TEACHER CHUKS; Season 1 (Part 15&16) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Part 15
Opeyemi Akintunde

I tried to be as gentle as possible, so I would not hurt her. That would have discouraged her as that day was her first time. I kept saying sweet nothings to her, the moment I penetrated into her, I saw it…

Through my specs, I saw a dark flame gush out of my body into her, and almost instantaneously, I saw shiny stars escape or better still evaporate out of her body like vapour from boiling water….

The stars were beautiful, I couldn’t count the numbers of stars that left her body in a rush, I tried grabbing one of the stars, but it wasn’t tangible as it escaped through my fingers.

I watched in amazement as the stars were gushing out of her body and disappearing like smoke…I became instantly emotional because I realized what I had just done to the poor girl; she was losing some of the precious stars God had kept in her. The human part of me broke into tears as I withdrew from her….she noticed and she said…

“You didn’t enjoy it?”

I kept crying as I drew her close to me…I drew her close to let her know how sorry I was for tampering with her destiny, but I couldn’t find the words to say it to her. I was also crying as it dawned on me how I had lost all my virtues in the past. No wonder, I was empty. I had slept with countless girls….This was how my stars must have been expelling out of my body at every s€xual interc0urse. I remembered times when I did five rounds at a go! Oh my God!

Suddenly, something else happened, two strange smelly beings entered into my room through the wall, they were invisible but I could see them as I still had my specs on…

Their presence was so perplexing I couldn’t move. They started taking the remaining stars in the air: the ones that had not disappeared. It was like food to them as they swallowed the stars….

They eventually left after they had swept the whole room clean of stars, but before they left I noticed, they did something strange, they moved closer to Rejoice unknown to her, and one of this irritating beings put its mouth closer to her private part, he touched my semen that poured out of her. He looked closely at it and shook his head. I didn’t understand what that meant.

It was already 2pm. So I told Rejoice she needed to go home, but My goodness!, Rejoice said she wasn’t going, that she still wanted more…

I knew instantly what was at work, by having s€xual interc0urse with me, I had transferred one of the S€xually Transmitted demon called “S€XRUSH” into her. This demon was initially transferred into me by Laraba at the age of 17.

I knew at that point, unfortunately for Rejoice, she had caught it…Her body would always crave for s€x, and just like me, the more she was going to be having s€x from that day, the more of those shiny stars , she was going to be losing. I shook my head in pity for her, as I didn’t know if she could ever achieve that beautiful future God had planned for her.

I, however turned her down telling her, I wouldn’t want her parents to suspect anything. She wore her uniform and left my home.

Since that day, Rejoice was all over me, following me like a dog. She wanted to have me anywhere. She became a constant visitor in my house and I didn’t have a choice. I needed to dance to her tune till I knew it was time for me to leave the school, which must be after I had achieved my purpose through Rejoice.

Fortunately, for me in few months, I achieved my purpose in that school through Rejoice. I started getting my daily sp€rm collection from boys in that school. How?

Rejoice was no longer satisfied with me alone, she seduced and started having s€xual interc0urse with other boys in the school, thereby transmitting the S€X RUSH into them as well. The boys also started sleeping with other girls in school, the girls caught the S€XRUSH, as well. The girls also started sleeping with boys from other schools and even male teachers….it became a network of s€x

i realized the evil arithmetic of s€x outside marriage…. Get one rat, and all other rats will come to you. I needed male sp€rm, but the best way of achieving that was getting a girl, who would help me transfer the s€xrush into all the males in the school. Unfortunately for Rejoice, she was my bait for getting the boys, and being a bait also had its serious consequences too. She was losing virtues…

Now, let me tell you about another gadget Chinaza gave me. She called it a S€XCULATOR. .A s€x calculator, which I used in monitoring my progress with Rejoice, and the first time I used it to check my progress with Rejoice, I couldn’t believe my figures…


Opeyemi Akintunde

Chinaza was showing me a small pad…

“A s€xculator is a device you can use to check on your preys. All you need to do is type the name of your prey into the s€xculator. It instantly brings up, how many persons they had had s€x with in their lifetime till that point, and how many people are under their s€x tree, for instance let’s type in your name” Chinaza had said

“Anthony Chukwuemeka”…A lot of people bearing that name showed up on the screen, then the computer asked for my mother’s name. I supplied it, the number reduced. Then it asked for my Father’s name, which I supplied again. The number reduced drastically. It further asked for my hometown.

This time around only three faces came out, and mine was part…

I trembled at how advanced evil had gone…

The S€xculator showed that I had slept with 515 ladies, and through me, those I had slept with had slept with more people. I had transferred the S€XRUSH into about 400 of them. Therefore, under my s€x tree, I had a record of 9046 s€x record.

“These are people God would hold me responsible for” I thought silently in my heart…. The Christianity my parents had managed to input in me at an early age, had a way of haunting me and had a way of serving as my conscience

Chinaza tapped me…

“Are you here?”


“Ok… So as I was saying, the main work of the s€xculator for you is to track how many sp€rm comes under your account… For every lady you will sleep with henceforth, you will get a certain percentage of money for the sp€rm of any man she sleeps with except her husband.”

This was the conversation I had with Chinaza about the S€xculator before leaving her prison. I had spent four months in Rejoice’s school and I suddenly received some millions in my account, which was very startling.

It was from Chinaza’s clothing company. I assumed it was for sp€rm supplied in the past two months after sleeping with Rejoice. The money felt too much for me, so I decided to check how much sp€rm, the boys Rejoice had slept with must have released in my sp€rm account to receive such an amount.

I wanted to check my progress.

I brought out the s€xculator, it was like a mini pad. I typed in all her information, which I had stylishly asked her before, i.e. her parents’ name and her home town….

I almost screamed, when I saw her s€x tree… because in just 2 months of active s€x, Rejoice had slept with over 30 boys and her s€x tree was showing 590 girls and 778 boys had been initiated into the s€x thing…

This was the breakdown:

The 30 boys rejoice had slept with in turn had slept with about 127 girls and the 127 girls had in turn slept further with 570 boys. And some of the 570 boys also slept with 463 girls.

Out of the 590 girls, some of the girls had slept with another 178 boys. This gave the total of 590 girls and 778 boys actively having s€x.

Most were between the ages of 13-16.

I marveled at the number, of those under Rejoice’s s€x tree..

No wonder, I had received a whopping sum of N3.5 million into my account few hours back…Meaning 778 boys had been supplying sp€rm and it was in my Favour…

That was when I knew my time in Rejoice’s school was over…

Knowing that the method I used in Rejoice’s school was perfect, I started using it in all other schools. The method was simply, Chase, get one rat and leave. The rat will influence other rats…

I kept at my game as the figures rolling into my account was too much to be true. I went into real estates on the side. I bought properties and were selling them. It became fun instead of work for me. No one knew my true identity. I disguised as a poor handsome teacher to schools.

After, about two years using this method, I decided to change my method. I decided to face the boys…as I needed more sp€rm collection. I wanted to buy a private Jet.

I applied into two major BOY’S ONLY school and when I checked my s€xculator for figures, it was more amazing than the numbers I got from the girls’ school…What was the method I used in destroying the boys…




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