Women expire faster than men. Once you turn 28-30, you are done – 20-year-old Kenyan lady says

A young Kenyan lady, identified as Shakilla, has asserted that women lose their attractiveness and value faster than men.

In a video making rounds online, the 20-year-old lady advised women to make the most of their opportunities while they are still young because when they cross a certain age, it’s over for them.

According to her, women become less desirable to their husbands when they turn 28-30 and the men will start looking for younger girls like her.

Her words,

“Women expire faster than men, if you have an opportunity at your young age use it well, build yourself a house and do other things. When you turn 28-30, you’re done and your husbands will be looking for young girls like us”

Her statement has sparked a huge controversy on social media, with many berating her for age-shaming women like she wouldn’t grow old herself.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@nonchalant_h wrote, “You go explain tire cause a lady of 30 and above are more beautiful than u babe ….. but don’t forget you will be 28 soon”

@chyomss wrote, “Old age is a blessing . Only unfortunate people age shame older people .

Like do you want to die young ??”

@hillagirl wrote, “You expire when you die…..believe her at your own risk. Senseless tolotolo”

@thefoodnetworknig wrote, “It is you and the females in your house that will expire at 28/30… Yarning okpas with confidence 🤦🏾‍♀️”

Watch her speak below,


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