You’ll never find peace in this marriage – Lady calls out ‘boyfriend’ who left her and married another woman.

Faith Favour, a Liberian woman, has turned to Facebook to openly criticize her purported partner, Blama Keita, for allegedly violating her trust by marrying another woman.

Faith, who lives in another country, expressed her tremendous sadness and disappointment in a frank post on Friday, July 28, 2023.

Faith voiced her frustrations in the emotive Facebook post, accusing Blama Keita of concealing his marital aspirations while in a relationship with her.

She grieved the anguish he caused her and blasted his alleged dishonesty in the message.

She wrote;

“Everything we do on this earth.

The almighty God is our judge, so my dear I give you to God in prayer, but if I wrong you anything that I’m looking for in this life I will not succeed in it,

it’s better to say the bitter truth than sweet lies. I asked so many times about this girl you deny, I just laughed.

I have nothing much to say to you, Mr. Keita. I will swear at you every day of my life for hurting my feelings, for the pain you caused in my life.”

“Congratulations to you Mr. keita, you really think that you will hurt someone feeling and have peace in your life never,

all this while you lied to me, hmm I’m speechless at this moment, but let me remind you wicked man.

You will never have a peace of mind in this marriage, unless I have bad intentions for you that’s the only way you will go free, she added.”

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