©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde

I felt my prayers had been answered. I got home and started worshipping God. I was glad He became my husband even when my husband deserted me.

I put a call through to my Earthly Father. Ever since I got the phone I spoke to my father frequently. That helped me grow more Spiritually, in fact, days before the miraculous happening, my father and I had prayed for 2 hours over the phone at midnight thanks to the free calls given by the telecommunication company.

One of the prophecies, my father had declared was that in God raising Pemisire, he would raise me, but I must be ready to raise Pemisire well…

With the excitement that God was already raising Pemisire, I put a call through…

“ Hmmm… that looks like the hand of God, but is it time for that now?” My Father replied

“ I don’t understand Father!” I said as my heart started racing…

“ I don’t know if this Word is meant for you, this morning I kept hearing in my Spirit “Elizabeth hid herself for 6 months”, that is Elizabeth nurtured and hid the baby John for six months of conception. Abigail, I will suggest you still work on Pemisire for a little more time before you return him to school. Nurture him well, input what you want him to have, if possible homeschool him for the 6 years of his primary education…”

“ Baba Mii, he won’t have any form of interpersonal relationship…”

“No, that depends on you! Build a learning system for him that will involve an interpersonal relationship with people and Most importantly there is a part of Pemisire I believe you are yet to see. Abigail, I know what it feels like… I know you want your life back and pursue your dream of becoming a lawyer, but relax and show God that you are faithful in the little he has placed in your hand, so he can commit much more in your hands….”

I wept after that heart to heart discussion with my father. I knelt before God and I cried to the Almighty God…

“ Father, I don’t know why of all people you would give me a son like Pemisire. I have prayed and checked within myself. I didn’t live a sinful life while growing up, I got married as a virgin, but yet I thought I will live a better life. My husband left me because of this child. Lord, I am about to serve you by raising Pemisire the best I can, Lord do not let my efforts be a waste. Bring something great out of Pemisire. Let his name reflect in his life. Let Him be called for great things.

Today, I  commit myself to serve you through this child, I know at some point I thought he was your creation mistake but now I know he is a deliberate work of art. Help me Oh Lord….”

As I raised my head,  I was surprised at who I saw standing at the door…


©️Opeyemi O. Akintunde


I sat outside our house playing with some of the neighbors’  children. Emeka started warming up to me from the moment he saw me in his school and in no time other kids did same.

A man walked in, he looked familiar but I couldn’t place where I knew him from. My eyes saw who he was.

He was an old looking worn out rat, that had a lot of wounds on his body. Over his shoulder was a rope that dragged a truck load of garbage after him.

“ Hello Children…please I…” The man on seeing me took a pause . He then said

“ You must be Pemisire?”

“ Yes, his name is Pemisire” Emeka answered on my behalf

“ Hello, can I see your Mummy? I am your Daddy!” I kept on looking at him without saying a word.

“ You are Pemisire’s Daddy…., His mummy is in their house” Lucky said pointing out apartment to the man.

“ Thank you!”

The man walked towards our apartment. He opened the door and went in. I became very uncomfortable with the fact that he had brought refuse and garbage along with him. Ordinarily I would have helped him remove him, but I was angry at him. Mother had told me once in the fit of anger that my father abandoned her Because of me…



“What are you doing here?” I asked GBENGA.

“I am sorry Abigail”

“ Sorry? it’s been how many years 3,4,5,6 years and you just came back saying sorry.. besides who told you about My whereabouts?”

Pemisire walked in looking very angry. Without saying a word, he took a piece of paper and drew a big rat carrying a truckload of garbage. He had wounds all over his body. Right in front of it, he wrote HIM.

I took it from him but I didn’t understand it one bit. Out of desperation to pass his message across, he took the paper from me and started drawing animals with people’s names in front of it… From myself, Him , Mrs Ayomide, Miss Sandra, Beatrice and others…

I was able to discern what he meant but that was an amazing gift he had… He was telling spiritual things through the characters of animals. GBENGA was a rat, which depicted poverty and he was carrying a lot of trash. Immediately, in the midst of everything that was ongoing, my mind flashed back to the driver of the tricycle, it seem Pemisire saw something… I ignored GBENGA who was standing and I focused on Pemisire.

“Pemisire, That man you hit his head in the tricycle, what did you see on the man…?” I waited anxiously to know if Pemisire seeing the invisible things was part of the gift God had given him.”

“ Yessss… there werrrre antssss on his head.”

“Oh my God, I was living with a prophet and I didn’t know!” I exclaimed

“ Oh God forgive me, no wonder you hid him in an unlikely vessel so that the evil ones will not spot him quickly…” I said loudly….Suddenly I remembered GBENGA who was still standing in the door way.

“GBENGA, I don’t know what happened overseas that made you come back to me, but what ever it is , I don’t care. Get out of my house.” I said

“ I was deported. I thought I would be able to get my papers but I couldn’t “

“ Well congratulations…but I don’t have space for you here.”

“ I brought him back to be your support in raising Pemisire. I frustrated his efforts over there so he can be of help to you.” I heard those words loud and clear in my heart…

“ No…!” I screamed very unhappy…

“ Mama..” my son ran towards me…