Your head is not correct – Nigerian woman slams ladies who move out of their husband’s house because he cheated (video).

A Nigerian woman has berated married women who end their marriages because their husbands cheated.

The woman in a video currently making the rounds implores women to be more forgiving and to pardon their husbands when they apologise for cheating on them.

Speaking in Yoruba, she emphasised that cheating is not enough grounds to end a marriage.

“So because your husband engaged in small cheating you say you are moving out of his house. Your friend is telling ”No you just have to leave’. Your head is not correct.

Your husband cheated with badly behaved children outside and because of that you decide to move out? Don’t you know you are the one that one who owns your home.

If you get angry a bit and he begs you, let it end there”, the woman who spoke in Yoruba said.

In related news, a Nigerian woman has in a video shared online advised married women to stay in their marriages regardless of the challenges because there’s nothing on the street.

She said women should not allow marriage ‘advisers’ deceive them into leaving their matrimonial homes at the slightest inconvenience.