I am richer than every single person doing Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria – Gospel singer, Frank Edwards (Video).

Gospel Singer, Frank Edwards has confidently expressed that he possesses considerable wealth, surpassing that of many Yahoo Boys, individuals engaged in cyber fraud.

He highlighted that his abundance of resources allows him to fulfill his desires and needs, contrasting it with the unlawful and malevolent activities that Yahoo Boys resort to in their pursuit of wealth.

Frank Edwards emphasized that his riches stem from his faith and devotion, drawing from the concept of salvation.

Unlike Yahoo Boys, who seek wealth through illicit means, he maintains a clean and honorable path to prosperity.

One striking difference he pointed out is that he can generously support his family and friends with his earnings, whereas many Yahoo Boys are unable to do so due to the questionable nature of their wealth.

This statement has sparked diverse reactions on social media, with individuals sharing their opinions about his perspective on the matter.

See some reactions below:

jeffryprettypretty: “The church money wey you dey collect, that one no pass yahoo?”

sabitalknews: “Frank Edwards please rest abeg. mose sbliss has replaced you sir, the only gospel artist in Nigeria wey get Ego pass petrol in Nigeria.”

adelakuntufayl: “He must be protected at all cost because there is dignity in labor. Be proud of what you do and don’t let someone else look down on you!”

veevogee: “Listen to the message before you criticize and misinterpret him.

Anything gotten from the dev!l doesn’t come with peace. There’s a way that seemeth right to a man but the end is destruction.”

amaka_paloma: “He is just advising young guys and girls who doesn’t acquire wealth legally.

Especially if you acquire them through spiritual means and evil means. Work hard and smart.

We know country hard, but e get people wey still dey make am legally. You don’t av to do yahoo, fraud, ritual or prostitution to make money.

You must not be rich. Just be hardworking and comfortable and when God wan bless you, him go bless you. Pure is the way.”

boredcrator: “This guy feel say na Nigerian film lol. Sleep wan kill yahoo boys.”