Young lady gets emotional as she finally becomes a big sister after 14 years (Video)

Young lady sheds tears of joy as she finally becomes a big sister after her parents delivered another child 14 years later.

Being the only child of her parents, the teenager had clearly been desiring a younger sibling.

The youngster was so overcome with joy when she learned that her parents had welcomed a new baby that she couldn’t help but cry.


A video that was posted online depicts the young girl lovingly hugging her younger sibling and beaming with happiness.

Check out reactions which followed the post…

@TecraHumphrey; i was 18 The time I had my young sister…and I’m a mother to her that feeling is great

@Emma star ; wow my mum waited for 10 years  congratulations  dear

@Bobbie Henry; My oldest son is 34 yrs old &!his other brother is 23 & sister 21. I’m glad I waited.

@theRealNySymone shared: “I’m 23 ! With my first brother coming in Dec . I’m soooooo excited 

@Brooke♏️ said: I’m 14 years and 3 days older than my sister. We have the best relationship.”

@Mickey stated: “I have the same age gap with my sister. Best bond EVER !!”

@Jocelyn opined:The protection that beautiful bundle of joy will have. May God bless the entire family ”

@Samantha Hill said: “that is so precious!!!!! She is going to be such an amazing big sissy.

@modupe; this was my son, exactly 14yrs after, he welcomed his baby sister 9yrs ago… congratulations to you

@CyndyShe looked away like she didnt want him/her to see her cry precious

@Keyyanah;  that’s how my sister and I are . Now we’re 30 and 17. We’re super close

@Ya fav pisces; this is exactly how I was when my baby bro was born. I waited 29 years, he’s almost 2 nowv

prim_e: I had my last sister I was 14 I will never forget that moment of my life I was like her mother

Watch video below…


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