You can‘t cook & clean: Father burst into laughter after daughter told him she’s getting married

A pretty 23-year-old lady shared a video that captured her father’s funny reaction when she informed him that she would be getting married soon.

The man fell on his knees with his head between his palms as he laughed hard. He could not stop laughing for several seconds.

Father laughed at daughter’s marriage news

When he stood up, he continued laughing. It was as if he never believed what his daughter (@bluechechile_) said about marriage.

The lady in the video description said that her dad’s laughter had nothing to do with her cooking skills. The clip stirred mixed reactions from people.

Watch the video below:

Senior Man compiled some of the reactions below:

Keaorata said: “He has no faith in you.”

Tokelo said: “No trust in your romantic abilities.”

KingDee said: “I bet you can’t cook, clean.”

Zintle said: “Literally my dad, he once told me ‘if anyone paid lobola for you, I wouldn’t spend a dime of that money coz they would be back for it in no time’.”

KaraboP said: “He’s more worried for the husband.”

Mokerenki Moabelo said: “He’s gonna laugh like this when the uncles are at the gate.”

Nomonde Cricy said: “Lol he will probably laugh at the groom as well.”

Phumi Magade said: “That ‘wooo’ after throwing himself on the couch was ‘she is gonna be someone’s else problem now’.”

Lindokuhle Langa said: “His actually thinking how is my son in law going to survive.”


This has nothing to do with my behaviour or cooking skills. Just a dad laughing at his 23 year old daughter wanting to commit for life.❤️

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