Opeyemi Akintunde

The whole University was in a massive uproar, the students were hiding, trying to save their innocent lives as Fareed had invaded the premises with other members of the Islamic brotherhood society. Fareed was One of Farouq’s contact.


Farouq was in the gathering of 49 men he met months back. They called themselves “The Islamic Brotherhood”. They had approached him 3 months earlier at the market where he went to shop for his wife, Shuba…

“As- Salaam – Ailakum” Said one of the three men to Farouq. They looked polished and clean. Their appearance showed they were clean and responsible Muslims. Farouq after a brief moment responded…

“Wa- Ailakum -Salaam” Farouq replied…

“Brother, we come in peace, we belong to an Islamic society and looking at you, you look like someone who will fit in with us. Our vision is to take over this country for Allah and we need as much soldiers as possible. Here is our contact and our proposed plan. Please you are not to share with anyone, not even your wife. If you are interested, please reach out to us…” Said the man….

Farouq didn’t get back to them as he wasn’t ready to join a society that told him not to discuss their dealings with his wife Shuba but on hearing Amid’s voice he knew that was the time to use that contact….

He had called them before going to meet them physically….

“Hello, my name is Farouq, you met me at the market three months ago, and you…” Farouq was saying but Fareed the receiver cut in

“We know who you are, it took you a long time to make up your mind…” Fareed was saying but Farouq cut in…

“Yes, but right now I need your help, my brother is being victimized by a Christian institution and from what he told me now over the phone, they have hijacked his son…” Farouq said in a rush

“Brother Farouq, can you be calmer and explain things better, besides what do you want us to do?” Fareed said

“I thought you were a brotherhood who could help Muslims when one needed help”

“Yes, but you are not a member yet!”

“Prove to me that this membership will be worth it by helping my brother now!” Farouq said raising his voice…

“Is your brother the one being show on National T.V in front of the Christian University?”


“Ok first things first, You need to come over to where we are.” Fareed said

“Where?” Farouq asked

Farouq went to the Warehouse Address that was located in the quiet countryside of the city…



About 40 masked men with arms surfaced suddenly, the anti-terrorism squad took to their heels as they had been outnumbered…

“Allahu Akbar!” (God is the greatest) was the loud phrase the 40 men were shouting. As Amid saw what was happening, he knew he had made a mistake by calling Farouq…As he suspected, he noticed one of the masked men reached out to him and his wife…

“You must be Amid and Rokibah?” He asked. Amid nodded and with a gentle push, he pushed them into a waiting black SUV…

“My baby…” Rokibah was saying “Won’t I get my baby back?”

The driver of the SUV sped off.

Rokibah kept crying profusely… Amid was blaming himself. He felt he should have just taken the letter in good faith and went home. The gunshots and uproar won’t be happening!

“My goodness, Allah please don’t let there be bloodshed today because of me…” Amid prayed quietly

Amid watched as people were running across the street for shelter… And by a corner as the driver took a bend, he saw a little boy about the age of Ishmael crying as he saw the uproar happening all around him.

The boy looked half black half white. He was an half caste… Amid watched as a stray bullet hit a man just about 2 meters away from the boy…

“Driver, please stop…” Amid said the driver didn’t Answer Amid.

“Brother, I am directed to take you to the camp.” The driver said

“Allah forgive me for the lie I am about to tell!” Amid said under his breath

“I think I just saw my missing son… please stop the vehicle… please, I beg you in the name of Allah!” Amid said, knowing that no Muslim would turn you down when you beg for a Favour in the name of Allah.

Rokibah on hearing that Amid could have seen Ishmael joined in begging the man in the name of Allah…

“Please Sir, listen to the cry of a mother, in the name of Allah!” Rokibah said

The driver stepped on the brakes…


“Some minutes back!”

The driver engaged the reverse gear and drove the car backwards….

“That’s him…” Amid said alighting and rushing to carry the boy…

As soon as Amid brought the boy back into the car, Rokibah cried out in disappointment…

“This is not my child!” Rokibah cried…

Opeyemi Akintunde

“This is not my child” Rokibah said disappointedly

“I know Rokibah, but we can’t leave this poor boy out there! What if someone else sees our own son too, will you be happy if they leave him to die?” Amid said

“I suggest you drop the boy back! His disappearance could be traced back to you and that could turn everything against you!” The SUV driver said

“Sir, I will NOT drop this child and let him die… He is an innocent boy just like my missing son is, I won’t let him be a victim in this religious war…” Amid said as he tried to calm the little boy in his hand. Rokibah was not interested in carrying the baby, she was yearning for her own son…. Her wailing continued like a woman who had lost her husband….

“My Ishmael.. Where is my Ishmael?”

The driver knew there was no convincing Amid. He shook his head and sped off…

Peter was running helter Skelter, running around looking for his Son. Everyone was getting into each other’s Way.

He began to see dead bodies dropping in the school compound…

“My God, I hope I didn’t go too far in obeying you. Your word says we should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. I was only trying to obey you… Father please forgive me and stop this bloodshed… God, where is my child. I can’t lose Isaac also… Please ….”

“Peter! Can you see what you made us do?” Ryan said on seeing Peter

“I am sorry, I didn’t know it would escalate to this. Ryan, I can’t find my son!”

“Isaac? How?” Ryan replied “ I saw his school bus entering the university premises earlier. Where is he?”

“ He was right beside me….” Peter said stuttering

“Let’s look around for him!” Ryan said

As Peter and Ryan looked around for Isaac in the midst of the madness, Ryan received a phone call…

“The Chancellor!” Ryan said very shocked with fear and dread written all over him….

By the time Ryan had completed the call, Peter knew the best thing for him and his family was to leave town immediately. Ryan had put all the blame on him explaining the whole situation in a way that implicated Peter. Peter knew he could not go to Prison.

But, that was after he had found Isaac…

Five hours later, the street was empty, everyone had gone into their homes for safety as dead bodies of Christians littered the street… Peter was the only one loitering around, tears found its pathway on his face… He had walked to the south, west and North areas around the school looking for Isaac. He must have walked half a mile to the east of the school with no sign of Isaac, when he heard the sound of a crying child…

The Child had been abandoned…

The car hijacker who stole Rokibah’s car had been tracing the car from a shopping plaza Rokibah stopped to get groceries earlier. He had seen her pulling out of the parking lot of the Plaza. The Car was a recent release. It was worth a lot of millions. The Car hijacker had followed her closely on his bike with the hope of hijacking the vehicle on a lonely road. As soon as he saw her pull up in front of the University and she got down without turning off the engine, he knew he could catch this big fish. He parked his bike far away and walked towards them. He saw the anti-Terrorism squad driving towards the school. He almost pulled back in fear, but he refused to be cowardly.

He noticed whatever was happening with the woman and the anti-terrorism squad was the right distraction he needed. Like a rightful owner of a vehicle, he walked to the vehicle and in the split of a second, he got in unnoticed and as he turned back to reverse the car. He saw the baby, Ishmael…

“No…Damn!” He cursed

He couldn’t afford to alight from the vehicle as it would attract unnecessary attention… He decided to take the baby along. He could use the baby as a good disguise. He sped off with no one noticing his disappearance.

After driving for 10 minutes, he heard the news over the radio about the missing car… The plan as usual was to find a hidden place where he could change the plates… As he drove he started looking out for the right place, which he eventually found in between a broken down building and a pharmacy that had been shut down for selling fake drugs.

He conveniently parked the vehicle where his acts would be hidden from the public eye. He changed Rokibah’s plates to his registered plates.

“The baby!” He had thought silently. He quickly took the boy out of his car seat and placed him on the bare floor with some of his toys.

“Bye Baby… Your parents will definitely find you!”


A hurting Peter moved closer to the baby and picked him up…

“If this is Isaac, I will want someone to help me keep him safe.” Peter said as he picked up Ishmael while still looking for Isaac….

Meanwhile, Amid was rocking Isaac to sleep in the Unknown House the brotherhood driver had taken him and Rokibah to….

If Only the two men knew they were caring for the son of the other person….though there was a big problem, Rokibah didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby. She could tell by the look of the baby, he must be a Christian baby…



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