You are currently viewing “Be ready to be judged for everything you do” – Femi Adebile highlights some challenges that comes with greatness

“Be ready to be judged for everything you do” – Femi Adebile highlights some challenges that comes with greatness

The Director of Fejosbaba TV, Evang. Femi Adebile has highlighted some challenges that comes with greatness to prepare his social media followers who are aspiring that their successes are celebrated and their personalities get into limelight.

According to Femi Adebile, greatness comes with hatred, jealousy and enviness, and that is normal especially when one deviates from the norm to reach a height that no one ever prepared for.

He encouraged his followers to prepare to be judged for every step they take, fight battles from known and unknown, and even lose friends. He also advised them that even at the face of the challenges greatness may pull, they should remain focused and pay no attention to naysayers.

In his words;

Kai! Greatness is a burden and Stress, Greatness comes with attacks of all kinds, People questioning you why you should be great as if you made yourself great, Just like a light that cannot be put under a bushel. Everyone sees that light and questions the colour of the light, questions the location and all

Nobody researches failure but successes, Once you are becoming great, everything you do is bad, they question the kind of shoe you wear, they question the kind of cloth you wear, you try to give opinions and they call it pride!

Once you are great no one ask you why you do anything, they judge you immediately!, On every Mantle, there are battles, On every anointing, there are battles, Nobody cares about what you do behind, But they will Stone you for the result they see

If we saw what was embedded in Greatness maybe we would reject it!, Joseph never saw! David never saw! Greatness can weary one emotionally, You must give an explanation for being Great, Capacity! Capacity!! Capacity!!!

Remaining Great is difficult except for God’s mercy, I celebrate all our Great fathers and mothers, The Lord will keep you strong, All of we small boys who are smelling this thing, please let’s be prepared for it!

I know what am saying! Prepare!, You may not need to keep friends now because they will change when you ascend!

And you know what? Permit me to use this line! ITS REALLY LONELY AT THE TOP….. The key is close your ears and be focused, Good Morning

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