TEACHER CHUKS; Season 1 (Part 23&24) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Opeyemi Akintunde.

I started giving Mercy the seducing look anytime I saw her, but she would always take her eyes away, unlike most girls who would have blushed.

When I noticed she wasn’t falling for my eye contact, I decided to use my words instead, I knew she was spiritual and would not want any s€xy words used on her, so I used words like “Mercy, God was really merciful when he was creating you, you are very beautiful and spiritual for that matter. I can tell, you will make a good wife material.”

If I had used this line for any other girl, she would have fallen like a park of cards, but Mercy was tough. The first time I said this to her, she gave me a reply that made me speechless

“Thank you, Mr. Chuks, I appreciate the compliment, but now is not the time to think about being a wife material, My mum tells me and even the Bible confirms it that there is time for everything, right now is the time to face my academics” she said with a smile that told me she was trying not to be rude…

I threw my words at her very often but the replies I usually got from her, shows me she had built a big wall around herself…

she made me avoid the assembly ground, because of the degree of fire that burns me, when she leads prayers. She was always praying against forces that wanted to corrupt young minds and that was like throwing arrows at me…

I decided to take matters into my hands, as the number of students m@sturbating was reducing. She was destroying the work I had just started with Eric. I sent her a gift pack of chocolates, teddy bear and perfumes on her birthday and I wrote on a small card “To a beautiful girl who would make a good wife material…from your secret admirer”

I noticed she took the gift home, and I was happy I had scored my goal.

But Very Early, the next day she was already waiting for me at the entrance of my studio with
the gift in her hands…

“Good Morning Mercy” I said
“Good Morning Mr. Chuks”

“To what do I owe this early morning visitation?”

“I came to return something that is yours that was mistakenly given to me sir.” “Mistakenly given to you? I don’t get”

“Sir, please don’t pretend like you don’t know what I am talking about, you and I know that you sent me this gift, but I am sorry sir, I am not interested”
“You are not interested? Or your mum told you to say you are not interested” I guessed she must have shown her mother.

“We can do this without mum knowing about it yet, I used “yet” because I will love to meet her soon. I want you for keeps Mercy, I am not interested in you for s€x. I have waited so long for the right girl; strong, beautiful and most importantly spiritual. You are a wife material”

“I almost fell for that line yesterday, Mr. Chuks, that was why I took the gifts home, but you see, my mum and I are very close, we are like sisters. I showed her the gift and told her about you, she asked me a simple question that got me out of my stupidity”

“She asked me “Are you ready for s€x?” and honestly sir, my answer was no…Sir, if I start taking gifts from you now and there is no plan on getting married to you in the next six months, very soon I will feel obliged to reciprocate in love which will come in form of s€x and I have made a vow to God, that I will only have s€x within the beauty of marriage, so sir, you see it is useless starting this love game that has a predictive bad ending”

Mercy finished me with those powerful words. Her mother must have really taught her well…I could not say a word. She dropped the gifts on my table and walked out smiling like someone who just overcame a big temptation…

This was my first defeat… I wasn’t planning to let her go that easily, she was the female rat I wanted to use in the school. Eric was my male rat, Mercy was going to be a female rat.

Just five minutes of s€x with her, will drain her spiritual strength and quench that fire in her. I stayed on her case, until her mother paid me a visit and guess who her mother was?


Opeyemi Akintunde

I started b¥llying Mercy in class, always finding faults in her drawings, I even started scoring her very low. On one occasion, I threatened her, she was going to fail my course and having an F in any subject as a prefect could make her badge to be withdrawn.

I noticed I was getting at her, as she was losing her confidence, anytime she came to my studio for classes, she hardly raised her head, any time I shouted at her, she would tear up.

The school secretary called my studio intercom, one Friday afternoon, telling me Mercy’s mum was at the reception asking to see me. I got scared as I was afraid she would blow my cover if the principal got to know my dealings with Mercy.

However, I summoned courage, but took my Specs in case I needed to size her up spiritually. As I walked close to the reception, I saw a standing fire, through my specs. The fire had the shape of a woman. I stood afar off as the heat emanating from the fire was so much? I removed my specs to see her more clearly, guess who I saw?

Favour, the prim and proper girl in my department during my university days was standing right in front of me.

“Chuks?” she screamed
We both stood looking at each other shocked…
“Favour, you are Mercy’s mother?”
“Wow” was all I could say, no wonder Mercy was a tough nut to crack, she had learnt
from her mother.” I thought

“I had her at the age of 15, I was impr€gnated by a fellow student. I once lived a rough life too Chuks, until I realized a big truth, which is “Your life is yours, whatever you decide to do with it determines what you will get out of it”.

I decided to stop the s€x, I became a born again Christian which helped me in keeping myself. It was tough having a baby at 15, but thank God for my forgiving parents who took Mercy from me, so I could finish my secondary school education.

I made up my mind to continue my education and make out something good out of my life. That was why I always kept that straight face in the university. Although I made a bad decision after our university, and I had to do something nasty which I paid heavily for, but ever since then, I have gotten back on track”

“No wonder you hated my guts” “I didn’t hate your guts, I hated what you were letting evil do to you, you were letting the devil use you to destroy destinies”

I was shocked, as I was wondering if Favour knew about the Sp€rm Collection center or was she just talking generally. She tapped me, when she noticed I was lost in thoughts “I am serious, Chuks you need to stop this “S€xcapade”.

You may not know, but you are carrying a lot of demons. Don’t you know that for everyone you sleep with, you contact what they carry…?

Favour didn’t need to tell me that, I knew all that already “Favour, don’t go all churchy on me, I never knew Mercy was your daughter, I will stay clear from her henceforth …” I said hoping we could conclude our conversation, because I wanted to leave her side, the heat from her was really affecting me.

If not for the special specs I would not have understood why I was uncomfortable around her “It’s not just about Mercy, what about you? You are helping the devil achieve his agenda of destroying lives…Give God a great chance in your life”

That was it for me, I didn’t want to hear about God.
Then what I thought was the saving call, came through…My phone rang, but the caller ID
caught my attention more…

“00001” that was Chinaza’s Vice at the Sp€rm collection center calling. That was the first time he was going to call me. My heart beat raced… Working with the fraternity was so scary and unpredictable I moved away from Favour and received the call “Hello Sir!”

“Good Afternoon Chuks, Chinaza is dead! Your wife is dead, you have the choice to run for your life now and start a new life, even though it might be a poor life, because as we speak Chinaza’s sister Tina has been enthroned as the new head…

I am running to a church right now because I am tired of this whole thing…”
I noticed I couldn’t hear him clearly again, something was disrupting the network…

“Chinaza dead? What are you talking about? I spoke to her this morning”

Then I remembered Chinaza’s last words to me, when I spoke to her that morning “I am sorry Chuks for bringing you into all these, I wish I had met God very early in life, maybe I would have been able to influence lives positively.

I could have used this strength, determination and rugged approach I have been using to destroy lives to help more lives… I have a feeling you will live longer than me, make sure you influence more lives”

I thought she was just talking about our little pet project, we were doing in the village for the less privileged children..

Did she commit suicide?, What Happened?, We had just being married for 5 months and moreover she had plans to adopt a baby in two months’
time…What happened to my Chinaza?



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