GWR: I’m getting proper care – Joyce Ijeoma speaks out after collapsing during 72-hour massage-a-thon attempt.

Nigerian masseuse Joyce Ijeoma has spoken out after collapsing during the live Instagram stream of her 72-hour massage-a-thon challenge.

The young woman successfully completed 53 hours of her challenge on Monday, leaving her with 19 hours to complete it.

But on Tuesday at exactly one in the morning, she tragically ran out of energy and collapsee.

She collapsed while giving a female client a massage, and a brief online video clip of the incident has since surfaced.

Her assistant was by her side in the live video when she suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground. The assistant immediately made a call for help and started trying to revive her.

Following the incident, Ijeoma updated her followers on her health condition and response to treatment via her official Instagram page on Wednesday.

Joyce promised her followers that she would promptly give them more updates in the near future.

She wrote,

“I want to thank God, everyone, for the love and support during my world record attempt.

I want to let everyone know that I’m getting proper care, and I will update you on the progress in due time.”

“It’s not a joke” – Reactions as lady attempting to break Guinness world record for longest body massage faints at 1am

Joyce Ijeoma, a Nigerian woman, recently declared her intent to carry out an impressive endurance test: a 72-hour marathon of giving body massages to people in the Lekki neighborhood of Lagos State.

However, it has come to light that she passed out during her endeavor at around 1 am today.

Nigerians have taken notice of this incident and flocked to the comment section to express their feelings.

See reactions below:

Dammy: “It’s not a joke to stand for 5 hours, giving massages She should have set 30-40 hours, since she’s trying to set a record & not break a record.

But I guess she doesn’t want anyone else to take on the challenge anytime soon, so she went for 72 hours. I applaud her still! Ko easy.”

Onyekachi: “How many hours did she get to pls? So sad for her, hope she’s fine now.”

SOP: “The lady being massaged did not move because she was undressed, I guess. I’m sure she was also worried. To the masseur, I hope she is doing better now.

To others attempting to break a time record, please check your vitals thoroughly before and during the event. Study abroad?”

Micheal: “She did great, instead of making fun of her pls can we all support and encourage her. She has all my support”