Chef Hilda Baci reportedly made over N187M from her cooking class.

Guinness World Record breaker Hilda Baci reportedly made over N187M from her cooking class, as claimed by concerned Nigerians.

This comes days after a lady in a viral video claims that Chef Hilda made Hilda Baci has made over N70Million from her cooking class adding that the registration is still ongoing.

Recently recognized for winning the Guinness World Record, she has reportedly managed to enroll 5,348 individuals in her cooking class.

The revelation of the number of participants in Hilda Baci‘s cooking class came from a lady allegedly part of the class.

According to her, each of the 5,348 participants paid ₦35,000 for the enrollment form.

The lady proceeded to calculate the total earnings by multiplying ₦35,000 by the number of people in the class, resulting in over ₦187 Million.

After sharing these claims on her social media page, another user supported her statement, confirming that the Nigerian chef has indeed made a substantial amount from her cooking class.

Following the news, concerned Nigerians flooded the media page, sharing their opinions about this intriguing development.

See some reactions below:

lyn_kayy: “She’s giving the best students cash prices and gifts too.. but una no go talk that one, rest abeg.”

mrlilgaga: “You go explain tire. You Dey help rich person calculate her income? You thought the move for GWR was for just to gain followers?”

ojes_hair: “It’s how people are helping her count the money for me. If Una like don’t sharpen your skills and make a name for yourself so your skills can be marketable for you.”

aubiergembock: “Hilda is steadily breaking records and changing the narrative of women, who think sleeping with rich men or married men is the ONLY way forward.”

officialjioke_:“Y’all calculating forgetting there’s always cost of business.

That’s what makes so many people runs into business they don’t know nothing about.

And what happens? They quit so soon cos they always looking at the brighter part of it. You don’t know behind the scenes lol.”

ola_jumoke_funmilayo: “So una Dey help person calculate her millions when you no get 1million for account.”