Part 23
The Complete Woman !

Excelrhymez a.k.a Mummy E

Season Finale!

Sophia continued talking non stop, sometimes she would laugh out so loud, other times she would dance around. Some times she would run to Isaiah who would take off on seeing her coming. Running and hiding behind my back. This was the drama in the house until 6am when papa drove out to try and locate her family members. And when they came the mother burst into tears saying she warned her, not to involve in the evil but she didnt hid her advice.

And so we called a psychiatric hospital that was nearby. And after few minutes their bus came in, it was tough but finally they were able to drag her away. And she didnt stop screaming.

Sophia: Byeeeeeeee! Byeeeeeeee! Bye oooooo!

She kept shouting until she was out of sight. And we all went inside. When we were finally in I asked mummy.

Me: mummy, daddy, how did you know the exact time to come.

Mummy: The holy spirit asked me to move, I had to call my in-laws to join us that all was not well. Your mom inlaw quickly confirmed it, she said she had not been able to sleep after praying for you and shes had the strong urge to come that same night and so we planned to meet and here we are.

Me: (to my pastor and his wife) so papa, mama, how did you know that we needed you?

Papa: Your mom called me up to come and they told me everything that has been going on .

Mama: Dani, you mean you’ve been going through all of this right from the day of your wedding till now and you didn’t open up to tell anyone?

Me:Mama, nobody needed to hear as long as God knows. I trusted Him to take charge.

Mama: Even when your husband beat you up till you lost a baby? You should have called me.

Isaiah: What? Lost a baby?/when? How?

Father inlaw: my son, am glad that finally you’ve come back to your senses. You owe this

woman a whole great deal. You almost destroyed her. I can tell you that in this our age there is non like her.

Mother inlaw: son mere words are not enough to say sorry to this woman that God gave to you, you owe her a great deal, you owe her mom and you owe her dad, weather you were in your senses or not, you’ve hurt this woman. She is a tare gem, a vitreous woman, a COMPLETE WOMAN!

I watched my husband come before me, I watched him kneel before me. I watched him cry, I looked into his eyes and I saw the love I saw the day I said yes. God knows my heart. He knows how much I love this man and he knows I already forgave him weather I say it or not.

Isaiah: My love please I am sorry. I dont even know how or where to start saying sorry, but please forgive me, I am sorry!

I cried, I cried but this time they were tears of gratitude to God, for restoring my home, for giving my husband back to me for exposing an unfriendly friend and most expecially for restoring my joy.

Me: I take you Isaiah, as my lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, for better and for WORSE, till death do us path. I forgive you my husband.

I hugged him and I knew that God has answered me and never again will the devil come into our lives. This is my husband and this is my home.


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