Opeyemi Akintunde

Another Taxi pulled up behind them. A beautiful woman stepped out and approached Fuad and Ishmael. Ishmael was a bit taken aback…

“Mrs Wright?” Fuad said

“Ishmael and Fuad?” Mrs Wright asked to confirm.

“Yes! But now Peter and Ezekiel” Fuad answered

I believe you are ready….

“Yes!” Fuad and Ishmael answered. However, Ishmael was a bit lost as to who the woman was. They had gone through three months training, which included learning popular bible verses and understanding certain Christian concepts. Their names had been changed. Ishmael coincidentally was given Peter like his birth Father, while Fuad was given Ezekiel. The story they were to present was that they had been disowned by their different parents for accepting the Christian religion. They had met and stayed together on their own for the past three months and as it were, they were out of cash. They were to say they were visiting Christian institutions for acceptance and help. This was the narrative they had been told, so Ishmael was a bit surprised seeing a woman Fuad seem to know about…

“Fuad, what is happening?” Ishmael asked

“Didn’t Sheikh Tell you last night about the change of plans?”

“Change Of plans?” Ishmael asked

“We don’t have all the time, the security camera must have picked us, so young man act along… I told Fareed no one would buy that story. That’s why I am here to fix it.” Mrs Wright said

“Ok ma’am” Ishmael replied remembering his Father’s Words about maintaining peace….

As they approached the gate, the security man asked what they wanted…

“I am here to see the principal, I am here to enroll these young boys into your school.” Mrs Wright said

“What class?”

“Final Class”

“Final Class? Students are not admitted in the Final class in this school…” the security said

“Ok, but can I still see the Principal, these boys are unique boys, I am sure if you hear their stories, you will know they deserve to be here…” Mrs Wright said

The Security officer looked at the two boys…

“What’s Unique about them?”

“They are ex Muslims, their parents threw them out because they gave their lives to Christ. I am a Believer who loves to help the new Converts, so I want to help them academically. That’s why we are here…” Mrs Wright said. Ishmael couldn’t help but fear the woman for her skills, she was very believable.

“My God, may the Lord bless you boys… Don’t worry, God will be with you…” Without any further talk, the security officer opened the gate and the trio walked in…


“They will have to sit for a test for us to determine if they can fit well into the Final class, because based on what they said about being taught in the Islamic school, I cannot say if they were well taught. We don’t know the standard…”. The principal said as the trio sat in front of him.

“Anything you decide to do is fine. I just want to help so they can find love in the new religion. Also I will want them to stay in the boarding house, so they can be in the Christian environment.” Mrs Wright said

“That is not a problem.” The principal said


“Wow! The young man Peter (Ishmael) scored 100% in his test, while Ezekiel (Fuad) scored 56%.” The principal said excitedly.

“We will accept both of them into the Final class, I believe they will be fine. Thank you once again for being their saviour” The Principal said

“Jesus is our Saviour, I am just privileged to be used by Him.” Mrs Wright said

Both of the boys were enrolled into the school. Mrs Wright paid cash so her credit card would not be traced…

As she was leaving, she whispered to both…

“You only have this weekend to finish this assignment… We will see after that… Remember, 2pm on Sunday. You have 6 days”

Ishmael was confused, he didn’t understand what was happening…

“Fuad, What is happening? What is she talking about?” Ishmael said

“Ezekiel! That is my new name” Fuad corrected Ishmael

“Sorry, Ezekiel… What was that woman talking about? I mean am I missing something here, Firstly, Sheikh didn’t tell me about her, and what assignment are we here to do that must be completed this weekend? I thought we were supposed to be here for the whole term to learn more about Christianity.” Ishmael said

“Peter, Listen… Sheikh didn’t want to tell you back home, because he knew your father wouldn’t let you come for this assignment, we are here to burn down this place… “Fuad Said and Ishmael’s heart stopped beating…

“What?” Ishmael managed to say

“Peter and Ezekiel, come over let me introduce you to your class.” The Principal called out to them. Fuad walked briskly towards him while Ishmael walked like his legs were bricks…

He looked around the magnificent school building…

“Burn down this place? WHYYYYY? “Ishmael said with wide eyes…

Opeyemi Akintunde

Ishmael and Fuad got into the class. Ishmael couldn’t raise up his head, he felt like a devil. How was he going to look into the eyes of these students knowing he was going to burn them down in few days’ time…

“He is Peter and He is Ezekiel, they are new students, New converts. They were formerly Muslim” the principal was saying.

Charity found that interesting, while the red alert in Isaac start blaring loud in his head.


“We have two new students in our school, ex Muslims, after their conversion, they were disowned by their parents.” Isaac said over dinner…

“Really? That is good news” Roseline said

“That religion is pathetic, how can you disown your son for turning to a new religion” Peter said

“Peter! What if your own son converts to Islam? Won’t you do the same?” Roseline asked

Peter was caught off guard…

“Dad! You are not answering that!” Isaac said smiling

“Your dad can’t answer, because he knows that is exactly what he will do. Never judge another person for their odd behaviors unless you have been in their shoes. Peter, with the level of hatred you have for Islam, if you suddenly find out your son converts to Islam, I know you will disown that child. Unless you are someone like me, who will pray to God instead, to win my son back if I am convinced he is on the wrong road!”

The room was silent. Whenever Roseline gave her word on a subject matter, there was usually nothing else to say on the matter again.


“Why?” Ishmael asked Fuad during the dinner time. They sat next to each other. They were the only ones on the table…


“Wait, is that what we really came here to do?”

“Huh Huh” Fuad answered

“I reject Satan and his works!” Ishmael exclaimed

“Ishm….Peter, Keep it low” Fuad said hurriedly

“Does my father also know about this?” Ishmael asked

“No… but your mother does and has our full support!”

“My mother?”


After Amid broke the news to Rokibah and Ishmael about Sheikh’s decision, Rokibah had sneaked to see Sheikh

“Sheikh don’t make me become naked, that is the only son I have… None has come after that.“

“Rokibah, your son will be fine. Your son will only spend one week in that school. Do you promise to keep a secret?”

“Yes Sheikh!” Rokibah said

“Your Husband doesn’t know this but Ishmael and Fuad are only going to plant a bomb in the Christian school. That is our first strike…”

Rokibah was silent… She had mixed feelings, she knew Islam was against destroying of properties and innocent lives, but the Christian body had taken her son from her. It was payback time and If Ishmael was going to be the one to revenge on her behalf, so be it…

“Will my son be fine?”

“Yes, it is not a suicide bombing, they will be out of the place before the bomb explodes”

“Fine, you have my support. Let us clear the world of the Kafirs (infidels).” Rokibah said, unknowing to her that the son she wanted to avenge was a student in that same school she wanted to burn down…..


“My mother knows about this… but my father doesn’t… then I won’t be a part of this…” Ishmael said

“Peter, you are highly predictable, my father told me you would do this, so he told me to tell you that if you try to back out or report to the police, he will kill your parents.” Fuad Said

“Fuad, please I beg you… Look at these other children, they look happy, they haven’t done anything wrong to deserve death…”

“They have! They do not believe in Allah and that is a sin which makes them infidels”

“Who says they don’t believe in God, all these teachings about the Bible for the past three months, didn’t you feel a Spirit backing up the scriptures.. They definitely are serving Allah but maybe they know Him differently…, besides The Qur’an 5:32 states that “Who so ever kills a human being…it shall be as if he has killed all mankind and who so ever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind” Ishmael said

“Ishmael, I am acting on instructions and what we have been taught in Islam by Sheikh.” Fuad said

“And what we have been taught, is it the right thing? Is Sheikh right? Is his interpretation right?” Ishmael said

Fuad went mute…

Ishmael brought out his pen and wrote the number “6” on the table….

“What Number is this?” Ishmael asked

“6” Fuad replied after looking at him ridiculously

Ishmael stood up and sat opposite Fuad on the same table…

“When I was on your side, I read that number as “6” but when I came to the other side, I can see it as “9”. Fuad don’t you think Sheikh May have been seeing things wrongly because he is looking at it from the wrong side?” Ishmael said

Fuad took a deep breath….



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