Opeyemi Akintunde

“Can the ways of Islam be a wrong way of looking at Allah? Is it possible Sheikh has taught us the wrong way of looking at Allah?” Fuad thought on his bed. In the room he was sharing with about 15 other boys, sleep was far from him. Ishmael’s words had sent him into a deep thought. Ishmael was right about the scripture he had quoted. Killing innocent people was against what was written in the Qu’ran. Fuad did a thorough thinking on the killings in the history of Islam. He realized most of it was in self-defense and it was during War…

“But these Christians are not waging war against us, infact they are peaceful people.” He looked around the room to some of the boys sleeping. Some of them had chatted with him during the day and he found them interesting. He didn’t have friends outside the camp, he could count the few times he had gone out of the camp. It was the times he went with his father to meet some Islamic businessmen, who were also strong advocates of Jihad. Fuad began to reflect back on some of the meetings; the discussions…


“Mallam Al’Qazim, we want your country to be dominated by Islam, that way the people will be of one voice and the rulership will be under our control. You know Islam is all about submission, once we get all the Christians subdued and converted, they will learn the art of submission. Islam is the religion that doesn’t question authority, so we can use it to our own advantage…” Fareed had said at the meeting

“Yes Sheikh Fareed, we are doing all we can to Islamize my continent. The fund that was released to us 3 months ago, went far into mobilizing more Allah Soldiers. We gave them the assurance that if they died while fighting for Allah, their families will be well taken care of. We are starting from the Northern side of my country. Gradually, the fear of being butchered is making most of the Christians surrender to Islam.” Mallam Al’Qazim had said

“Allahu Akbar…” Fareed said. “This will be good news to the ears of our sponsor. I see the future, where the whole world will be Islamized and with that there will be submission and control.” Fareed had said


Fuad snapped out of his reflection in fear and deep realization of the truth, this was the first time he was analyzing the motive behind his Father’s craze for Jihad. It was for economic power and dominion…That meant Islam was not the problem, his father was; he was practicing it in a way that benefited him and some unknown people he called his Sponsors….

“No… I cannot Kill these innocent students… they are peaceful people and they have not waged war against me” Fuad thought silently

“But you know the consequences of not doing what your father sent you to do here?” A second voice said to him

He knew what that meant! Sheikh Fareed while training Fuad on how to burn down the building had told him if Ishmael was proving uncooperative, Fuad was to kill him…

“Fuad, show no mercy to Ishmael if he is merciful to the Kafir (infidel), because in Jihad, even if your family member is the enemy, you kill them. That is to say Fuad, even if it is you that stands as the enemy, I will kill you!” Fuad remembered his Father’s words…

“Hmmm…” Fuad sighed as he wasn’t ready to die. He was the only son of his mother among the wives of Sheikh Fareed.

He laid back on the bed unable to sleep, because he knew according to the plan; Mrs Wright was going to bring in a bag of provisions the next day.

However, the contents was not going to be totally provisions but explosives-making chemicals like pool sanitizers, fertilizers, and paint removers, carefully put in soda drink bottles.

“Allah, please if it is not your will for me to do this, come to my aid, don’t let Mrs Wright come here tomorrow…” Fuad said silently

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Hey brother, wake up, it’s time for devotion.” Fuad heard someone tapping him from sleeping…

“Allahu Akbar!” was the first word that popped out of Fuad’s mouth. This was something his mother had taught him from childhood…

Everyone in the room looked strangely at him including Ishmael. Ishmael froze on one spot. He feared their cover was about to be blown…

“It’s Okay people, old habits don’t die easily. Ezekiel, it should be “Halleluya” from now” Robert, the room prefect said…

“Ok…” Fuad Said… “Thank you!”

Everyone went about their businesses.

Ishmael walked close to Fuad and whispered

“That was close, I suggest we leave here before our cover is blown” Ishmael said

“And have me or my mother killed or have your parents killed?” Fuad Said.

Before Fuad finally gave way to sleep, he counted his cost and he wasn’t sure he was ready to sacrifice the lives of his mother and himself for the students he didn’t have any connection with. Although, there was a part of him that knew what he was asked to do was wrong but fear of death got him.

“You still want to go ahead with this evil plan… Did you even think about all I said…“ Ishmael said

“I did and truly at first I saw your point but I thought of what my father would do if I fail him. I will die.”

“We don’t have to return to the camp, we can escape and start a good life” Ishmael said and Fuad laughed. By this time they were getting close to the Hall for the Morning devotion…

“Do you know my father? If we don’t do it, he will find someone else to do it, and then he will track us down, kill us and anyone associated with us. He once told me, the reason he has a lot of wives and children is so that if he loses some of his children to war, he will have others as consolation, so getting rid of me won’t hurt him one bit.” Fuad said

“Praise God!” Said Robert the room prefect. He was the one leading the devotion for the day. The Patron, Mr Gogo was standing beside him.

“Halleluya!” All the students chorused

Followed was few minutes of Praise & Worship which Ishmael and Fuad found fascinating. They saw how the Students were all joyful and happy. The Praise session was Fun for the students. Fuad and Ishmael had never seen or felt anything close to what they were experiencing. Their Islamic service was usually simple & sober. Besides, in their three months training back at the camp, they had been taught almost all the popular Christian praise songs; they learnt it like anthems, therefore seeing the way the students sang it with meaning, understanding and excitement gave it a different feel.

“Come on brother…” Robert said pulling Fuad away from Ishmael. The students were doing the 360 Halleluya dance, where they all danced in circles shouting Halleluya…

Fuad found himself smiling whenever Robert jabbed his side playfully.


“For God so loved the World that He gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins… As a Muslim, we were taught that though Jesus was truly a prophet, he didn’t die to save the World, but one day, I had a dream where I saw Jesus. He appeared to me and told me to follow him. I told my mother about it, who begged me to keep it a secret. I couldn’t and that led me into trouble… My father swore to kill me if I didn’t leave his house. I left home 2am in the morning, but as I was leaving, it dropped in my heart to check on the Internet if there were organizations that helped Muslims-turned Christians. That was how I found Mrs Wright online and the rest is history…” Fuad said during the devotion. Robert had called him to share his salvation story, but as Fuad had been trained, he recited all they had been taught to say.

“Halleluya!” Robert screamed

“Glory!” All the students chorused

“We thank God for salvation, tomorrow we will be listening to Brother Peter’s salvation story too… We are so happy brothers. We assure you God has got your back! We love you brothers!” Robert said and followed was hugs, handshakes from different students. Ishmael felt loved, he couldn’t help but break down in tears…Life on the camp was not this close… Everything was all about rules, rules and rules. They lived in fear more than Love. Something touched his heart…

“It’s Okay brother… “. Robert patted him in the back “Jesus has got your back”

Ishmael’s tears was caused by two factors. One, Love among brothers melted his heart and Two, he was thinking about how he was going to feel few days from that time, when all these people he had hugged would be dead because of him and Fuad…


“Are we still going to do this?” Ishmael asked as soon as he had Fuad alone to himself at the Food Hall during breakfast


“Even after that morning devotion, Fuad! Didn’t you feel anything? How can we kill these people who have shown us love…?”

“Ishmael, What do you want me to do?” Fuad said raising his voice, though His eyes were misty. “Ishmael, do you think I don’t have a conscience or that this is easy for me? This war is more than us, if we don’t do it, they will die anyway, my father will send someone else and eventually my mother and I will be killed. You and Your parents will be killed as well. Meaning we will eventually lose on both ends. So tell me, doesn’t it make sense for me to lose on the part that will have less impact on me. I don’t know these students, but I know my mother.” Fuad said

Ishmael gave silence its place as he thought about it as well. Who was more important to him; the Christian students who have showed him love in less than 24 hours or his Muslim parents Amid and Rokibah who picked him up as a little child who was lost during a religious war and had showed him love in the best way they could? Who was more important to save?



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