Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye rates Jaymikee’s cooking skill after he served her breakfast in bed (VIDEO)

Joshua Mike Bamiloye, a renowned gospel film editor recently took to twitter to showcase his culinary skills by sharing the photo of the meal he served his wife, Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye while still in bed.

Sharing the photo of the meal, he noted that learning how to cook and make better meal is inevitable once a man marries a woman that deals with food and nutrition.

“When you marry a dietician, you learn their ways, Breakfast in bed by Chef JayMikee, Ps. Lulu was proud” – He captioned the photo of the meal.

Shortly after he made the first tweet, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye shared a video as an update capturing the moment his wife reviewed the meal, giving his cooking a commendable rating of 9 out of 10.

The wife’s voice was being heard in the video clip though her face wasn’t showing. The video was captioned ‘Update… My material is now 100 yards!’

According to Tolulope, Jaymikee’s cooking was good though the meal that was served were not made from the scratch, she said Jaymikee didn’t use pancake mix, though it tasted good and she’s proud of him.

He further asked what she will like to see or taste differently the next time he serves him breakfast in bed.

‘Less seasoning, the veggies, tea instead of water, or a glass of freshly squeezed juice’.

The couple’s interaction on social media garnered positive reactions from their followers, who praised the duo for their display of love and appreciation.

Gospelfilmsng captured some comments, see below

Tokjarre: My people my people ❤️ you see why you are our wonderful anchors

Omolaraayoola: Awwwwwwwnnnnn, thats my boy….. you are doing well

Seun Adejumobi: Agba Chef!

Inny noela: A finished man! It’s the smile for me

Officialdavidokoro: Which one is Lulu again?

Orjiprecious: I will marry right 😍 So beautiful to watch❤️

Onyegold: Another Lesson….. Seek ye first the kingdom of God even in the choice of a spouse and EVERY OTHER THING Breakfast in bed inclusive will be added😍😍😍 @jay_mikee 7.5/10✔️

Jay_Davee: Who said love is not sweet….. Papa Jay setting the pace