even on your wedding night he was with her and that. ……

Me: Ehm Sister Sophia (I quickly interrupted her) Sophia, those stories are from the pit of hell. My marriage is okay and I have no issues with my husband and wherever those stories are coming from they should learn to shut up and mind their businesses instead of peeping into the lives of others. My husband is not around now if not you would have seen him yourself and confirmed that we are at peace yourself

Sophia: Oh praise God, I knew it, I knew they were just mere lies. I said it that Brother Isaiah was too decent for that and that Sister Marvis cannot do that. She may be a crazy girl but she can not go after a married man. Am happy to confirm that you are happy from you. Because I know I was the one who led you to say yes to him in church that day so I didnt want to feel I’ve led you into a big mess but now that you’ve said it am at peace now.

Me: You have nothing to worry about Sophia

Sophia: Oh thank God. (She stands) I will leave now so that you will have the time to arrange tour stuff. Welcome home.

Me: Thanks Sophia ( I hugged her and led her to the door) bye and thanks for your concern.

I watched her leave and I felt hot tears falling from my eyes. My story has begun to spread round the church and soon the town. I will not let my name be the topic of discussion and mockery. God must change things before it gets out of hand. I went back inside the house and started praying and calling on God to do something in my home. .

I went into a three days dry fast praying for my husband to return home to me and God finally answered. On the third day, Isaiah came home. I have become so thin. When I heard a knock on the door, I thought it was one of the neighbours but I was surprised when I opened and I saw Isaiah walk into the house.

His beards were all grown and he was looking so rough, as I was about to smile and welcome him home when I noticed he was not alone. A girl was with him. I looked at her if she was someone I knew but this girl I have never seen her in my whole life. She was practically dressed like a full-time prostitute. I looked at my husband and allowed him come inside. He held her hands and pulled her in.

Me: Welcome home Darling!

Isaiah: You wanted me home right? You went and called my mom and everybody in the world that I abandoned you. Well I am home now.

Me: Baby, it’s not like that, I didn’t call mummy, I was admitted in the Hosp…

Isaiah: I don’t care, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is am home now, are you happy now?

I was silent because I really didnt know if I was happy to see him or not. I stood as I watched him drag a box inside the house, obviously the box belonged to the girl.

Isaiah: Why are you standing there staring at me like an image, can’t you see I came home with a guest, instead of you to help me welcome her and bring her things inside the house you are there staring at me. My friend, come here and help me take this things to the room.

Me: Honey who is she please?

Isaiah: (He made to slap me but stopped half way) You are very lucky I’m in a good mood today. And also because I respect my mom so much and I’ve promised her not to beat you. But that does not mean you should provoke me. Now take that bag inside and don’t you ask me stupid questions.

I didnt say anything I went and I carried the bag inside the visitors room. The girl was eyeing me up and down and chewing gum anyhow. I had not finished dropping the bags before I heard my husband shouting my name. I quickly rushed to him.

Isaiah: Please get me and my chi chi, some food to eat. She says she is hungry and I am too. I turned and looked at them again and without saying a word I went over to the kitchen and prepared the food and set the dinning. I watched as he held her hand and took her over to the dinning to eat. A bite of the delicious jollof rice and plantain with chicken that I made and she squeezed her face and shouted and then started coughing.

Isaiah: (rushing her a glass of water ) what is it? What is it? Are you okay?

Chi chi: Ah ah shay your wife will not kill me in this house o. See the pepper she put in this food. And it is very salty too.

Isaiah took a bite of the food and from his expression I could tell he liked the food, but because he wanted to please her he responded without thinking.

Isaiah: Daniella what is this? Do you want to kill us.

Me: Am sorry baby please forgive me.

Isaiah: Is it that your rotten cry now that I will eat? This food is poison. You were the one crying I come home. I come now you want to poison me. From today I won’t eat your food. Thank God I am not alone in this house. Chi Chi please be cooking for me in this house. I don’t want to die yet OK?

Chi Chi: No problem dear.

Without saying a word I left them and went to the room and I laid down on the bed to rest.

Few minutes later, my husband came into the room with the Chi Chi girl.

Isaiah: What are you doing?

Me: (the question was surprising to me) nothing am just resting.

Isaiah: Where did you put the bags you brought in?

Me: They are in the visitors room.

Isaiah: Are you mad? My friend go and bring them here joor.

Me: But baby this is our room na. Will she sleep here with us?

Isaiah: Who is us? Come on go and bring the bag here before I land you a dirty slap.

Once again I stood up and went to bring the bags to our room. I dropped the bag then I climbed back on the bed.

Isaiah: What are you doing?

Me: Honey am not feeling strong I just want to rest a bit.

Isaiah: My friend pack your things to the visitors room jare.

Me: What?/visitors room? This is our room, why should I go to the visitors room, she is the visitor she should go.

Isaiah: You are stupid. This is my house and I decide who and who not to sleep in the visitors room and now I am saying move to the visitors room.

I kept quiet for sometime, but eventually I picked a few of my things and moved out of my matrimonial room to the visitors room. I wanted to call mummy, but then I changed my mind. This is my cross and I will bear it until God decides to save me from it.

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