Femi, you promised me forever – Young lady sheds hot tears as b0yfriend d¥mps her after five years (Video)

A Nigerian woman sobbed uncontrollably after suffering [email protected] at the [email protected] of the man she’s been dating for five years

She disclosed that her five-year relationship with her l0ver Femi ended in div0rce and that he had broken his v0w to her.

The woman criticized him for abandoning her despite promising to stay with her forever in a video she released on social media.

She posted screenshots of their conversation in which she begged him to accept her back but he adamantly refused and advised her to move on.

The [email protected] girl started sobbing violently as she realized that they would not be reuniting.

sharon.chigozirim; If you’ve not been here you won’t understand

drink_water001; Immediately I saw Femi, I stopped reading. Even me as a man, i dey fear Femi as friend. Lol

sirbuksy; For real, you can’t be texting in such manner and I won’t report you to buhari.

_toby_loba; Nah lie I no believe this chat nah she and her friend compose this messages cus how Boy go dey say you can’t shame the shameless

rosythrone; Your next [email protected] is after your last tears. Credits; Temi otedola. Hold body with dis motivation sis

_toby_loba; Why you self go dey date boy wey dey say “Amma” , “Goner”