Ogun lady set to break a record for longest time being indoors without her phone.

An Ogun lady identified as Funmi Ojelade has taken to social media to reveal that she is about to establish a record for spending the most time indoors.

An enormous number of Nigerians followed the trend when Hilda Baci broke the Guinness World Record (GWR). While some are cooking more hours to overtake Hilda Baci, others are attempting various records.

The “Indoor-Thon” is a new type of record break and Funmi Ojelade is expected to create a new record.

According to the lady, she will be indoors for 168 hours. There will be no use of her phone, no chatting with anyone, no going out, and no visitors allowed.

She wrote;

“My name is Funmi Ojelade a Nigeria woman from Ogun State,I will be setting in a challenge with the Guinness World Record for an Indoor-Thon by 168hrs.

Meaning no going out,no chatting,no calling in or calling out for the next 7 days.

I need your support to accomplish this challenge as I go live on 20th-27th of July 2023.

Am dedicating this challenge to the less privileged in order to raise funds and support them in anyways we can.

My youth must be useful!!! Thank you and God bless you all”