How my parents found out I had a girlfriend – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye reveals (Video)

Popular gospel film editor and song maker, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye a.k.a Jaymikee has taken his followers down the memory lane as he shares some of his never-heard stories on his YouTube channel.

In the 31minutes video clip shared featuring his mom, Gloria Bamiloye where “parent & child’s relationship” matters were discussed together extensively, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye shared some his stories and also highlighted the lessons in it for both parents and children.

In the first session of the video, Mummy Gloria Bamiloye shared how ‘stubborn’ Joshua was compared to Damilola according to their school teachers’ reports when they were both in secondary school.

She said many of their teachers expected the same behavior from the two brothers since they were raised by the same parents and under the same roof.

She said immediately Damilola Mike-Bamiloye graduated from the school, she decided to take Joshua to another school to further his studies.

On getting to another school, the teachers discovered Joshua’s interest in Fine Art and music, and a close attention was paid to it to develop the embedded gift.

In a bid to get him well rooted in the path he preferred, the school extended Fine Art classes that should have ended in JSS 3 to SS 3.

Mummy Gloria noted that parents should pay close attention to their children’s interest and nurture it. She added that parents should never compare their children as each child has a special gift in them.

In the other session of the video, Joshua revealed he had his first relationship during his secondary days and was influenced by peer pressure.

According to him, puberty set in deeper when he got to SS1 and there was a huge difference in every part of his life that made girls who never found him attractive got attracted to him.

He revealed that he had some friends who forced him to consider a girl whom was assumed to also have fallen in love with him. For the sake of records, he decided to pen down every of his daily activities in a dairy.

After he had asked the girl out, he decided to also pen their journey in the diary.

He was surprised that his parents got hold of the diary and questioned every bit of ungodliness written in the book.

According to him, after Evang. Mike Bamiloye accessed the book which was found by Gloria Bamiloye which checking through his shelve, he called him for a discussion with the presence of his mom.

Mummy Gloria Bamiloye added that Joshua wasn’t beaten nor flogged, but was corrected in love and made see the dangers attached to the step he took.

She added that Joshua began to weep and asked God for forgiveness before they finished their discussion having realized his errors.

Mummy Gloria further noted that the correction was though considered simple but God deepened it in Joshua’s heart and he yielded to God.

Joshua also gave another instance when a girl wrote a love letter to him asking for a relationship.

Joshua said he showed his mom the letter and assumed it was going to end at the spot, but mummy Gloria took it up a bit and demanded Joshua meet with the girl and make her realize that what she demanded for was against God’s will.

Mummy Gloria concluded that parents and child’s relationship should be smooth such a way that a child should be able to open up to parents for godly counsel on temptation beckoning to them and seeking their fall.

She added that parents should also pay keen interest to gift of their children (individually). SEE VIDEO BELOW