Opeyemi Akintunde

“What’s your take on the new boys in our class?” Charity asked

“I have No take on them yet, Charity they just resumed yesterday. I am just happy they are out of the evil religion, good for them!”

“I am going to befriend them. You know right now, they need Christians to show them love so they don’t return to their old ways. Will you do the same?” Charity said smiling

“Hmm… You are right“. Isaac said. Anything Charity was up to, he was always game maybe because of the feelings he had for her. The feelings his mother had told him to still keep under wraps as it was wrong to awaken love when it’s not the right time….


Robert changed his seat to be close to Fuad. Ishmael noticed, Robert was interested in Fuad, Why? He couldn’t tell…

“Wow, Peter! That is a fantastic answer. No wonder you scored 100% in your test”…. The Mathematics teacher said…



“Are you kidding me?”

The students chorused and that immediately attracted Isaac to Ishmael. Isaac was the best student in the school, therefore Ishmael was coming as a threat.

“We really should be his friend…” Charity said

“Hmm…” Isaac said unhappily. “Is that jealousy?” Isaac asked himself. No way!

He could literally hear his mother’s voice saying loud in his ears….

“Isaac, Jealousy is a terrible Spirit, and the evil it produces is first to yourself and secondly the innocent person. Proverbs 14:30; “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones and Job 5:2 states that “Surely resentment destroys the fool, and jealousy kills the simple.”… This was his mother’s usual anthem anytime he exhibited any form of jealousy.

“Isaac, you are different from any other person, so don’t resent someone for who they are. If they are better than you, love them still. And guess what you should move closer to them and who knows you might learn wisdom from them.” Isaac remembered his mother’s Words.


Immediately after the class, he stood up and walked up to Ishmael, but the moment they were faced to faced with each other, something strange happened between them.

“You look like…” Isaac said. He noticed Ishmael looked very familiar. He couldn’t place where, but he looked like someone he knew so well

“Have We met before?” Ishmael said. Ishmael was the quiet type but Isaac looked too familiar for him to keep his mouth shut.

“We seem to know each other from somewhere?” Isaac said…

“God’s Hope Nursery and Primary school? “ Isaac asked trying to see if he could trace back where they must have met…

“No, I never attended a Christian nursery or primary school. I received all my education under my father’s Islamic training.” Ishmael said knowing for a fact he had never met Isaac before. He had never stepped out of the camp. T.V was the only way he saw the outside world.

“That is strange, because even right now looking at you makes me feel like I have known you all my life” Isaac said laughing….

“Same here” Ishmael said laughing as well

“My name is Isaac Andrews by the way! Best student in Mathematics before you came” Isaac said laughing

“Ishmael Roqueeb… “Ishmael lost Himself for a minute there… “I mean formerly, now I am Peter Wright. Mrs Wright has adopted me” Ishmael quickly corrected…

Charity joined them clearing her throat for Isaac to do the needful.

“And this is my best friend, Charity knowles.” Isaac said

Charity stretched forth her hand to Ishmael and Ishmael stood looking at Charity for a long time. Back at the camp, they were not allowed to touch the opposite Sex but he had seen it on T.V. He quickly shook her hand and oh how soft it felt in his hand. He had never felt a female soft hand before. He held the hand for too long, until Isaac cleared his throat….

“I am so sorry… it’s..Just strange touching a lady… We don’t do that “Ishmael said

“Oh!” Isaac and Charity said. For a minute there, Isaac was scared Ishmael was in the school to take more than Mathematics from him. He was not going to take it lightly with Ishmael if he ever tried developing feelings for Charity…

“Isaac! Stop it! Live in the moment, stop thinking ahead of yourself… Be nice to the young man.” Isaac Chastised Himself….

“Hey, Good Morning Class!” The Biology teacher walked into the class for the next period…

“Hey Peter, if you need a new friend in school, I will be that guy… We can have lunch together if you want!” Isaac said

“Sure… thanks. I appreciate it” Ishmael said and for the first time in years he had a genuine smile. He felt free and loved….

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Where do your come from? You look Arab?” Ishmael asked Isaac over Lunch.

“Here we go again?” Charity said laughing “He gets this question like everytime. Isaac, You look too Arabian”

“Well, it’s a long story. I don’t know my birth parents. I was adopted by my parents when they lost their own son. And I was just two years old then, so no one can trace my birth parents. Yes, I think I was born by Arab parents but I have no traces to them.”

“Wow! Guess we are alike in so many ways. I also got lost at the age of 2 and was helped by an Arab couple. You have the Arab look just like them…” Ishmael said

“Really? That must have been at the same time. It was during the religious war that took place 15 years ago?”

“Yes that’s what’s my father told me. He told me a lot of kids got missing that year, of which I am one of them. He said he saw me on the street, while looking for his own son” Ishmael said

“Or could it be that we both were friends as babies… Maybe that is why we think we know ourselves?” Isaac said laughing…

“Yes, probably neighbors or maybe you attended the same Crèche…” Charity said finding the discussion amusing…

“This looks like something from a movie…” Isaac said with excitement. “Peter, I can’t wait to unravel why it feels like we know ourselves so well!”

“Ezekiel Wright, you are needed at the Principal’s Office” The whole student body heard the announcement and turned to Ezekiel who sat with Robert.

Ishmael’s smile disappeared from his face. He could tell Mrs Wright was around with the explosives. He stood up hoping to go with Fuad, but Fuad stopped him…

“Don’t worry Peter, I will go get it… It’s just provisions from Aunty.” Fuad Said

“I am coming with you!” Robert said

Ishmael sat down very unhappy. The explosives were around and Fuad seem like he was still going on with the plan. They had 3 or 4 more days. It wasn’t right there were going to destroy his new friends Isaac and Charity.

“Are you Okay?” Charity asked

“Yes I am, kind of jealous Ezekiel has a new friend… “Ishmael said to cover up…

“One of the great virtues you learn as a Christian is to learn how to deal with jealousy. Bible states that jealousy kills. So shake it off brother, if you think you lost one friend, God has given you two” Isaac said referring to himself and Charity….


Rokibah was becoming fearful after 24 hours. The “What If” that plagued her mind was second to none…

“What If Sheikh Fareed was not totally honest with me?”

“What if Ishmael gets caught by the government?”

“What if Ishmael dies in the explosion?”

“What if …..?”

“Rokibah, What is wrong with? I have been calling you for some seconds and you didn’t hear me?” Amid said

“Huh, I am sorry… I was lost in thought!”

“Is this about Ishmael? He will be fine. By the end of the month, he will be back for their mid-term break…” Amid said ignorantly…

“No, he won’t… he and Fuad should be back this weekend if all goes as planned… but I have a fear my Ishmael won’t be coming back. I have a feeling he will be the sacrifice…”

“What are you talking about?” Amid asked

“I am sorry Amid, I should have told you….”

Rokibah explained the real ploy and how she had given her consent…

“They are just to set the explosive in place and leave the premises, two hours after they are gone, the university will be destroyed!” Rokibah said

“Rokibah!!!!” Amid screamed….

A million thoughts rushed at his mind… One of which was “Will I lose Ishmael also?”

“Rokibah, did you think of the consequences of what you agreed to, Rokibah, the Christian school will find him out and hand him over to the authority. Eventually when they carry out the thorough investigation, they will link Ishmael to me; Amid, the University post graduate student who caused the numerous loss of lives 15 years ago and the claim of that Lecturer, Peter Andrews, that I am a terrorist will be proven as correct…. They will find out he is my son, and to them it will be a simple case of a terrorist child used as a scapegoat. They will think I am sort of terrorist who had trained his son to start from where I stopped… I was hoping to someday clear our names, but Rokibah what have you done?” Amid said screaming at Rokibah…

Rokibah had never seen Amid that angry before…

“I am going to get my son!” Amid said and Rokibah knew that couldn’t happen. First, Sheikh Fareed would not let Him out and should he even get out by other means, Amid was already on the list of suspected terrorist, the police officers will gun him down should they see him on the streets, especially beside a school…

“Amid… please don’t… Please….”



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