TEACHER CHUKS; Season 1 (Part 25&26) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde.

“Hello, Chuks …If you can still hear me, just go find God… Even this conversation is monitored, that’s why the line is breaking… Hello, I am getting off this phone and you might never be able to reach me…

The devil is very useless, he uses you and when he has no need of you anymore he kills you…That was what just happened to Chinaza, I heard it was because she is trying to have a child and have a good life. I heard she was giving her life to Christ in your house when she was struck…”

The phone beeped…. I stood transfixed on the spot. I couldn’t move…
“Chuks what is happening?” Favour stood in my front but I wasn’t seeing her, all I saw was poor Chinaza, we had grown so close ever since we got married and I had become fond of her, though we were just like live in partners.

All she ever spoke about was the daughter she was going to have soon and how she was going to give her the good training she never had…. but 00001 was right, the devil never wants his agents enjoying a good life…. but that meant my life was in danger, we had both agreed to get married…

“Maybe seeing Favour today is not a coincidence “I thought in my heart as my heart was racing in fear.

I dialed Chinaza’s number, but it was unavailable… I felt telling Favour everything could help me out of this dilemma…. “I am in trouble” I said as tears flowed down my face. All the while, we were standing by Favor’s car, but when she noticed I wanted to tell her something, we entered in to her Jeep…

I spent the next 35 minutes telling her what I had gotten myself into…. “God Can sort you out…God waited for you this long…You could have died several times in the past, but God kept you”

“I am beyond saving, Favour I have destroyed a lot of lives “
“You can turn it around and save more lives than the ones you have destroyed”
My phone rang, the number was strange…
“Don’t pick that call” Favour said I felt something pulling me to do otherwise. It was a strange number.
I didn’t listen to Favour because the pull I felt towards the phone was stronger. I picked
up the call…
“Hello” “Hello 00499, report to the warehouse immediately or else I will have Favour and Mercy
killed this instant” the female voice ended the call.
The voice was not a familiar voice, but I suspected immediately it was Tina based on what
00001 had told me.

Opeyemi Akintunde.

I stepped away from Favour, as I didn’t want Favour and Mercy to die on my account…
“She said if I don’t return she will kill you and Mercy and I can’t let that happen”
“That’s an empty threat, can anyone kill the Mercy and Favour of God. We are deeply rooted in Christ who is in God.”
“You don’t understand how things happen over there, ask yourself how did they know about you? I have to leave!”
I didn’t wait for her counseling, as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I picked up my stuff from the art studio and went to the warehouse…

All eyes were on me as I walked into the warehouse. Word must have gone round. I went straight to Chinaza’s former office and surprisingly I saw Tina seated on her chair…

“00499, have a seat” I sat gently waiting for her verdict for me…
“I had always thought that God was going to rescue me, but I waited all to no avail, I guess God doesn’t have interest in me. But then I realized maybe God had not forgiven me for just one error. Chuks, do you know how I became a prey?”

I shook my head in the negative. I have always wanted to know how she became a prey even though she was a Christian.

“I was a born again v!rgin, but I fell in love with a boy, who I didn’t know was an agent…He told me if I loved him, I should show him. I did, we made love and I slept off. I woke up in this warehouse and ever since then I never saw the outside world. My sister kept me here. Was it fair?”

All I could do was answer her with my head movements…I answered “No” with my head movement.

“Exactly and that was why when I was offered this seat if I could kill her, I accepted”

I swallowed hard…

“You killed your sister” “Technically, I was given her picture in this same office and I was told to st@b her, she was going to die anyway, because she was already trying to rebel. I st@bbed her in a praying position…”

“Why did you give up? Your faith was strong…” I asked
“God was watching evil thrive while the righteous was suffering”
“What if He was patiently waiting for the evil doers to repent” I said not knowing where I learnt that from

“00499, I didn’t call you here to have you preach to me, I called you to give you a warning not to try to look for a better life outside the one that has been created for you. You are free to get married, but don’t think of having children because you know you can’t.

Trying to outsmart the fraternity will attract death. Are we clear?”
I nodded as the words sank in… For the first time, all the wealth I had amassed suddenly didn’t make sense any more, I didn’t want to go home any more…I wanted to find a small hole where I could hide from this evil network ..

I did not return to mercy’s school or try to contact Favour, as I decided to go on with the life I had found myself. My conclusion was that hell was waiting for me already, so I could as well enjoy life to its fullest.

On the contrary, I wasn’t enjoying life. My life became a routine of applying to a new school and when I get employed I corrupt the young minds there.

My account was getting heavier, I bought my private jet and I could travel to anywhere in the world.

Chinaza had been buried casually. I couldn’t have friends, all my friends were people who we worked together at the Sp€rm collection center.

I couldn’t visit my parents and siblings. There were times I missed my family so much, I would call them with a hidden number, the moment my mother picked up her call, I would hang up. I just wanted to hear her voice…

My life was empty….It was a miserable life. S€x was a burden, I had to keep having s€x in other to keep transferring S€xrush into girls…S€x time was always gross, uninteresting and a burden. I continued my life until I met you my wife. The first day I saw you at your mother’s canteen, you reminded me of Chinaza.

I noticed your mother was trying to use you as a means of attracting men to her canteen. I felt I could save you, and give you a better life. That was why I decided to marry you“



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