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“Can you have a rethink about this whole thing, we don’t have to destroy innocent people again?” Amid pleaded. He had lost the Original Ishmael, and he couldn’t afford to lose this one he had trained into a fine young man he was proud of.

“No, what I have said is final but to assure you that your son will be fine, My Son Fuad, will be going with him. They will both disguise as New Christian converts who have been disowned by their parents.”

“Isn’t that us telling lies…” Amid said

“If for the sake of upholding Islam and fighting for Allah, we tell lies, Allah will forgive us. Remember we are the Soldiers of Allah and Jihad is what is demanded of us…” Fareed said but Amid raised his eyebrows in a disagreeing manner. “I can see you still don’t buy into this vision.” Fareed said

“You know, I have never been in support of your definition of Jihad.. War destroys, it doesn’t bring about peace…” Amid said

“There can’t be peace in this world if we have several religions. Only one World religion can create peace in this chaotic world and that is the agenda, to convert everyone to Islam and those who are not willing will be killed. It is the holy War…”Fareed said

Amid knew there was no point arguing with Fareed. He was going to have a heart to heart talk with his son. Thankfully, he had his own apartment…

Rokibah unlike Roseline was the one instigating Ishmael (Formerly Isaac) against the Christians. She still blamed the entire Christian body for the loss of her son…In Fareed’s camp, women were saddled with the responsibility of indoctrinating the children.

“But Mama, Papa says Jihad is not meant to be a violent war like Sheikh Fareed is preparing us for. He said the word Jihad does not mean holy war, but it literally means to struggle or strive. He says it a broad Islamic concept that includes struggle against evil inclinations within oneself. Struggle to improve oneself or the society or struggle in the battlefield….He said my Jihad can be to work hard and raise Children that fears Allah.”

“ But… at least he told you Jihad is also to struggle in the battlefield…” Rokibah cut in

“For self-defense…” Amid cut in as he walked in…

Rokibah stood up in anger. Bitterness had beclouded her judgement just like Peter and she wanted nothing more than the extermination of the Christians…

“Welcome Papa.” Ishmael said

“Thank you my son… The radical Jihad concept is an extremist concept. Besides, the time the Quran was written was a time plagued with wars and battles. Therefore when wars are being mentioned in the Quran, it was as a result of what was prevalent then. In our present day, War is no more prevalent, people are learning to live in peace, therefore, it makes no sense for people to still believe in Wars and battles…“ Peter said

“Papa, can there ever be peace between the two religions?” Ishmael asked

“Yes, My Son that is my earnest prayer…Do you know that the Father of Islam, Ishmael was given birth to by the same Father who gave birth to Isaac of the Christians, We know him as Prophet Ibrahim ( Peace be unto him) while the Christians know him as Father Abraham, that is to say our ancestors were brothers of the same father…” Amid said

“ Yes Father, I remember… Prophet Abraham ( Pbuh) had two sons; His sons, Prophet Ismail (Ishmael) and Prophet Ishaaq (Isaac) were ancestors to two streams of Prophets. Prophet Ishaaq ( Pbuh) was the forefather of the line starting from Prophet Jacob till Prophet Jesus(Pbuh) . Prophet Muhammad ( Pbuh) belonged to the Quraysh tribe, which traced its origin to Prophet Ismail. “ Ishmael said

“My brilliant Son… so do you think brothers of the same father should fight because of their different perspectives to life?” Amid asked and the room was silent. Neither Rokibah nor Ishmael said anything…

After a brief moment of silence, Amid broke the silence

“I have news from Sheikh Fareed…” Amid said and for the first time Rokibah looked towards her husband…She knew any news from Fareed was going to be fearful one…

“He wants to send you to Saint Mathews College to have your final class of high school. His aim is for you to learn a bit about Christianity, so you can have the right knowledge to find faults in their religion.”

“Never! My son is not going anywhere near those infidels” Rokibah said like a fierce tigress.

“Why are you doing this to our son? Peter, our religion does not promote hate, our religion is the religion of love that encourages you to even pray for your enemies.” Roseline said in tears

“Roseline, I am not promoting hate, I am only making our son aware of the blood sucking individuals in our country, so he can avoid them like a plague…”

Roseline shook her head in pity at Peter.

“I pray you don’t go to hell for the sin of hatred…” Roseline said

Peter wasn’t bothered as he continued whistling.

Meanwhile, Isaac was outside the house watering the garden when a beautiful Muslim girl who had her hijab on, passed by him. She was so beautiful, Isaac became lost. Peter walked out to see the scenario. Roseline saw Peter’s expression so she followed his gaze. Roseline saw the girl Isaac was looking at and with a satisfying smile, she looked him in the eye and said…

“Exactly my point, Peter, someday your child is going to meet Muslim girls and boys who he will be attracted to and your talk about him avoiding them will be put to the test, because he will meet Muslims who are not devils like you have painted them to be… There is a truth you are yet to embrace…The same way we have Christian fanatics like you and interestingly like Peter in the Scripture who felt Cornelius was unclean, is the same way we have some misguided fanatical Muslims who sees anyone who isn’t fanatical like them to be evil. Thank God for Grace that found Peter in the Scripture, God told him not to call what he has called Clean as Unclean… Honey, don’t judge the Muslims by what some bedeviled misguided fanatics amongst them are doing… What you should do is to get your son informed about the truth….” Roseline said

“Roseline, what is the truth?” Peter asked

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Roseline, what is the truth… Roseline there is only one truth, Jesus is the truth?” Peter said to Roseline

“Yes, but Peter, We see Truth differently. We both may be looking at the same thing but from different angles, and the result of that, is that we may have different approaches to the same cause.

Our truth is different from their truth. The Angle Of our truth is that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he died for our sins. Our truth is that God gave to Jesus a name higher than all names, by inheritance. Jesus is the express image of God on earth. God even made Jesus higher than the Angels. The truth we know is that God is three personalities in one. He reveals Himself as God the father, Our Creator, Secondly He reveals Himself as Jesus our Saviour and thirdly, He reveals Himself as the Spirit of God, our friend…

However, that is not the truth the Muslims know. I don’t know much about their truth but my Sister told me they don’t believe in the Trinity… They believe in the God of Abraham that we serve, but they don’t believe in the Trinity. They just see God as one Figure….

“But, God is three in one… That is the truth, why would they box God in one Figure?” Peter said

“Peter, that is how far they can see or how well they know God as. If they only see God Almighty as their Creator, so be it. While we Christians see God as our Father, saviour and friend, so be it as well. Peter, I choose to see you as my friend, lover, husband , even as my father, my confidant and that way, you always show up as that for me. However, if I decide to just see you as a husband, I won’t get the benefit of friendship from you. Peter, religion is a Choice… Let the Muslims be… Let them see God the best way they want to see Him and Let we see God the way we choose to see Him. Jesus is our own only way, but if the Muslims believe Jesus is not their way. The best we can do is pray for them.” Roseline said

“And you think, that is right…?” Peter asked

“Peter, I don’t determine what is right for another person, I determine what is right for me and my household. The best I can do for someone else is to pray for that person if I think the person is going wrong, but otherwise I am not in the place to force my truth on another person….” Roseline said and by that time Isaac had joined them. As soon as Isaac joined them, Peter walked off….

Peter went to his open roof penthouse…He knew he was wrong and Roseline was right, but how could he forgive a religion that took two sons from him…

Peter sat on the floor weeping….

“If Only, Abraham didn’t sleep with Hagar, maybe Ishmael and Isaac would have been born by Sarah and there won’t be this religious rivalry….” Peter soliloquized


“No!” Peter replied quietly and he heard the voice no more…


Isaac was seated by his window looking towards Charity’s window, she was also seated by her window as they spoke over the phone. They have been best of friends and they had developed the habit of talking every night that way…

“I saw a new Muslim girl today. I think she is New in the area.” Isaac said all of sudden in the middle of the conversation

“Oh Really?” Charity said carefully…

“Yes, she looks calm…”

“You mean not as evil as you have always thought them to be…” Charity teased

“Do you know her house, we should pay her a visit… To welcome her into the neighborhood…” Charity said

“Enter a Muslim home! No thanks! My Father will kill me…” Isaac said laughing.


Rokibah was in tears, why would Fareed want to send her son to a Christian College… Ishmael was confused as well but Amid kept reassuring him All will be well…

“You will go … but unlike me, you will choose not to be offended by the Christians.” Amid said to him

“But telling them I am a new convert is lying.” Ishmael said

“We have no choice, I just really want you out of here, so you can see the real world. It is a beautiful world out there. What matters is for you to be at peace with all men. Try not to be offended by them. Even when they insult your religion or talk less of it, forgive them.” Amid said…




Ishmael and Fuad alighted from the taxi with each person carrying a backpack… They were here on an assignment. Unknown to Ishmael, they were there to burn down the school. Fareed had prepared his son, Fuad for it. Ishmeal was just a pawn. Fareed knew how intelligent Ishmael was, and how the teacher would warm up to him easily. As the school concentrated on Ishmael, Fuad was to be in the background planning the explosion!



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