“Please, don’t marry or be married out of pity, sympathy or pressure of any kind” – Pastor Nathaniel Bassey to the singles

Nigerian gospel artist Nathaniel Bassey has taken to Twitter to share some words of wisdom on marriage.

In his tweet, Nathaniel Bassey advised against marrying or being married out of pity, sympathy, or pressure of any kind. He emphasized the importance of both parties being willing and sure in their decision to tie the knot, without any form of coercion or manipulation.

Nathaniel Bassey warned that those pressuring individuals into marriage will not be there when reality sets in and life gets tough.

He urged his followers to think carefully, pray earnestly, and make their decisions freely and independently.

The gospel artist, who has served as a pastor for over 10 years, reflected on his experiences and expressed a hope that the Lord guide and help couples in their marital journey.

In his words;

“Just some random thought on my mind.

PLEASE ! Don’t marry or be married out of pity, sympathy or pressure of any kind. 

Ensure that both parties are WILLING AND SURE ! without any form of cohesion, manipulation or sentiments. 

Later, in your moment of truth, when push finally comes to shove, those pressuring you will not be there.

When reality dawns, and life hits, you may become bitter and resentful at your spouse and those who urged you on.

But the truth of the matter is that it was always up to you to decide.

So, save your self the hassle, Think well, Pray well and decide freely and squarely.

And be ready to face up to YOUR DECISION.

I have pastored for not too long, just a little over 10 years, and I have seen a few things. May the LORD help us. In Jesus’ name.”