TEACHER CHUKS; Season 4 (Part 7&8) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 7
Opeyemi Akintunde

We had been tied to another stick and questioned about who sent us to spy on them. The man on the stick had been roasted completely beyond recognition.

“ Who sent you to spy on us?… The government?”

“ We are not spies… We lost our way…” I said

“ We were kidnapped and along the way, we escaped “ Rejoice said

The sight of the roasted man was a fearful one. I felt like throwing up…

“ Do you know why he was roasted?” The man who seem to be their chief spoke directing his question at us…

“ No….” I responded…

“ He told a lie and we cannot stand lies… so for the last time, Are you spies?”

“ No… we are not…” I replied…

A lady with very loud make up on her face walked up to Rejoice and I. She had a bowl of water in her hand which she brought in front of us… She placed the water in front of us and made some dramatic dance… Right there before us all, our journey of escaping from Jay was revealed in the water….

“ He says the truth….” the lady said…

“Thank you Jesus Christ!”I muttered and almost immediately the whole place shook.

“ Shut up, we say no such name here…” the chief said in anger as he rose up from the ground he had fallen to…

I was petrified… I knew their black garments had something to do with evil, but I never knew this sect was so evil to the extent of hating the name of Christ….

“ Loose them!” The chief said…

“ Welcome to the family” The chief said…

“ Which family?” I asked myself as I looked at the humans who looked like zombies. They all stood looking at the chief, both young and old. The only time they moved was when the earth shook…

“ Please sir, we are sorry for barging into your territory, please kindly let us go, I have a group of teenagers who will be disturbed right now. Some of them have no parents and I am their guardian, please in your kindness, let me go…”

“ No one comes here and leaves… Here are the rules….No s€xual int€rc0urse allowed in the household, except authorized for conception
No lies, No stealing, No…,”

The chief read out over 100 rules.

I was surprised at the rules. If not that, the man had banned me from calling the name of Christ, I would have thought it was a Christian setting.

Eventually, we were taken to a little hut. It was Meant for Rejoice and I.

I wondered if Rejoice and I were meant to sleep in the same room and not have s€xual int€rc0urse, but my conscience replied me.

“ Except you want to die!”

“ What kind of human beings are these?” Rejoice said as she sat on the bed…”We need to run out of here as Soon as everyone is asleep”

“ How?… these kind of people will have overnight watchmen…”

“ I will hypnotize them the way I hypnotized you and Sammy…” Rejoice said and she obviously did not realize how much she had said until she noticed the stare I gave her….

“ I am sorry, I needed to send him far away from us, because Jay could get us through his son!”

“You sent him away ? Rejoice What did you do? I asked angrily

“ I hypnotized you by making you go deep into sleep, while I controlled Sammy into walking away from us.”

“ Walking away from us?… Rejoice that is very wicked of you… You know what? it is technically over between us… I will find my way of escape from here without you…” I said as I walked away from her, stepping out of the room.

As I got out of the room, I met two men keeping watch…

“ No one is allowed to loiter around…” said one of the men…

I returned to the room in fear…. I laid on the bed that had been provided in the room with tears….

“ God! Why am I going through all these, I am sorry for what has happened, I am sorry for not sending Rejoice away the moment she came back….”

I must have slept off for few minutes, before I started feeling a hand carresing me. At first, I thought I was having a dream, but on opening my eyes, I saw Rejoice caressing me…

“ Are you mad?” I cursed in anger

“ No… I am starving… I do have s€x everyday so I cannot sleep until I have a climax….”

“ You are sick and you need help, you heard the rules, No s€xual immorality here….”

“ But why keep us in the same room?”

“ There are things we see with our eyes and despite being attracted to them we must learn to look the other way to preserve our lives… I really do not know who these people are, but they also know s€xual immorality is a terrible thing….”

“ It is not bad to me….” Rejoice said

“ Rejoice, as much as I don’t like the people here, I am shocked at how evil people sometimes know the right things to do… I don’t know what they are into, but they know spiritual secrets… They know s€xual immorality leads to death….”

“ How come I am not yet dead? I have had uncountable S€x in my short lifetime” Rejoice said nonchalantly

” Rejoice, if you don’t know any scripture in the Bible, you should remember the story about the forbidden fruit in the garden. It was right there in their faces, but God gave strict instructions for Adam and Eve not to eat it or else they die.. This is exactly what this looks or feels like, You are my forbidden fruit placed right in front of me, and since I don’t want to die untimely by roasting I must keep my s€xual emotions under subjection..,Keep whatever you are feeling under subjection”

“ I can’t Uncle Chuks…S€x controls me”

“ Then are you ready to be roasted alive?”

Rejoice looked at me straight in the eye with no answers to give, it was obvious she was scared. It then made me think that if God was killing people immediately after every s€xual sin, most people would have learnt how to discipline themselves….


Part 8
Opeyemi Akintunde

Rejoice maintained her cool after the realization of being roasted alive hit her… We both slept in peace.

In between my sleep however, I kept thinking about where exactly we were. All night I heard some people chanting and I wondered what it was all about…

By morning, the men came knocking at the door, telling us it was time for meditation… Rejoice and I went out really confused. To our utmost surprise, everyone was naked….

I almost screamed, Rejoice was bewildered as well. We were told to do same. There was a part of me that wanted to rebel , but a part of me forced me into obeying.

Rejoice and I joined the troop as we all sat in meditation form. Surprisingly, being naked didn’t look like a big deal to them… It seem like their minds had been conditioned to seeing each other’s nakedness as no big deal.

“ We serve the sun god and we control everything under the sun” the chief said

“ Civilization is a sin and we choose to stay true to ourselves…”

Different chants followed….

After about 10 minutes of chants, everyone stood up and started leaving for their rooms. The chief called me back…

“ You!….” I froze knowing it was me…. I walked back to him

“ It’s my daughter’s season of procreation, and she has chosen you to be the father of her unborn child”

I felt like a spear had been thrown at my heart…. I wondered if this was how I was going to lose my celibacy I had kept for three months….

“ Do you have a reason why you shouldn’t copulate with my daughter?”

I nodded my head wishing I could tell him I was HIV positive, but when he asked I said the plain truth…

“ I am a Christian and my faith does not permit me to have s€xual relations with a woman who is not my wife…”

“ We can arrange for a marriage”

“ I am already married to a woman and my faith does not permit me to be married to two women”

“ But you can divorce her here and marry my daughter “ The chief said thinking Rejoice was my wife

The chief was looking squarely at me, this was a case of forcing me to have s€xual int€rc0urse against my will…

“ It’s either you copulate with my daughter or die…” the chief said….“ So what is your answer?”

I stood there not saying a word, I looked at the daughter he was referring to, she shouldn’t have been more than 14 years old…. Invariably, the man was asking me to deflower his little daughter and by way of int€rc0urse get her pr€gnant….

“ Prepare the fire!” The chief said to the men around him…

“ Uncle Chuks do it, save your life !” Rejoice said as she saw how the men grabbed me and some other men were setting the fire to burn me to ashes…

“ I will rather die than disappoint God again” I said with a tone of finality though I had tears dropping down my face…

“ Nothing on the surface of this earth can ever make me commit s€xual immorality again. Whether willingly or unwillingly. No one can force me to commit immorality… You better kill me …” I said with a tone of finality

“ Stop!” The chief said and I felt he had a change of heart until I heard him say…

“ Triple the fire…” I heard the chief say and truthfully I saw the men adding more wood and fuel to the fireplace.

“ God is this how I will end my life? please forgive me, I know you gave me a second chance but I blew it by entertaining Rejoice back into my life, please save me Lord…” I cried aloud in my heart to the Lord

As I drew near the fire, I felt the reality of the fire… My faith weakened, fear gripped my heart… I realized dying wasn’t an easy thing to do….

I turned back to deny my faith….”Just one S€xual Sin could be forgiven” I told myself as the fear of death was too real….



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