©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

.We stayed with Margaret at the hospital for some hours. She had Diamond through ceasarian Operation, so she had to stay back at the hospital while we all went home except her Step Mum…

When we got back home, I resumed my wifely duties I had not been doing for a long time. I was ready to play the fool BIG TIME…I informed Isokene I was back, you can imagine her scream.

Throughout that day, I made different dishes, I even made the local pepper soup for new mothers for Margaret. By the next morning I sent the maid and the driver to take it to her.

Emerald and Gold insisted they were going with them to see the baby, which I agreed to.

When they had left, I became bored so I decided to check if there were other chores I could do. I checked the laundry room and saw a lot of Margaret’s and Henry’s washed clothes but yet to be ironed. I guessed the Maid had a lot on her hands…

I decided to have them ironed, that was part of playing the fool. I had ironed few of Margaret’s cloth, I was ironing Henry’s shirt when I heard his voice behind me…

“If you had this little time for me about a year ago, maybe all these won’t have happened” he said

“I am sorry” was all that came from my mouth…

At that same instant, a text entered my phone…Henry picked up my phone….

“Hmmm…… Mr Gbesan… Who is Mr Gbesan? never heard his name before” I was about to collect my phone from him, but he dodged playfully.

“ I have to read this, so I know if I have a rival I need to contend with” he said smiling

I tried collecting my phone from him, but he had started reading…

“You have not been picking my calls since yesterday Betty, I have been wondering maybe I should have made love to you, maybe it won’t have been this easy for you to forget me, I miss you and the kids, Is your husband treating you well?….If not my offer still stands, I will love to marry you. please reply me”

I didn’t know what to expect from Henry , so I stepped back a little

“Hmmmm I believe that must be the man with the fancy car that was flashing his lights at you yesterday…” he asked raising his eyebrow

“He is a widower, he is just my friend…I…”

I said trying to explain things to him, but instead I received a slap…..

No!, Just kidding!

That was what I thought Henry was going to do, So I was busy trying to explain that nothing had happened between us, instead he walked closer to me, and placed his fingers on my lips….

“Sh….SH… old things are passed away, I don’t need your explanation, go and do your confession to the pastor, You are a beautiful woman, so I don’t expect men not to ask you out… So once again I am saying it , I don’t need to hear your confessions, tell it to a pastor who is ready to listen”…he said jokingly and he continued

“I just need you to reply him of how well I am treating you the moment I have treated you so nicely”Henry came really close like he had a mission

“I miss you…Betty”…I was breathing so heavily, but the next 30 mins of my life in the laundry room was the best treatment I had received in a long time, if you understand what I mean… I had gotten my husband back, but I just needed the mistress completely out of our lives….

The next three months were the best time of my life, Henry spent more time in my room and I won some major battles but something happened that changed everything… I received a phone call….

“She is what?” I asked the doctor very confused… the doctor was telling me, Gold was pregnant, I felt my world was crashing, the past three months had been fantastic, we were living like a happy family, though it was three people in the marriage instead of two.

To think that before this sad news I had fought some major battles and won, this news was a joy spoiler…. Part of the battles I had won was that, Margaret’s step mother had confessed to witchcraft and this had brought about a huge miracle….

What Miracle?

Let’s rewind a bit, I guess I am jumping some important details… Let me explain in detail how all that happened, before writing about Gold’s Pregnancy.

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“She is what?” I asked the doctor very confused… the doctor was telling me, Gold was pregnant, I felt my world was crashing, the past three months had been fantastic, we were living like a happy family, though it was three instead of two.

I had fought some battles and won….

Part of the battles I had won was Margaret’s step mother had confessed to witchcraft….

Let’s rewind a bit……let me take it slow and steady before talking about Gold’s Pregnancy.

After Margaret had her baby, her step mother officially started living with us in the name of trying to take care of the Baby and Margaret but one day the maid, Idara said something very strange while we were cooking…

“Mummy, Diamond would have died if not for you ma, honestly you are strange ma.. I give it to you that you are a genuine Christian, you love and pray for your enemies”

I was confused….

“Mummy, I am a witch” She said smiling

The knife in my hand fell…

“Not to worry ma, I can’t hurt you, you have fire all over you…but the love in your heart has won my heart and I am willing to help you, even though I know I will get whipped at the next witches meeting for doing this, but if only there was much love like yours in the world, evil won’t prosper this much….” Idara said as she continued chopping the onions

“You are a witch?’ I asked again

“Yes, I got initiated by my grandmother, and I have been in it for 12 years, so I know my way around” She said boastfully like being a witch was a good thing…

“But you can be saved” I said trying to help this girl out of her ignorance

“Saved? I am far from salvation, Ma do you know how many human blood I have drank, I have done a lot of evils” She said and I could sense a little bit of regret in her voice

“But you didn’t do it intentionally, you were initiated…Idara, do you know that God is a Merciful God, in the old testament, God instructed the isrealites to build cities of refuge where people who unintentionally killed people could hide and not get punished for murdering people but Now, we are in the new testament era, where Jesus Christ is our refuge, Idara, you can get refuge in Christ Jesus, you can see him as your city of refuge and he will keep you from getting punished for your witchcraft killing which you did under witchcraft influence, all you need to do is to genuinely give your life to Christ , and locate a real deliverance church for your total deliverance”

“I could die” She said

“Not if you hide in Jesus, our city of refuge…” I said

“hmm…mummy, this is exactly why I want to help you, you have too much love in your heart”She said

“You see Ma, Margaret is not the enemy, her step mother is the one manipulating her, Margaret is like a tied goat in the hands of her step mother, who gives her food, yet ties her down.
The Step mother was the one who killed her first husband, and pushed her into this error of being a second wife. She is hell bent on making Margaret’s life hell… For days, she has been trying to kill the baby, she even asked for my help ..but the fire you have put around that boy is too much… I have been surprised at how much you pray for your rival’s son”

“Wow…Now I see why God told me to pray for Margaret” I murmured under my breath

“What did you say ma?” Idara asked

“Nothing…I mean…Excuse me…”

I left the kitchen and went into my room literally shaking …

Emerald and Gold had returned to school for their exams, they had missed a lot, but the school agreed that they could come write their promotion exams to the next class, so I was alone with Idara at home. Margaret and her step mum had taken Diamond for his immunization.

As I sat alone in my room, I reflected on what Idara had said, no wonder Margaret had a good heart, she was just a victim, no wonder Margaret’s step mum was always leaving the Living room anytime I came around, I thought it was just a form of respect…

So Margaret was under manipulation by her step mum. She didn’t want a good life for her….

The prayer points started pouring out of my hearts, thanks to Men of God, like DR. D.K Olukoya who I had read His books on Spiritual Warfare, it was time to fire Prayer…. I was angry at the level of wickedness, doing evil to a person and yet befriending that person….

What got me more angry was the realization that my family was just caught up in the battle we know nothing about… Margaret’s step mum was punishing my family in order to punish Margaret….I started screaming….

“You the power that is energizing the strange woman against me and my marriage die in Jesus name

Powers punishing me as a way of punishing someone else be disgraced in Jesus name

The evil back bone of the strange woman, I break you in Jesus name….

My father, my father, I begin to uproot the love of Margaret from my husband’s heart and I begin to uproot the love of my husband from Margaret’s heart. God, the original man you have in mind for Margaret, that the household enemies are blocking her from accessing, let him locate her….

Wherever, the husband of Margaret is, whether in the north, east, west, south, let him locate her. If he is outside the country, let him find her speedily….

I got angry in my spirit, as I realized my family was just a victim, Margaret was the real person the step mum was dealing with…

That meant if only some single ladies or widows or divorcees knew that being the side chic, mistress or second wife was actually becoming less of what God originally had in mind for them, many will spend their time praying more than scheming their ways into the heart of another woman’s husband ….

I prayed night and day and gradually I was seeing the effect…Margaret and henry were not seeing eye to eye over issues, it seem like Margaret was getting tired of Henry. I caught the step mother eyeing me on several occasions but I cared less.

There were times Margaret threatened Henry she was leaving and Henry told her to go ahead, but the step mum was always settling their quarrel.

I intensified my prayer one night, and suddenly, we all started hearing the step mum, shouting from her room.

When we all got to her room, which was Emerald’s room, the elderly woman said, the entire room was too hot despite the air conditioner that was turned on. That was when she confessed to witchcraft and said she could no longer stay in our house….She confessed to killing Margaret’s first husband and how she had made Henry fall in love with Margaret….

She said she got to know about Henry when he called Margaret asking about her wellbeing. She said she had projected Margaret’s love in his heart, making him think about Margaret affectionately…

Margaret wept as she kept cursing and literally beating the woman. She called the real daughter of the woman, who came to pick her up…

Without Margaret saying anything to Henry and I, by the next morning She packed some of her things and called a friend to pick her up.

Henry did not object one bit, even though she was going with Diamond.

He kept to himself all through the night and after Margaret left I went into his room…

I met him crying….

“I knew it, Betty, I knew something was wrong, I love you too much to want to wrong you”

“We all had a part to play, if I had not neglected my role as your wife, I would have been sensitive to know when you were getting close to her, Henry, we will pick up the pieces of our lives back”…. I encouraged him

That was the first time I got back my smile , as l laid my head on his chest, I smiled with all of my heart for the first time in a very long while…. God had restored my smile


My Smile was shortlived, because I didn’t realize, It wasn’t over….

The next day was when I received a call from Gold’s school…

Can you see how God got the mistress TEMPORARILY out of my home, but I had to face the consequences of my few minutes of impatience of trying to get even with my husband….

A lot more still happened…