iPhone8 saga: ‘There are underlying issues, not just the phone’ – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye reacts

Controversies have trailed the reactions of the parents of a young TikToker identified as ‘Pretty Yoruba Girl’ after she posted a video of an aftermath of demanding an iPhone 8 as a birthday gift.

In the 3-minute video that went viral on Monday, she shared with the caption, “POV: Your birthday is coming, and as a responsible girl, you asked your dad for iPhone 8″ on the handle @pretty..yorubagirl_, the girl captured herself looking out of the window of a car and her father’s voice in the background reprimanding her for requesting an iPhone instead of focusing on her studies.

The father was heard suggesting that she may sell her body if she desired an iPhone, asserting that girls with such phones are morally corrupt.

He compared this with those pursuing a medical education who haven’t prioritized owning an iPhone, adding that his daughter’s focus on acquiring one before entering university is needless.

The dad further noted he had yet to see anything that showed his future was secured with her, while her mom agreed with her dad, brooding over the reason their daughter has chosen only to give them pain.

The mother also added she is so surprised that a pastor’s child is requesting such.

Meanwhile, the video has elicited diverse reactions across different social media platforms, with some antagonizing the girl’s action and others criticizing the parents’ inability to provide her with the phone.

How X users reacted to the video clip

A popular Disc Jockey, Dj Switch said,

“I just watched a video of a girl that asked for an iPhone and proceeded to record her parents’ response…hmmm. I can hear her parents’ concern and pain, but her countenance and actions say it all.

I heard that she’s yet to gain admission but is more interested in the iPhone. iPhone 8 for that matter. I think she should have held her parents at gunpoint and asked for an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Then I will know she’s serious.

“I have been saying this for a while now, I’m truly worried about our new generation of kids with all that we do online, all the crap we praise, and all the attention we give to BBL and the other set of ‘fakeness’ that has set the stage for this type of crap we see from our young ones. A word was enough for the wise, but the wise don scarce,” she added.

However, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye also added to the list of long reactions noting that it is wise to have the full picture of the situation and past events before concluding if the reason for her parent to decline such offer aggressively was justifiable or not even though he was not justifying her parents’ choice of words.

‘Not to justify the parents’ choice of words, but you see, wisdom strives to search for context and in this case, there seems to be a lot of it. If we can’t sense that it’s not just about the phone but several underlying issues among them, then I’m sorry…’ – He tweeted

Solomon Buch also reacted;

“If I had a 17 year old daughter and she demanded for iPhone while recording how I declined her demand, and was reprimanding her, I’ll seize the phone she has already.

And if you like start a GoFundMe to buy her an iPhone 20, I will seize it. Not in my house. Some of you have lost respect for parents. The audacity to even want to raise money for her to buy a phone that her parents don’t approve of. Are you that dumb?

Her parents sound pained that she doesn’t care about their struggles and how they’ll earn to pay her tuition.

That car rant showed a cumulative trend and frustration from the 17 year old and her parents, respectively. They went overboard with some utterances, but most times, parents communicate in pain and frustration because of how much they love us.

And I won’t be focusing on that, I’ll be focusing on the audacity the girl has to record her parents and post it. Do you know how disrespectful that it? That affirms that getting her an iPhone 8 will indeed spoil her.

Again, if this girl was my niece or daughter, I’m seizing the phone she used to record this. It’s not just about the money. Values matter. I don’t care how it’s done in the US, UK or Canada. They are Africans, and Africans have a way of parenting.

No responsible African parent will materially splurge on their child that’s yet to get into university.”

Another X user, @rutie_xx, said, “On top iPhone 8? Poverty is wicked.”

Adeleke, another user countered, @rutie_xx, saying, “It’s not poverty, if you impress your parents, they will do anything in their power for you. If you can buy the iPhone 8 for her in that situation, trust me you’re finished as a parent.”

Ultim8 said, “Wait pikin fail and her reward for failure is supposed to be iPhone 8? You know the work wey the papa dey do? You know the amount wey the papa dey pay as her school fee? She get mind o. For this economy?  You get phone, you still get mind dey ask for another phone after you fail?”

Owombre opined, “People are funny. Just saw a post where someone is offering iPhone 8 girl an iPhone 6, with the caveat, “If it’s not too small for her.”

“At this point, you guys should just buy her a new father. After all, why buy her an iPhone when she needs a new father more than that?”

Chris said, “This iPhone 8 ish has made me realize that I need to try my possible human best to guide and nurture my children into becoming therapists; it’s gonna become a highly lucrative industry soonest cos plenty of una children go dey damaged.”

In a diverse opinion, Deji declared, “On this iPhone 8 saga. You will never see a boy call out his parent like that. Just shows that men handle things better right? But why?”