Sharing is caring: Pastor with two wives set to marry a 3rd one, photos emerge

A Botswana pastor identified as Sekati Kemmonye is set to take another wife despite already being married to two women.

Sekati disclosed this in a Facebook post on Friday, May 19, expressing his desire to visit polygamous homes in and outside the country.

According to Sekati, he would like to learn a few things before taking a third wife. Sharing Akon’s picture, he revealed that the singer has four wives and was never lonely, as the title of his famous song claims.


“I would love to visit polygamous families in or outside the country!

“I would like to do that before I marry my 3rd and final wife.

Want to learn a few things before I make such a commitment.

Kindly refer.

“Yo ke gore o kgakala! Mr Lonely, kante this chap was lying to us all along, he was never lonely! The chap has 4 wives, 2 live in Africa,while 2 stays in America!” Sekati’s post reads.

In the comment section, the pastor revealed that he would officiate two polygamous marriages later in the year.

He wrote:

“By the way, I shall be officiating two polygamous marriages sometimes before the end of this year.

You will be cordially invited!

“On the issue at hand, my research shows that on average polygamous men go up to 4! But like I said before, if I can’t marry 1 wife, I won’t marry two! It has to be an odd number, ha ele even ha kena a say! I want a tie breaker in big and small issues.”

Social media reactions to the polygamous pastor’s post

Thabiso G. Patlakwe said: “Moruti, I’m buffled how you profess to be acquainted with the word of God, yet you are busy promoting polygamy. Ke ikobile.”

Diphatsa Monis said: “The count will go on and on and on…….. Research shows that it can become an addiction , just like tattoos, piercings, body bleaching, alcohol, etc.”

Thusego Mmolawa said: “I would love to have a 1 on 1 sitdown with you to understand it from a scriptural/ biblical perspective because the new covenant/testament advocates for 1 wife , polygamy was was mostly an old covenant practice, mme hela ke bata go ikutwela ka wena – your convictions and what God is telling you. No judgement whatsoever.”

Mokgethi Kennedy said: “There is no problem with polygamy, problem comes when you make children, children will cause fights between your wives.”

Moroadi Ramotshabi said: “The Sekatis it is not in the nature of our people to let someone be. We don’t respect people’s choices and often really just want our people to fail. It’s not just polygamy, most life choices that one makes is never just taken positively as a personal choice. Nnya e nna kgang tsa motse.”