Woman cries bitterly as DNA test confirms her husband isn’t biological father of their child (VIDEO)

When a DNA test revealed that a woman’s spouse was not the child’s biological father, the woman’s entire world fell apart.

The Closure DNA Show was where the heartbreaking event took place, and an emotional film of it was there to document it.

The stark realization that the spouse had no chance of having a biological relationship to the child struck him with devastating force as the presenter read out the results for everyone to hear.

The presenter’s words left no room for doubt, as he reiterated, “In simple terms, we are saying sir you are not the biological father of the child without any doubt.”

The woman, visibly distraught, struggled to contain her emotions as she removed the lapel microphone from her dress and walked away from the set.

Overwhelmed by grief, she collapsed on the floor, leaving viewers in disbelief at the depth of her pain.

The sympathetic passerby’s attempt to comfort the distraught woman demonstrated the situation’s stark emotional cost.

The woman’s fervent wish that the man she loved was in fact the child’s biological father disintegrated in front of her.

She was in a condition of utter misery after the incident broke her heart.

On the other side of the drama, the husband sat in startled silence, trying to process the fact that his nagging query had received a clear answer.

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