Zubby Michael and Prince go dirty on movie set, crew members struggle to separate them (VIDEO)

Nollywood actors Zubby Michael and Ogbu Johnson, also known as 042 Prince, linked up on a new movie production, which came with an unexpected drama.

Zubby and Prince, who co-acted a scene on the movie set, were seen acting their roles before it escalated to a severe fight.

In the video, Zubby was seen slapping Prince repeatedly, who in turn fought back.

The fight was so intense that some of the crew members at the movie location had to quickly step in to separate the duo.

See some of the comments that trailed the video below:

KingGif73483822: “Acting gone wrong Omo that slap lor far.”

sammie_boi51: “Zuby Michael just dey light hin face.”

ajayiyout: “Na shoot them deh shoot na If na real that one weh carry camera go stop. The one weh deh shout help sef go try separate them.”

iamyourpaddy: “Make them try pull one person teeth, they shouldn’t waste that figh o.”

thefallyiknow: “The guy separating is a princess.”

Timi_lehin0: “So zuby no fit fight na just nought he get.”

jacob_jyaz: “Were d rest I dan Dey enjoy am chai were part 2.”

olawale_in: “That guy shouting “help o” suppose collect one slap.”

itzmarveltom: “The kind confidence wey Zuby Micheal get ehn, despite the fact say e dey obvious say the other guy go beat am.”


Watch the video below: