‘He was announced d€ad 30yrs ago’ – Actress Seyi Pedro recounts dad’s survival story as he clocks 80 (Photos)

Gospel drama Seyi Pedro-Adetola has shared on her Facebook page a very uncommon testimony as her father, Elder Benjamin Olusegun Amusan clocks 80 years of age.

In a series of post made yesterday, Seyi Pedro appreciated God for giving her dad the gift of life despite being pronounced dead 30years ago. According to her, after he came back to life while preparing for his burial, he had some major operations and it was said by the doctors that he life expectancy was 3-5 years.

Read the full post below;


Words fail me right now…I have just been reflecting on God’s goodness upon his life. My Dad is truly a proof of GOD’S FAITHFULNESS. So, he can live up to 80? Wow! This can only be God. This is a man who has been announced dead, 30 years ago.

When he survived it, after some major operations, the Doctor said he can’t live beyond 3-5years… but 30years after, he is still living…now celebrating 80….Hmmmm…many winds, many storms.. too much flood, yet you are not consumed.

This is just one of my father’s experiencessss that I can never forget.

Yes, I was at Holy Michael High School, IKIRUN. We were having mathematics class. Mr Oseni (a.k.a.) Baba Omo was teaching us Maths while I was busy ‘stealing my food’ under the locker..I couldn’t wait till break time..lols.

Suddenly, Mr Akintola (Now Pastor) entered the class, he caught me red-handed and I was like I’m in trouble today. But to my surprise, he ignored me and went straight to Mr Oseni and whispered some things to him.

But I still remember his first statement to him ‘DON’T SHOUT’. Mr Akintola came to me and was unusually kind to me… what’s going on? I asked my little mind. He told me to follow him and I saw my brother in a car already…

so painful they didn’t allow me to carry my rice. It spoilt eventually .


They carried us to our church then, and said we should wait, that they wanted to go and carry Pastor ….. Wow, not knowing that the whole town has heard the news that my Dad was no more.

So, they actually took My brother and I from our classes so we could go for my Dad’s burial. I needed to go and pick my younger sister from her school on my own when they didn’t return on time..

hmmm ..another drama on our way. They have traveled to Osogbo to pick the corpse for their mind.

They have arranged where to bury him but MERCY SAID NO MERCY SAID NOOO…

JESUS! What can You not do?

Which of your faithfulness can we deny oh Lord…melo ni mo Fe ka? This space can’t contain them besides, my emotion will fail me. Oh Lord we have come to say THANK YOU.



Over your son, ELDER BENJAMIN OLUSEGUN AMUSAN, all we have come to say is THANK YOU

We are asking for renewed strength, perfect health, more blessings as he lives longer to the glory of Your name in Jesus’ name. We pray Oh Lord, that your son will not see or know evil in Jesus name. He will love you and serve you till the very end in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Like I said, this is just one of the numerous experiencesssssss. All we have to say today is THANK YOU LORD.

I shared this particular one to encourage someone that, NO MATTER WHAT YOU FACE, IT IS NOT OVER IF GOD HAS NOT CALLED IT OVER. GOD IS FAITHFUL

His 80th birthday thanksgiving is set to hold on the 8th of October, 2023 at CAC Chapel of Faith District Hqts beside Phobestar Royalty Schools, Ring Road Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria by 10:00am.

Happy Birthday sir!