It’s a method to take you away from Islam – Islamic cleric condemns the little Muslim girl who sang for Pastor Gabriel.

A performance by a little Muslim girl to praise by Pastor Gabriel, renowned for his philanthropic acts, has sparked controversy and condemnation from an Islamic cleric.

little Muslim girl out of innocence and goodwill visited the man of God to present her song and praise Pastor Gabriel for his philanthropic act, with her sweet voice.

The heartwarming song that touched the hearts of the audience on social media.

However, following the performance, an Islamic cleric identified as Abou Zayd, expressed his displeasure and condemned the young girl’s action.

In a passionate speech, he argued that the girl’s performance was a method to divert her from her Islamic faith and lead her away from the path of Islam.

He caption his video with, ” Pastor Abgala Gabriel and Muslims, O Muslims beware of christian crusade, it’s a method to take you away …”