Why Christian artists should never desire to be in the Grammies – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

Following the just concluded 2023 Grammy Award Night, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, the son of Evang. Mike Bamiloye has reacted to the event via twitter noting that it was not deserving of Christian attendance let alone bagging awards.

The 65th annual Grammy Awards where artists are recognized and appreciated with awards for their contributions to the world of art. This year’s event was held yesterday 5th of February, 2023 at the crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

It was gathered that Sam Smith (An English Singer-Songwriter) staged a “Satanic Grammy Performance”. Sam Smith was confirmed to have performed in devil’s horns with dancers (strippers) in long red robes with long straight hair fawned around him in a ritual circle.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye responded by stating that Sam Smith’s performance is an example of what they do and that no believer should ever aspire to be a part of it.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye went on to say that the regulations of the event were stated by Sam Smith on stage and that they are nothing more than the spirit of Satan, the enemy of God.

As expected, a follower of Joshua Mike-Bamiloye identified as Henry Olonimoyo countered Joshua’s stand stating that Daniel (Bible Character) lived at the headquarters of Sorcery and was one of their advisers. He also mentioned that Joseph also communed with magicians in his own time therefore there is nothing too wrong associating with events like Grammy.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye who is never short of answers responded that the case of Joseph and Daniel were very different as they only severed in politics to make a change in the Kingdom of Babylon and Egypt respectively.

In his words; It gets more blatant each time. The reflection of what rules in their midst. Dare I say, there’s no real “heaven-mandate” reason why a child of God Christian would desire to be in the Grammies.

Dear Christian music artist, have a reevaluation of your stand and principles if the likes of the Grammies is (one of) goals and aspirations. Focus on the true goal, soul winning and glorifying God through your craft.

Henry Olonimoyo’ response; Let’s take it easy… Daniel was at the headquarters of sorcery… and was the most trusted adviser of at least 3 pagan kings. Joseph too, communed with magicians in his time. In the World but not of the World

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye; Not the same thing. Daniel’s case can be likened to being in politics, The helm of affairs of the kingdom of Babylon, same as Joseph but for Egypt. I get what you mean, but this is very different.

Daniel was ruler of the province of Babylon and chief prefect over the wise men Joseph became Chief Logistics Officer Esther was Queen These people, by God made impact through the “political” sector. I do get you sir, but this is not a proper comparison.

Daniel, Esther and Joseph were instrumental in a greater move that God wanted to bring about in their respective societies hence their position of leadership. When you apply for award shows like this, believe it or not, they’re impacting you more than you are impacting them

The aim of chasing a Grammy is basically to get recognized, appreciated and awarded (asides the financial benefits), which aren’t bad things, if you’re an artist by profession, kudos to you, but as a GOSPEL artist, your goals and priority must be different.

Seeing how we compare being at the Grammies to being in politics or taking over the entertainment mountain just showing how greatly we perceive it. It’s a music award show organized by a few people. God doesn’t need you to be in it before an impact can be felt. So Please… SEE A CLIP FROM THE PERFORMANCE