Mixed reactions as Jaymikee says ‘it is risky to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t have a superior he/she fears, honors and accountable to’

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has again shared another red flag that singles should look out for before committing themselves into any relationship.

In a tweet made few days ago, the gospel film editor said it is risky to be in a relationship with someone who dies t have a leader, mentor or anyone he/she honors and accountable to.

In a clearer terms, before you begin a relationship with anyone, it is wise to be sure such person has a superior whose duty is to guide and chastise when some situations arise.

“One of the easiest red flags to pick up before entering a relationship is when a person doesn’t have a mentor/leader/superior/father figure etc. if he has no one that he is accountable to, no one he honors, you’re at risk.”He tweeted

As expected, many of his followers disagreed with his opinion stating that the place of being genuinely saved cannot be substituted with having a mentor or leader.

See some reactions below;

Olamidipupo: First I really love your position on this. Because it’s multiple options you mentioned. So I totally agree.

Nwadike Deborah: That’s not a red flag

TAJ: My opinion to this If you’re not mature enough to handle a relationship without the involvement of third party Don’t start Mentor o, father figure etc are all third party Is it necessary in a relationship heading marriage? It’s gud to hav those things bt not a criteria 4 me

Mary Jesubande:A former church member of mine is suffering because of this. The woman complained about some things to our pastor and when she tried intervening, the man shut the pastor in question up, saying, no one is allowed to meddle in his family affairs.”

“How he treats his wife is no one’s business. She had an accident recently and the man did not even act like he saw anything, she was rushed to the hospital by neighbours/church members and recuperated on her own. This counsel right here is very very important”

Oluwadara Dafidi: You have said well… Although a man who is not genuinely saved, all this will only be a patch There has to be an accountability structure with a reliability that is at least above average for both gender. It may not exactly be any of these options stated Just in my opinion

BA: My own is, make the person get and listen to the Holy Spirit, period. Judas & John had Jesus, Reuben & Joseph had Jacob, Esau & Jacob had the same father. Let the person hear the Holy Spirit above all these. Other relationship would be birthed within Divinity.

Firstclassbizconcepts: “Very true but one-sided She should have a leader/superior/mother figure etc and should be accountable to someone… Most times we hold the men meanwhile the ladies have tiktok and twitter as their spice of relationship advice”

Migbassi: “An opinion and cannot be taken at face level. Even the so-called leaders and father figures of these days have questionable traits so who will acknowledge or listen to them?”

Solomon Ebenezer: “Hmm . This got me thinking for a second if I had one. But Thank God, I’m safe”