‘I will look for you and find you if anything should happen to Eniola’ – Man warns Gbenro of Abattoir movie series

A Nigerian man identified by the name Nelson Asuen has registered his displeasure over Gbenro’s Character in Abattoir movie series well played by Pastor Tolu Adegbo.

Abattoir movie series is a production by Mount Zion Faith Ministries which was written and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. As each episode of the movie drops, the tension gets more serious as viewer have now categorized their casts into movies into different groups based on their characters.


Before now, viewers of the series have channeled a great quantity and quality of hatred toward Chief Durosanya (Pastor Kayode Owojori) and Inspector Gbade (Kayode Babalola) for belonging to a cult group, sacrificing the blood of the innocent and going at extreme to avoid their secrets exposed.

Few scrubs of detestation were left for Gbenro (Pastor Tolu Adegbo) who is the son of Baba Gbenro (Dr Moses Korede Are) for using his professor as a lawyer to keep Martins (Damilola Mike-Bamiloye) behind the bars despite being innocent of the charges against by Chief Durosanya and Inspector Gbade for refusing to join the cult group.

What prompted the recent anger among the viewers is Gbenro’s lackadaisical attitude towards the dream his fiancé Eniola had. Eniola told him she had a dream that she died and Gbenro was accused of killing her.

Unrelaxed Eniola sought Gbenro’s consent so as to inform Baba Gbenro; a great intercessor who also had an idea of impending danger and proposed few days fasting and prayers to cancel the enemies’ plans, but Gbenro declined.

This apathetic behavior, uncultured manner, negligence to the things of the spirit and insensitivity made viewers jokingly called Gbenro unprintable names, while some proposed that his sour character should be removed immediately.

Gbenro and Abattoir movie series viewers

Few days ago, it was reported that a lady took to Pastor Tolu Adegbo’s Facebook story to drag him, noting that he is the most f00lish character in Abattoir movie series. She further apologized after she had poured out her mind.

In her words; You are the most foolish character in Abattoir. Sorry to say that.


Reacting to this, Tolu Adegbo shared the screengrab of the message she received with the caption;

“GBENRO GBENRO GBENRO please get sense naw Before these fifu( people ) stone you.

“I beg Gbenro needs some loving too ooooo. Nobody is praying for this Gbenro guy sef, maybe if they had interceded for him too, God would have double crossed Him but rather everyone just hate his guts.”

Few days ago, another viewer took to social media to warn Gbenro, noting that he will look for Gbenro and give him a heavy knock if anything bad should happen to his fiancé. He also suggested that his character should be wiped off.

“They should just remove this Gbenro from this series because at this point, I feel like konking him.

If Eniola dies, I’ll look for this man and tell him my mind honestly because what’s all this?”

See some comments below;

As at the time of gathering this report, the post has attracted more than 5,000 reactions and more than a thousand comments. Many of social media users who commented said they had the same feeling while watching the movie.

Udeh Ruth: 1 Like seriously ehnnn. I had to pause the movie just to get angry then resumed watching  What a Gbenro!!

Daniel Afiakurue: I thought I was alone. That Guy just dey… Well, Pastors children dey behave like this if not for God’s intervention.

Ishan pepe: May God deliver each and every one of us from the gbenros and open our eyes to run from such when necessary in Jesus name Amen

Lastborn: I’m just. Remember Season one of this series. I was so furious at the stubbornness of Martins. I guess I get used to their strong heads. All of them are stubborn except Mama Gbenro

Stanley Oduah: The guy dey vex me seriously. Him need to hear tawaaaaaai for neck first to format him brain.

Celestina Olagunju: ‘This particular scene, got me angry 😆 🤣. I left the movie, went to do other things then I returned when I knew I have calmed down to continue’.

Job Onize: The audacity for still expecting God to speak to him shock me

Gabriel Light: That scene pained me. I was flabbergasted by his unreasonableness