TEACHER CHUKS; Season 1 (Part 1&2) – Opeyemi Akintunde

Teacher Chuks is on a s€xual rampage to all schools, he intends to s€xually corrupt young girls and boys he succeeded in all schools he taught, until he got to a new school where he met Mercy… Mercy shows him no Mercy.

Read ‘Teacher Chuks’ by Opeyemi Akintunde, a story that enlightens the young ones on the ills of premarital s€x and enlightens parents on how to help their children s€xually.

Part 1
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ I am leaving you, If you are not ready to say the truth about all these money you have, I don’t know the businesses you do, yet we have so much money….You told me you had a cocoa plantation, but yet you never took me there. You told me your parents were dead, but suddenly I get to meet them…I am leaving you with your problems..I vowed to stay with you through it all, but if you are not ready to open up, I am leaving You!…Anthony Chuks, Who are you?, Tell me who you really are…?” My wife said

She was right, I was filthily RICH, I had so much money I could buy a Bank and throw all the money in it into the sea without blinking an eye, but my life was a mess… Yes! My wealth was from hard work, but the kind of hard work that a person could not be proud of…

Contrary to popular opinion,I was not into Fraud or money rituals or Hard drugs or kidnapping, I was into something Worse that was Deep.

I was into selling of destinies and I sold destinies in millions and billions.

How ? You are asking? It is a top secret I have kept for years but the thought of my Wife leaving me was going to push it out of my mouth….Despite all the money I had, My wife was my greatest Treasure, because she was the only pure thing I could call mine…

My Wife asked again at the top of her voice jerking me really hard…


I broke down in tears at the gravity of my wife’s question. WHO WAS I? The answer was that I didn’t know any more, but maybe if I tried telling her the truth about my life so far. Maybe she will help me discover who I was!

My name is Anthony Chuks and this is my narration to my Wife…

“It all started when I was just about 16 years old, I was in Senior Secondary School Year 2, Just two more years before University. I was a church boy with no form of social exposure. My life was a triangle, home-church-school. My father who was a Millitary Officer and a part time clergy man, got transferred a lot.

By age 16, we were transferred to the Northern part of Nigeria, where been a Christian was even more of a bigger deal. We didn’t have a lot of a Television Stations to watch, Fun was not a popular vocabulary around there as the Islamic religion was highly upheld there.

In my quest for fun, I met some naughty boys in the Barack, who introduced me to the fun life of writing anonymous love letters to girls. To us it was fun as we watched the targeted girls change their walking steps with the false knowledge that they had secret admirers. For us it was all a joke….We were not interested in them, we just fooling around….Not until I met Haruna’s Sister. Her name was Jemima.

She had wavy hair as long as that of a goddess, her skin was soft and tender, she was beautifully chubby, very fair complexioned and you could call her Stainless. She had no spots on her skin, her teeth were as white as snow and shone like glass on her naturally lined lips . Beautiful was an understatement to describe Jemima.

The first day I saw her was when I went to my Friend’s house ( Haruna). I had an instant erection. The long thing between my thighs started longing for her…The longitude of it became so embarrassing I guess Jemima even noticed because I saw the way she was always staring at me anytime I came to their home…

But she was older than I was, She was 20 and I was only 16.


Part 2
Opeyemi Akintunde

Jemima must have seen the look of interest in my eyes and the way I was putting my hands in to my trouser pockets to talk relaxation to my manhood, because it’s longing for Jemima was always very obvious, almost standing erect anytime she smiled at me.

She knew I wanted her, even though I appeared shy in her presence. One day, She walked up to me while I was waiting for her brother who had gone on errands…

“ Can you handle me?” Was all Jemima asked, she walked away from me, swaying her large hips while looking over her shoulder and giggling at me. She walked towards her parent’s room and left the door to the room wide opened. I could see her unbuttoning her cloth, while still looking at me… I was glued… I had been starved of quality Television ever since we came to the north and this screen Jemima was playing for me was too interesting to be ignored….but yet I heard the loud voice of my mother…

“ Don’t awaken Love when it is not ripe, Control your Longing, Don’t let your Longing Control you”….That was my mother’s voice during our devotion that day…I was hearing the replay so loud and clear, but by that time Jemima was fully naked, her br€asts stood firm like two large oranges asking me to come squeeze them and have a full suck… Her hips stood distinctively asking me to come caress them and out of the blues, I started crying… I was crying at the perfection of beauty that stood before me and how I longed to have it, but yet my mother’s words were like heavy steel on my legs….

“ Hey, Guy why are you looking like a zombie?” I heard Haruna’s voice… Haruna has entered unnoticed and as he followed my gaze, he saw his naked Sister who started rushing to wear her pants…

“ Almighty God!” Haruna screamed….

That was my saving Grace, I bolted out of the house, muttering “ THANK YOU JESUS! although another part of me kept telling me I just missed an opportunity of a lifetime…

I avoided Haruna’s place for two weeks, although Haruna apologized on behalf of his sister…

However, another day of test came, although silently in my heart I had imagined another of such opportunity , because my hunger for Jemima was hot. I had gone to Haruna’s again for his textbook but met his absence. I met Jemima picking some beans, the moment she sighted me, she ran inside. I followed her in trying to see if I could talk to her that I held nothing against her, but Alas! She had stripped herself naked again and she said these wicked words…

“ I thought you were a big boy, I didn’t know you were a mommy’s boy”

I should have bolted out of the house, but I followed the string of lust pulling me towards her.

Jemima disv!rgined me and that was the beginning of my journey ..

I became addicted to her like I was high on something because No day could go without me having Jemima.

It could be very early in the morning on my way to school in an incomplete building at around 6:30 am or during break time when I gave the security men tips to let me get out or late at night when I lied to my parents I was going to study with Haruna….

Jemima was never exhausted, She was a horse as she taught me all sorts. I was having the best time of my life, I was still very brilliant at school, so my parents didn’t suspect anything except once that my mother found a pack of Protective Condoms in my school bag…

I had to lie to my naive mother who didn’t like to push things, She always believed her children. I told her I seized it from one of the younger students….Till now, I don’t know why my parents never knew the terrible life I was living …I guess they trusted me too much. Even if God had shown my parents in their dream, I am sure they would have waved it, because I was a very good boy at home and at School. Jemima was my only weak point and devil in my life….

After about a year of active S€x with Jemima, She later introduced me into something deeper, She told me she was no longer having fun , because it was just two of us alone.

One day, Jemima brought five of her friends and told me to have interc0urse with them all…

And I did….. I had fun but if only I knew that one of the girl was not an ordinary girl….She was a VAMPIRE and a CARRIER… What kind of Vampire? And what was she carrying ?




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