Nigerian girl ignores GWR plea, begins a 72 hours smile-a-thon.

Lady commences a Smile-A-Thon during which she would smile non-stop for 72 hours to break a record, despite Guinness World Record plea to end the attempts.

You may recall that the record body had released a PSA calling on people to go easy on the record breaking attempts after being overwhelmed with many applications.

However, some Nigerians have apparently disregarded the plea and have commenced their own record attempts.

A Nigerian lady has commenced her Smile-A-Thon attempt during which she would keep smiling without stop for 72 hours.

A video which surfaced online captures her on live cam smiling nonstop as the timer counts down.

the_real_tobe_official wrote: “She never chop breakfast or go 0 through a lot for her life before “

fashion_magicblog wrote: “What about pray _A_thon”

dkxn_t wrote: “What if her boyfriend just break up with 86 her as she dey do this Smile-a-thin?”

beatriceofficial wrote: “This song has been through alot..”

_themediagirl wrote: “What if your lips should hang?”

Watch the video below;