‘You will be stranded in Ministry if you lack the true word of God’ – Mike Bamiloye

The founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Mike Bamiloye has once again shared a post on his Facebook page enjoining those that have been called into ministerial assignment to be loaded with the true word of God.

In a post shared on his timeline, Evang. Mike Bamiloye said a minister of the word who lacks the word of God will dish out nothing but only irrelevances.

According to him, such minister will only teach business studies, psychological theories, principals of Physical success and human sociology in place of the right teachings.

He also poked gospel music ministers who rebrand songs by other ministers noting that if they also lack God’s words, they will be stranded in ministry.

He added in his short admonition by calling on drama ministers who are more concerned about the technicalities and professionalism in their productions instead of the quality of the message in it, that if they also lack the true word of God, they will soon be empty.

In his words;

“If you lack the True Word of God in your mouth and you are only speaking “Abracadabra”, teaching philosophies and business studies, and psychological theories and Principles of physical success and human sociology, you will be stranded in ministry.

If all you sing as a music minister is other people’s songs rebranded, if all you have in your movies and drama is technicalities and professionalism and no Revelational drama message, YOU WILL BE STRANDED IN MINISTRY.” #mikebamiloye